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Winter Series Volunteering 2018-2019

Welcome to the 2018-2019 Bucks County Roadrunners Winter Series!   It's going to be another fun season of Sunday morning runs in Tyler with all of our friends.

We're using the same system, SignUpGenius (SUG), for volunteer signup again this year.  

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q:  Do I have to volunteer ?  A:  If you want to accumulate Winter Series points towards Age Group and Overall Awards competition, Yes.  Furthermore, you MUST volunteer at a race to be eligible for a Winter Series mug.

Q:  Can I volunteer and still run the races ?  A: We need volunteer support to make the races safe and efficient for everyone.  Although we know how important running is to everyone, we ask that you "give back" your full time and attention during your volunteer time.  There may be a handful of exceptions which can be approved to run by your Race Director (e.g. Sweeper)

Q:  Do I have to use SignUpGenius to volunteer ?  A: YES, please.  On-line sign-up is very efficient and reduces errors.  If you have trouble with SUG, email us (Jackie Lewis/Jason Devine) at [email protected]  You can also call or text us at [Jay: (267) 334-6773 or Jackie: (719) 331-4894].  Note: We will help resolve any problems, but still need everyone to be responsible for their own signup on the site. 

Q:  Will I receive an email confirmation of my volunteer assignment from the Club ?  A:  No.  However, you will be able to see your name show up in the volunteer list for your race in SUG.  If you do NOT see your name, please try again.   The Race Director for your race will be in contact by email starting approximately 2 weeks beforehand to discuss assignment details.

Q:  Can I just show up at a race that's convenient for me and volunteer without using SignUpGenius and still get volunteer credit ?  A:  Unfortunately, NO.  You are welcome to volunteer if you are available to help, but to get credit, you MUST register for an open volunteer position at a race on SignUpGenius.  We have to make sure we have sufficient volunteer coverage for ALL races. Thanks for understanding.

Q:  I need to sign up my (friend, wife, husband, etc.)  Can I do this on SUG?  A:  Yes.  HOWEVER, we need individual names and emails for EACH volunteer to get credit (and so the Race Director/Volunteer Director can communicate with EACH of you)

Q:  Something's come up and I need to change races.  How do I do that ?  A:  Use SUG to withdraw/delete your current slot and then sign-up for another available slot.  Please give as much notice as possible (i.e. hopefully week in advance minimum if circumstances allow)

Q:  I prefer a certain volunteering role.  Can I pick .. registration.. parking.. sweeper, etc. ?  A:  The Race Director will have to decide based on staffing for the race.  They will certainly try to work with you and be flexible, especially if you are injured or have medical/health restrictions.  You can make use of the "My Comments" field when you sign-up and/or communicate by email with the RD.

Q:  Can we wife/child/friend volunteer in my place and I still receive credit for overall awards/Winter Series mug?   A:  Your wife/child/friend is welcome do volunteer but you will NOT receive credit for overall awards and the Winter Series mug.  

Q: I have a son or daughter that is a member and will be competing in the Winter Series.  Is he/she required to volunteer in order to accumulate points towards awards? A: Anyone under the age of 18 is exempt from the volunteer rule in order to accumulate points towards awards but that person may still volunteer if he or she chooses.  


Q:  Can I volunteer more than once ?  A: Yes  (and THANK YOU !  The Winter Series runs entirely on volunteerism)

Q: What makes the hot chocolate soooo GOOD ???   A:  Sorry.. that's classified :)

See you all soon !

Jackie and Jay

Created by:   BC Roadrunners
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Date (mm/dd/yyyy) Location Time (EST) Available Slot
12/16/2018 (Sun.) Covered Bridge 5k - Boathouse; Race Directors: LisaA ([email protected], 215-962-3756), WendyPF ( [email protected], 267-229-9035; ReneeH, [email protected])   7:30am - 11:00am  

Assigned by Race Director (25)

All slots filled
Olivetta Martin
Dan Kiley
Charlotte Buglio
Registration as always, please.
Tyler Murphy
Beth Murphy
Millie Mccaulley
Darlene Paullin
field marshal
Debbie Koehler
Sharon Sein
Joe Suder
field marshal
Martin McMahon
Helen Kunigonis
Food set up would be great
Claire Reichel
Jessica Pfleger
Frank Rubino
Sharon Sein
Registration or food please
Lisa Kall
If possible I would like to do registration as I have to work early that day.
Jennifer Brick
Denise Manley
Michael Gross
Matthew Walters
George Ashmore
limited walking so finish, registration
bruce lewis
Phil Miele
Anywhere !
Matt Tonelli
12/23/2018 (Sun.) Jingle Bell 5m - Boathouse; Race Director: Jim Maze, [email protected]  7:30am - 11:00am  

Assigned by Race Director (25)

10 of 25 slots filled
Justin Bursk
Lawren Smithline
have done course set up and can do again
Lisa Antenucci
Am on crutches so something at the boathouse works for me thanks
Maureen (Reen) Emmons
Boathouse/Food, if possible
Phil Miele
Finish Line or anywhere
George Ashmore
finish line set up can only do limited walking
Tracy Topolin
Neil Clark
Have done course marshalling the last 2 years.....can cover the 2 spots closest to the boathouse...1st one on the way to the left and then last turn to finish.
Karlyn Larson
John Mazzarini
01/01/2019 (Tue.) Cham Pain 5k - Boathouse; Race Directors: Rich Dunning ( [email protected] 215-469-0805) and Phil Meile ([email protected] 9:30am - 1:00pm  

Assigned by Race Director (25)

5 of 25 slots filled
Joseph Tully
Volunteer newbie
Alejandro Garcia
Cindy Wallace
Bruce Henderson
prefer same time slot with c wallace
Gary Nolan
Registration, Please
01/06/2019 (Sun.) Wild Card ?? - Boathouse; Race Directors: Joe Boyce ( [email protected] 267 257 7590)  7:30am - 11:00am  

Assigned by Race Director (25)

All slots filled
Tim Lenihan
Eileen Mannix
Bill Wang
Leo Wang
Kathy Hahn
Rick Mingione
Ed Hawkey
Paul Snyder
Aimee Belgard
Please place me w/ Reen Emmons (we typically do food duty). Thanks!
David Nash
Kelli Sendel
Bob Peifer
Prefer Parking
Jay Ricco
Maria Resinski
Valerie Maugle (2)
Billy Lane
Put me anywhere you need me.
Mark Wildgust
Stephen White
Maureen (Reen) Emmons
Boathouse/Food, if possible
Bill Schaffling
Steven Davis
Joe Haughey
Skip Schanbacker
Sharon Schanbacker
01/13/2019 (Sun.) Tyler Challenge; Race Director: Steve Price ([email protected] 7:30am - 11:00am  

Assigned by Race Director (25)

2 of 25 slots filled
Jim Larson
Phil Miele
01/20/2019 (Sun.) Polar Bear - Boathouse; Race Directors: Matt & Jen Conard ( [email protected] 215 837 4590 ; [email protected] 267.294.1180)  7:30am - 11:00am  

Assigned by Race Director (25)

2 of 25 slots filled
Amy Campbell
Neil Brown
01/27/2019 (Sun.) Honest Abe 4.6m - Boathouse; Race Director: Anthony Accardo ( [email protected] 609 743 1480 )  7:30am - 11:00am  

Assigned by Race Director (25)

3 of 25 slots filled
Tim Bulat
Maureen (Reen) Emmons
Boathouse/Food, if possible
Joe Holton
02/03/2019 (Sun.) Terrible Tyler 1st shift - Boathouse; Race Director: Patrick Goodwin ([email protected] 7:00am - 10:00am  

Assigned by Race Director (15)

Terrible Tyler 2nd shift - Boathouse;Race Director: Patrick Goodwin ([email protected] 9:00am - 12:00pm  

Assigned by Race Director (15)

3 of 15 slots filled
Monica Baxter
Aroline Hanson
Lou Putnam
02/10/2019 (Sun.) Pick Your Way 5m - Boathouse; Race Directors: Eric Stern and Sam Cler ([email protected] & [email protected] 7:30am - 11:00am  

Assigned by Race Director (25)

3 of 25 slots filled
Bryan Obarowski
Kayley Heller
Michele Szumila
02/17/2019 (Sun.) Half Marathon 1st shift - Boathouse; Race Director: George McClellan ([email protected] ; 215-801-4465) and Neil Brown ([email protected] 7:00am - 10:00am  

Assigned by Race Director (15)

10 of 15 slots filled
Patricia Butcher
Debbie Koehler
Kyle Dickinson
Maureen Costello
Eric Tobias
Zeffi Angelikas
Joanne McGinty
Dot and Greg McGovern
Jennifer Merriman
new volunteer
Jill Kerr
New volunteer
Half Marathon 2nd shift - Boathouse; Race Director: George McClellan ([email protected] ; 215-801-4465) and Neil Brown ([email protected] 9:00am - 12:00pm  

Assigned by Race Director (15)

2 of 15 slots filled
Tim Atwood
Lou Putnam
02/24/2019 (Sun.) Staggered Start - Boathouse (Race Director: Fred Gropper ([email protected]; 267-393-5363)  7:30am - 11:00pm  

Assigned by Race Director (25)

23 of 25 slots filled
Rob Schilk
Gert Freas
Can I p,ease have registration
Ethan Frank
Registration would be preferred
Colm Quinn
Michael Karl
Chuck Thompson
whatever you need
Lynn Lubbe
Food prep
Kevin McKale
Bronwyn Bird
Patrick Donadio
Peter Lederer
Shawn McElhaugh
Jenny McElhaugh
Please place with husband Shawn
Gregory Hunter
Christine Fissel
Wherever you need me
Brett Fissel
No preference
Tina Walters
Patrick Smith
Bob Boland
Thomas Beerbower
Mike McElhaugh
With Shawn, Jackson and Jenny McElhaugh
Kevin Beauparlant
Allyson Thompson

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