Judea Reform Congregation

2019 Mitzvah Day Donations

Help us make the Mitzvot possible on Judea Reform's Feb 24, 2018 Mitzvah Day. We need contributions to make 200 Urban Ministries lunch bags, Dinner for 200 at Urban Ministries, 400 bags of pet food for Meals on Wheels Clients.. and more! (Additional projects don't require donated inputs)

Please bring non-perishable items to the marked donation boxes at Judea Reform by Sunday Feb 17 for Mitzvah Day the following Sunday (Advance lead time enables volunteers to fill any remaining gaps and provide a smooth functioning fun and productive Mitzvah Day for all!). Please bring perishable items (bread, cheese, fruits and veggies) on Thursday or Friday, Feb 21 or 22.

We still need a few project leaders and helpers, too, if you can help out, please sign up below. Any questions? eMail Lloyd Comstock

More info on MITZVAH DAY PAGE.

Date: 02/20/2019 (Wed.)

Time: 8:00am - 9:00am EST

Location: Judea Reform Congregation

Created by:   Judea Reform SAC
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Available Slot

box of 100 Ziploc Plastic Sandwich Bags (18)

Bags must have a closing seal at top

13 of 18 slots filled
Karen Rodin
Carol Retsch-Bogart (6)
(580 total)
Atticus Tulchin (4)
Faye Trilling (2)

12 pieces of fruit or fruit cups in water (not syrup) (25)

Each volunteer brings 12 pieces of fruit or fruit-cups


Cans of Tuna (32 12 oz cans or more smaller) (32)

22 of 32 slots filled
Marian Abernathy (7)
15 regular sized cans = 7 12 oz cans
Nora Hanagan Hanagan (5)
Rob Schneider (6)
Carol Retsch-Bogart (4)
8 cans of 7 oz

26-oz cans of cream of mushroom soup (12)

or 30 standard (10.7 oz) cans

5 of 12 slots filled
Rob Schneider (5)

12 Snack bags (pretzels, chips, granola bar, etc.) (25)

in zip top bag or indiv packaged

5 of 25 slots filled
Risa Hiller
Risa Hiller
I will bring 2 packages (12 each)
Keira Kraft (3)
Granola bars

12 Wrapped sweet (cookies, pound cake, brownie, etc.). (25)

in zip top bag or indiv packaged

6 of 25 slots filled
Debbie Horwitz (6)
Question: One cookie/brownie per bag?

Brown paper lunch bags (bags of 40) (10)

to be decorated and filled with lunches for Urban Ministries Clients

9 of 10 slots filled
Gwen Littman
Risa Hiller
Karen Rodin (2)
Bonnie Yankaskas (5)

box Gallon size zip lock bags (2)

for pet food for meals on wheels - must be zip lock!

All slots filled
Harbi Tulchin (2)
Judy Tulchin

Packages of cookies (roughly 35/pack) (12)

for UMD Dinner

6 of 12 slots filled
Carolyn Jull (2)
Helene Bosworth (2)
Helene Bosworth (2)
4 packages in total

Ranch Salad Dressing (1 gal) (2)

for UMD Dinner


Bags of shredded cheese (2 cup bags) (6)

for UMD Dinner


Peanut butter (at least 15-oz jar) (3)

for UMD Dinner

All slots filled
Cindy Rose (2)
Gwen Littman

Jelly (at least 15 oz jar) (3)

for UMD Dinner


Powdered iced tea (cans that make 28 qts) (2)

for UMD dinner


Dog biscuits (boxes) (36)

Please no pork in the treats!

4 of 36 slots filled
Judy Tulchin (4)

64-oz bags of frozen mixed vegetables (4)

For UMD Dinner


Loaves of bread (36)

standard loaves of sliced bread


2 lb bag of baby carrots (40)


Large Packages Sliced cheese (cheddar or other) for sandwiches (15)

(Costco packages have 44 slices of cheddar - we need 600 slices of cheese!)


Large Aluminum Foil Casserole Trays (8)

1 of 8 slots filled
Cindy Rose

1-lb boxes of pasta (16)

All slots filled
nancy luberoff (16)
I will bring 16 boxes

Dry Cat Food (12-15 lb.bag) (36)

Standard Adult Cat Food (no special brand)


Dry Dog Food (18-22 lb bag) (18)

Standard brand no special diet

4 of 18 slots filled
Judy Tulchin (4)

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