Oak Creek Youth Football

Combine 2019

Thank you for signing up for Oak Creek Youth Football's 2019 Combine! This is a FREE event and for any child 1st through 8th grade. The first 50 kids will receive a OCYF t-shirt. Please be sure to include your child's shirt size during sign-up. 

On the day of the combine, all children should be dressed with athletic wear including tennis shoes and a bottle of water. Please be sure to arrive on time. We will be starting promptly at 10 am.

For any questions or comments, please contactc [email protected]

Date: 03/30/2019 (Sat.)

Time: 10:00am - 12:00pm CST

Location: Oak Creek East Middle School-Gym

Created by:   leja venne

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Responses:     Yes: 67     No: 1     Maybe: 1    

Guest Count:    Confirmed: 124     Maybe: 2

YES (67) -  

Amy Whetzel (3 guests)

Izayah Angeles (1 guest)

Deklan Sobieski (1 guest)

Brian Weinfurter (4 guests)
Size small

Valentino Beaumont (1 guest)

Braydon DuFrane (5 guests)

gina nye (2 guests)

Preston Dahl (1 guest)

Keegan Orlovsky (1 guest)

Connor Maze (2 guests)

Matthias James (1 guest)

Jordon Kohlbeck (1 guest)
Size 12/14

Andrew Trzcinski (1 guest)

Trygve Nelson (1 guest)
Shirt size 8/10, youth medium

MJ Wiesner (2 guests)

John Petery (1 guest)
Mason Petery

Brent Gertz (1 guest)
Youth Large

Cameron Waterfill (3 guests)

Nathan Alyousef (1 guest)
Size- Youth Large

Leja Venne (1 guest)
Mason Kasten Adult medium

Cameron Lewandowski (1 guest)
Youth XL

Lincoln Hanson (1 guest)
Youth XL or Men's Small

Gavin Faller (3 guests)

Molly Lappin (3 guests)
Drew youth large. Liam youth small

Landon Di Vilio (1 guest)
Youth Large

Brody Wilcox (2 guests)

Noah Hopkins (5 guests)

Preston Brzezinski (3 guests)

Kevin Wojciechowski (2 guests)
I will volunteer to help. Thank you Brian Wojciechowski

Shane Weiss (1 guest)

Brayden Rohde (2 guests)

Austin Koberstein (1 guest)
T-shirt- youth large

Sergio Estrada (2 guests)

Teresa Losiniecki (1 guest)
Jack- adult small

Benjamin Jacobi (1 guest)
Shirt size AL

Jeremiah Magdaleno (7 guests)
Jeremiah's shirt youth XL or men's small-thank you

Joshua Swope (2 guests)

Cade Palkowski (1 guest)

Thomas Fabian (2 guests)
Youth Large

Mitchel Bilicki (1 guest)
Size Mens Large or XL

Reece Doyle (1 guest)
Adult xl shirt

Chris Waters (3 guests)
Brady and Kaden will be there

Jaymi Porter (1 guest)
Kycen youth large

Doug Brukwitzki (1 guest)
Coleton Brukwitzki Youth Large

Bret McLean (1 guest)
Men’s M

Alex Nelson (3 guests)

Logan Groleau (3 guests)

Madden Tate (1 guest)
Adult large

Nicole Seelig (2 guests)
Chason Seelig YL Quinn Seelig YS

Jacob Stika (3 guests)

Jill Zupetz (3 guests)
Levi and Justus Ganey

Ben Stika (3 guests)

Lori Schopf (3 guests)

Tiffany Maier (1 guest)
Logan Maier YXL

JJ Chapman (3 guests)

Logan Maier (1 guest)

Georgina Wettengel (1 guest)
Bodhi Wettengel adult medium

Aidan King (1 guest)
Youth L

Rebecca Kyler (1 guest)
Noah Kyler Youth large

Mitchel Bilicki (2 guests)
Registering for Mitchel Bilicki. Nick and Carrie Riccobono

John Fischer (2 guests)
Joey Fischer YXL

Matthew Treutelaar Treutelaar (2 guests)

Kristen Gilmeister (1 guest)
Aiden Spears, youth large

Camden Panfil (1 guest)
Youth large

Erin Bartley Pulda (1 guest)
Konnor P

Gavin Stecker Carter Walker (2 guests)
Adult L/ youth medium

Amie Hoagland (1 guest)
Max Hoagland Size YXL

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