Heritage Festival

2022 Heritage Festival

Welcome to 2022 Heritage Festival volunteer signup. Heritage Festival is a wonderful celebration of our school's diverse community from all around the world. Families will enjoy an evening full of fun activities including educational heritage booths, food samples, photo booth opportunities, activities, games, and a fantastic fashion show.

The festival will be held Friday May 13th 5:30pm-8pm.  Please review available volunteering opportunities and sign up to represent your heritage.  In order for this festival to be a successful and an enriching event, we need your family's help!

Decorations – We need 2-4 volunteers including a decorations lead person to decorate the festival and set up photo booth posters.  There are 14 already made photo booth posters that may need some touch up.

Heritage Booths - This is a wonderful opportunity for families to show off their heritage whether it is their home country, state, city or unique cultural tradition. Remember everyone has a heritage! Families are encouraged to partner up with other families to represent their heritage.  Responsibilities include update already created informational tri-fold poster, (heritages listed below in signup), or create a new tri-fold (we will provide the tri-fold).  If heritage is not listed below, please add under Other. Additional responsibilities include decorating the booth and serving a sample finger food representing the culture (the food is optional however strongly encouraged; finger foods include eggrolls, potstickers, samosas, cookies etc).  

Fashion Show - Let your kids come dressed for a fun filled Fashion Show! Family participation is also encouraged.  This is a wonderful opportunity to show off cultural or traditional costumes/attires, hairstyles etc.  Please contact Simran Puri at [email protected] if you have any questions. We will hold a Fashion Show recital one week before the festival.

Cultural Performances – Let your kids showcase your culture through dance, singing and music.  Performances need to be limited to 2 minutes.

Activities Booths - We need volunteers with artistic skills to lead henna paintings, tattoo face painting and other craft activities.  

Clean Up - As much fun as it is to organize this wonderful event, we need help with clean up. Clean up includes putting away tables, chairs and move festival supplies to the attic.  We need at least 2-3 dads to help.  

If you have any questions, please email festival commitee at [email protected]




Date: 05/13/2022 (Fri.)

Created by:   CR HeritageFestival
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Location Time (PDT) Volunteer Slots
Festival Set Up  4:00pm - 5:00pm  

Tables Set Up (5)

1 of 5 slots filled
Jennifer Adlakha
Decorations & Photo Booth Set up  4:00pm - 5:30pm  

Decorations Lead


Decorations Help (3)

All slots filled
Claire Toycen
Vidhya Ramani
Emily Griffiths
Heritage Booths  4:30pm - 8:30pm  

African-American - USA (3)


Australia (3)


Canada (3)

1 of 3 slots filled
Ella He
Plan to do a Chinese-Canadian culture table if that's okay (will have activities, stickers, food and posters representing both heritage)

China (10)

7 of 10 slots filled
Libby Liu
Joanne Ong
Ying Li
Li Zhang
Yuhong Shang (2)
Display of national
Yuhong Shang
National costume display

Czech Republic (3)


Egypt (3)


England (3)


France (3)


Greece (3)

All slots filled
Evangelia Facchine (3)
Nora, Brayden and I will man the Greece table display

Haiti (3)


India (10)

4 of 10 slots filled
Smitha Reddy
Booth and Tri-fold poster
Megha Rao
Megha Rao - Heritage Booth
Sumedha Arora
Retrieve/ cancelling my sign up for booth
Prachi Maharwal

Indonesia (3)


Japan (6)

2 of 6 slots filled
Yukiko Takano
Asaka Moriya

Jewish (3)

All slots filled
Sarah Quint
Briana Roberts
Leah Levy

Jordan (3)


Madagascar (3)


Mexico (3)

2 of 3 slots filled
Thelma Cruz
Alba Bautista

Mongolia (3)


Morocco (3)


Nepal (3)


New York City (3)


New Zealand (3)

1 of 3 slots filled
Kim Beaudoin

Panama (3)


Peru (3)


Philippines (3)

1 of 3 slots filled
Tracy Daguitera

Portugal (3)


Russia (3)


Saudi Arabia (3)


Spain (3)


Texas USA (3)


United States of America (20)

1 of 20 slots filled
Sara Woody

OTHER - please add heritage in comments (20)

17 of 20 slots filled
Sweden booth staffed by Ruby and Erik’s Swedish grandma
Luciana Ito
Brazilian Booth
Gesina Howard
Diana Heyd
Betty Ko
Christina Smedegaard
Chanju Lee
South Korea
Malda Takieddine
Arab Booth with Hiba Kuessy
Ayodele Morris
Heba Quessy
Arab Booth with Malda Takieddine
Saema Somalya
Hyejung Han
Hyeonjeong Yun
South Korea
Sofia Govrin
Sofia Govrin
Israel booth
Diana Paulsen
Abdullah Atay
Turkey booth
Activities Booth  5:30pm - 7:30pm  

Flag tattoos face painting (5)

2 of 5 slots filled
Amrita Gujarati
Shahela Malik

Henna painting (5)

3 of 5 slots filled
Jenya Rao
Simran Puri
Aadya puri
Shahela Malik

Lead other activities - specify in comment (6)

4 of 6 slots filled
Chanju Lim
Ddakji Korean Traditional Origami-styled Game
Yukiko Takano
Japanese Origami
Ella He
Hockey Foosball Table, Chinese Paper Cutting, Shuttlecock kicking
Rui Gong
Chinese Mahjong
Fashion Show  6:30pm - 7:30pm  

Specify heritage (40)

26 of 40 slots filled
Sathvik Movva
Indian boys wear!
Sophia Ko
Poland (Krakowski dance costume)
Tracy Daguitera
Traditional Filipino outfits (Maddie, James, Celine)
Gesina Howard
My daughters will wear traditional German dresses (Dirndl)
Simran Puri
Zayda would wear Indian attire
Payal Deshpande (2)
Rhia and Tanya will represent west part of India
Sarah Hanna
Sophia and Dalia will wear Palestinian dresses.
Joanne Ong
Smitha Reddy (2)
Agastya and Abhiram will wear Indian attire
Megha Rao
Aarav Patkar will wear Indian Attire
Ruchi Tayal
Aarav would wear Indian attire
Hyeonjeong Yun
Korean traditional clothes _ Hanbok
Diana Heyd (2)
Lucas and Emi in Thai outfits
Ruchika Madan
Raghav would be wearing Indian kurta pajama
Elsie Nallipogu
Leila Dutta will have both indian and korean attire for fashion show.
Nicole Chae
My 4th grader Hope will dress in her Korean Hanbok
Malda Takieddine
Roya will participate
Yukiko Takano
My daughters will wear Japanese Yukata
Sherry Zhang
Youn Na
Emma will wear Korean traditional dress - Hanbok
Ayodele Morris
DJ will wear Afro-Guyanese wear
Abdullah Atay
Ahmet will wear Caucasian traditional clothes
Michele Loomis
Eliza will participate
Cultural Performance  6:30pm - 7:45pm  

Specify performance type (keep under 2min per performance) (10)

2 of 10 slots filled
Sathvik Movva
Indian Carnatic song
Simran Puri
Zayda would be preforming Indian classical raga
Clean Up  8:00pm - 8:30pm  

Clean Up (15)

4 of 15 slots filled
Vidhya Ramani
Aadya Puri
Abdullah Atay
Hemant Dutta
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