Music by Duncan Sheik
Book & Lyrics by Steven Sater
Featuring students in grades 8-12*

*Some roles may be multicast and others may be played by performers outside 8-12 grade at the discretion of the production team.

Auditions will be held on Wednesday, September 4, 2019, 6:30-9:30 PM at 601 Harrington Road, Rockville, MD 20850. Anyone not available to audition on Wednesday, September 4, 2019, should email [email protected] to make alternative arrangements.

There is a non-refundable $150 tuition deposit payable at the time of audition that will be applied to your tuition balance. Please make checks payable to OVATIONS THEATRE. If you are NOT selected to be a member of the cast (which includes both a principal role or ensemble) the tuition deposit will be refunded. 

Callbacks will be held on Friday, September 6, 2019, from 6:00-10:00 PM at 601 Harrington Road, Rockville, MD 20850.

Tuition for SPRING AWAKENING will be $975. Additionally, there is a $50 costume fee. There is limited financial aid and/or payment plan options available for this production. Those interested should contact [email protected]. Please note there are NO refunds unless not cast in the production.

Please arrive 15 minutes before your appointment to check-in and submit your completed paperwork. Please bring a current photo, resume and check payable to OVATIONS THEATRE in the amount of $150.00.

The cast list will be emailed by 4 PM on Saturday, September 7, 2019. Prospective cast members must email [email protected] indicating acceptance or rejection of their roles by 8PM on Saturday, September 7, 2019. Rehearsals will begin Sunday, September 8, 2019. Full tuition payment is required at the first rehearsal unless payment arrangements are made in advance by contacting [email protected]

Please prepare 16-32 bars of a musical theatre pop song. Those auditioning for Wendla or Ilsa need to bring both two songs; a mix piece and a belt piece. Please remember to bring sheet music copied in a three-ring binder; an accompanist will be provided. NO ACCAPELLA SINGING WILL BE ACCEPTED. Your selection should demonstrate both your vocal range and acting abilities.

WENDLA An impassioned young girl that is awakening to her sexuality and the harsh realities of the world. Instinctually searching for anything that fills the void of these new desires and can grant her any relief. She journeys through the consequences of new passions in a closed society. Falls in love with Melchior. Violent situations and simulated sexual acts are a part of this role.

MARTHA An intelligent, kind, and strong young woman that is made fun of for liking the less popular boys. Beaten and sexually abused by her father, but scared to be an outcast or kicked out of her home if she tells anyone.

THEA She is sweet, energetic, and beginning to gain small crushes on boys like Melchior, but still trusting of her parents and the systems around her.

ANNA She is lively and a touch more free spirited than her friends. Has a deeper understanding of the injustices happening around her. Wants’ to tell someone about Martha’s father, but is convinced by the girls not to.

ILSE She was abused by her father and cast out on the streets. She is bold, resilient, and upbeat despite her circumstances. She is living in an artist colony and stuck in a new cycle of abuse. Her and Moritz could have had a relationship in another life. 

MELCHIOR An intelligent, rebellious, and caring young man that passionately disagrees with the systems of power in command. His journey is one from head to heart as he fully begins to internalize his passionate views on society and how they affect those around him. He falls in love with Wendla.

MORTIZ Melchior’s best friend. An anxious, sweet, and sensitive young man who is struggling through this time of new awakenings. Bad at school, deeply affected by new desires, and trying to live up to high expectations from his parents end up being too much for him, so he decides to end his life. Simulated suicide is a part of this role.

HANSCHEN A confident, comfortable young man who chooses to manipulate the status quo instead of challenging it, such as Melchior. Is interested in both men and women and aggressively goes after Ernst to satisfy his desires. Simulated masturbation is a part of this role.

ERNST A sweet, and shy young gay man that is attractive to Hanschen, but too scared to make the first move. He feels deeply and tells Hanschen he loves him very quickly.

GEORG A funny and energetic young man that is in lust over his piano teacher and open about his sexual desires.

OTTO He is a shyer schoolmate who has a lustful dream about his mother.



Rehearsals will primarily be held at 601 Harrington Road, Rockville MD 20850. Rehearsals are generally Sunday afternoons 4:30-8:30pm and weeknight evenings from 6:30-9:30pm. Some rehearsals will be held at neighboring locations and will be made clear once the full rehearsal schedule breakdown is sent out to the cast.

Sunday, September 8
Monday, September 9
Sunday, September 15
Monday, September 16
Sunday, September  22
Monday, September 23
Monday, September 30

Sunday, October 6
Monday, October 7
Sunday, October 13
Monday, October 14
Sunday, October 20
Monday, October 21
Sunday, October 27
Monday, October 28

Sunday, November 3
Monday, November 4
Sunday, November 10
Monday, November 11

Sunday, November 17
Monday, November 18
Sunday, November 24
Monday, November 25

Held at the Kreeger Auditorium at the JCC of Greater Washington, 6125 Montrose Rd, Rockville, MD 20852.

Sunday, December 1          3:00-8:00pm
Monday, December 2         5:00-10:00pm
Tuesday, December 3         5:00-10:00pm
Wednesday, December 4    5:00-10:00pm
Thursday, December 5       5:00-10:30pm (Extended time due to rehearsal photos)

Held at the Kreeger Auditorium at the JCC of Greater Washington, 6125 Montrose Rd, Rockville, MD 20852.

Friday, December 6             7:30pm Performance
Saturday, December 7         2:00pm & 7:30pm Performances
Sunday, December 8           1:00pm Performance

Each cast member will be allowed a total of four conflicts. We do understand that our Seniors may be auditioning for Musical Theatre programs and are excused from any non-tech rehearsal with proof of audition. Please note that we do not accept additional conflicts outside the given four for just college visits; must be an audition. 

OVATIONS THEATRE reserves the right to change the theater venue or cancel the production before rehearsals begin for any reason, returning the audition fees.  Full payment of the tuition by all cast members will be due at the first rehearsal. There are no refunds.

Location: 601 Harrington Road, Rockville, MD 20850

Created by:   Ovations Theatre
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Date (mm/dd/yyyy) Time (EDT) Available Slot
09/04/2019 (Wed.) 6:30pm - 7:30pm  

GROUP 1 (15)

Come prepared with proper dance clothes and shoes

14 of 15 slots filled
Lilly Mckinnon
Daniel Seligman
Thalia Eyles
Matthew Rubin
Olivia Gilbert
Ellie Parks
Sitare Sadeghi
Norah Nappi
David Klos
Sam Salem
will snacks be provided
Paul Ruff
Cole Chalfant
Jonah Schwartz
Anna Heron
7:30pm - 8:30pm  

GROUP 2 (17)

Come prepared with proper dance clothes and shoes

15 of 17 slots filled
Jordan Kelberg
Brendan Hylton
Kendyl Morrison
Jayden Armour
Maddie Sebastian
Mikayla Reich
Starr Ruben
Iris Postovit
Katie Williams
Raina Weinberg
Beau Scott
Thalia Peters
Grace Corbett
Kassidy Kepner
Madelyn Fox
8:30pm - 9:30pm  

GROUP 3 (17)

Come prepared with proper dance clothes and shoes

15 of 17 slots filled
Aja Cooke
Bethany Cho
Ian Coursey
Blakely Massey
Mia Ehrlich
Shayna Kotler
Tori Shemer
Emily Thompson
Emily Thompson
Jack Rosenberg
Heather Kirschner
Maddie Rohan
Mia Rohan
Miles Carr
Maddie Powers
Eliana Posin
09/06/2019 (Fri.) 5:30pm - 6:00pm  

GROUP 4 (5)

Only for those who can't attend auditions on 9/4

1 of 5 slots filled
Miles Carr
I love this show so much and can not wait!!!

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