10th Grade Confirmation

2019 Confirmation Pot Luck Dinner

Dear Confirmation Students, Sponsors and families,

Pot Luck Supper & rehearsal - Wednesday, May 29th, 2019, 6-9PM, Church Hall.  

This dinner is an important celebration of our students’ accomplishments in preparing for their Confirmation.  It is also a wonderful get-together of our parish families. Who is invited? the students, their sponsors, and their families.  It is important that you attend.

This year we are doing again the “Italian Potluck”!  You will be able to sign up for whatever you would like to bring.  We also ask every family to bring a 1-liter bottle of soda. The sooner you sign up, the more choices you will have.

It’s easy!   Please sign up by May 20th

Immediately following the dinner, there will be a Confirmation rehearsal for the Candidates and their Sponsors.  Other family members may leave. With everyone’s participation we look forward to a wonderful evening. Thank you all for participating and helping to make this night a success!

PS: I am looking for 4 moms who would like to help me do set-up for the dinner; mostly directing people with their items to the buffet tables. I would need you at the hall at 5:15PM.   Thank you.


Date: 05/29/2019 (Wed.)

Time: 6:00pm - 9:00pm EDT

Location: St.Gerard Majella Church hall

Created by:   Mike Mahan

Will you be attending the event?
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Italian dish for 10-12 (65)
  46 of 65 slots filled
Eve Viens
Robin Horrigan
Baked Ziti
Meredith Hannigan
penne with chicken
Amanda Signorini
Penne with Vodka Sauce
joseph gerrior
meat lasagna
Barbara Duffin
Chicken broccoli ziti
Meg Kelley
hot and sweet sausages
Mary Beth Nelson
Angela Polito
Chicken Parm
Beth Winkler
Maddie Rousseau
Bethany Sunderland
Dawn Valeri-Vrabel
Stuffed Shells
Marek Broderick
Baked Ziti
Annie Dunn
meghan labelle (10)
stuffed shells
Caitlyn Cahill
Carol Connolly
Paul Degnan
Shane Dailey
Chicken parm
Christine Trendell
Susan Poole
Kristyn O'Connor
Fried raviolis
Abigail Stubelis
Maura Messinger
chicken tenders
Della Larsen
Elisa Diletizia
Annemarie Murphy
Matthew OHalloran
Chicken Parm
Erin Santosuosso
Laurie Derbin
Renee Dooley
Olivia Rodman
Sue McCabe
Kathy Duffy
kate Delello
Monica Donovan
Salad / Antipasto for 15 (10)
  All slots filled
Jenna Parrella
Carolyn McGillicuddy
Genny Cordeiro
Sam Spiniello
Deirdre Wanless
Elizabeth Tassinari
Jean Doria
Sherie Mischler
Annette Sutherburg
Robert Wade
Salad bring 2 dressings
Pizza for 10-12 (10)
  All slots filled
Norah Brown (2)
Amy Xidea
Jacqueline Morrissey
Laura Emde
Mary Hazam
Margrette Mondillo (2)
Jack Hernon
Michael Nunes
Strong paper dinner plates for 200 (2)
  All slots filled
Elizabeth Bickett
Erin Greenwood
Dessert paper plates for 150 (2)
  All slots filled
Lori Kelly
Kathy Rooney
Kathy Rooney
Paper cups for cold drinks (150) (2)
  All slots filled
Sue Desjardins
Amanda Signorini
Ice cream - 4 half gallons (3)
  All slots filled
Christine Giglio
lisa gillis
Jackie Singleton
Mom helper - set up buffet tables (5)
  All slots filled
Erin Greenwood
Mary Beth Nelson
Maddie Rousseau
Annie Dunn
Maura Messinger
Responses:     Yes: 68     No: 4     Maybe: 0     No Response: 62

Guest Count:    Confirmed: 243     Maybe: 0

YES (68) -  

Domenic Sica (3 guests)

Adrianna Puccio (2 guests)

Monica Donovan (4 guests)

kate Delello (4 guests)

Kathy Duffy (3 guests)

Olivia Dietrich (4 guests)

Sue McCabe (3 guests)

Maria Femia (3 guests)

Olivia Rodman (4 guests)

Renee Dooley (4 guests)

Laurie Derbin (6 guests)

Erin Santosuosso (3 guests)

Matthew OHalloran (3 guests)

Annemarie Murphy (3 guests)

Elisa Diletizia (3 guests)

Della Larsen (4 guests)

Maura Messinger (3 guests)

Abigail Stubelis (3 guests)

Kristyn O'Connor (3 guests)

Susan Poole (3 guests)

Christine Trendell (4 guests)

Robert Wade (4 guests)

Shane Dailey (4 guests)

Paul Degnan (4 guests)

Carol Connolly (3 guests)

Caitlyn Cahill (3 guests)

Annette Sutherburg (4 guests)

meghan labelle (4 guests)

Sherie Mischler (2 guests)

Jean Doria (6 guests)

Elizabeth Tassinari (2 guests)

Deirdre Wanless (2 guests)

Annie Dunn (3 guests)

Marek Broderick (3 guests)

Sam Spiniello (2 guests)

Genny Cordeiro (5 guests)

Dawn Valeri-Vrabel (4 guests)

Carolyn McGillicuddy (3 guests)

Bethany Sunderland (5 guests)

Maddie Rousseau (4 guests)

Beth Winkler (4 guests)

Angela Polito (3 guests)

Mary Beth Nelson (2 guests)

Meg Kelley (4 guests)

Barbara Duffin (5 guests)

Michael Nunes (3 guests)

joseph gerrior (3 guests)
meat lasagne

Jack Hernon (3 guests)

Amanda Signorini (5 guests)
Jennifer Signorini

Margrette Mondillo (3 guests)

Meredith Hannigan (3 guests)

Erin Greenwood (3 guests)

Robin Horrigan (3 guests)

Eve Viens (5 guests)
Need some spagetti to go with please!

Mary Hazam (3 guests)

Jenna Parrella (5 guests)

Elizabeth Bickett (5 guests)

Laura Emde (5 guests)

Sue Desjardins (4 guests)

Kathy Rooney (4 guests)
Shannon Malloy

Lori Kelly (4 guests)

Jacqueline Morrissey (4 guests)

Jackie Singleton (5 guests)

Emily Walsh (2 guests)

lisa gillis (4 guests)

Amy Xidea (4 guests)

Christine Giglio (3 guests)

Norah Brown (3 guests)

NO (4) +