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Bucks County Roadrunners

Winter Series Volunteering 2022-2023

Welcome to the 2022-2023 Bucks County Roadrunners Winter Series!   We're happy to be back for another Winter Series this year!

We're using the same system, SignUpGenius (SUG), for volunteer signup again this year.  Note that we've assessed the number of volunteers needed based on each individual race this year in an effort to get better volunteer participation across all races. Please be aware that the Winter Series only runs smoothly if we have volunteers, so please keep that in mind even if you're not in the running for an Age-Group award and/or don't want the Winter Series mug. You can find the full rules here: https://www.bcrrclub.com/winter-series/winter-series-rules/

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q:  Do I have to volunteer ?  A:  If you want to accumulate Winter Series points towards Age Group and Overall Awards competition, Yes.  Furthermore, you MUST volunteer at a race to be eligible for a Winter Series mug.

Q:  Can I volunteer and still run the races?  A: No, to keep things fair, we need to have volunteers only be volunteers for their selected race. 

Q:  Do I have to use SignUpGenius to volunteer ?  A: YES, please.  On-line sign-up is very efficient and reduces errors.  If you have trouble with SUG, email us (Jackie and Jason Devine) at [email protected]  You can also call or text Jackie: (719) 331-4894.  Note: We will help resolve any problems, but still need everyone to be responsible for their own signup on the site. 

Q:  Will I receive an email confirmation of my volunteer assignment from the Club ?  A:  No.  However, you will be able to see your name show up in the volunteer list for your race in SUG.  If you do NOT see your name, please try again.   The Race Director for your race will be in contact by email starting approximately 1-2 weeks beforehand to discuss assignment details.

Q:  Can I just show up at a race that's convenient for me and volunteer without using SignUpGenius and still get volunteer credit ?  A:  Unfortunately, NO. Race directors plan their volunteer placement in the week or two ahead of time and unless we're very short-handed, they will have people already assigned to where they want them to be. 

Q:  I need to sign up my (friend, wife, husband, etc.)  Can I do this on SUG?  A:  Yes.  HOWEVER, we need individual names and emails for EACH volunteer so the Race Director/Volunteer Director can communicate with EACH of you

Q:  Something's come up and I need to change/cancel my sign-up.  How do I do that ?  A:  Use SUG to withdraw/delete your current slot and then sign-up for another available slot.  Please give as much notice as possible (i.e. hopefully week in advance minimum if circumstances allow). Again, you can contact us if you have trouble with this. 

Q:  I prefer a certain volunteering role.  Can I pick .. registration.. parking.. sweeper, etc. ?  A:  The Race Director will have to decide based on staffing for the race.  They will certainly try to work with you and be flexible, especially if you are injured or have medical/health restrictions.  You can make use of the "My Comments" field when you sign-up and/or communicate by email with the RD.

Q:  Can I volunteer more than once ?  A: Yes  (and THANK YOU !  The Winter Series runs entirely on volunteerism)

See you all soon !

Jackie and Jay

Created by:   BC Roadrunners
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Date (mm/dd/yyyy EST) Location Available Slot
(Sun. 7:30am - 11:00am)
Covered Bridge 5k - Boathouse; Race Directors: Lisa A ([email protected], Wendy ( [email protected]), Renee ([email protected]

Assigned by Race Director (23)

22 of 23 slots filled
Claire Reichel
registration please
Valerie Maugle
Holly Barbera
Registration please
Charlotte Buglio
Registration, please
Tim Lenihan
Bridge turnaround please
Sharon Sein
I will do registration. It's my favorite!!!!
Denise ManleyManley
Emily Grace Grace
Registration please
Billy Lane
Willing to mark course as always. Can do sweep if needed.
Angela Griffis
Hilary Goodman
Cheryl Chambliss
Happy to help with whatever. Can sweep w/ Billy.
Claire Reeves
Caileen Dolan
Matthew Brown
Janie Scurti
Gregory Hunter
James Stein
Registration please
Tina Walters
Samirah Abdul-Fattah
Registration please
Nancy Inyang
I’d like to help with Registration
Corinne Jones
(Sun. 7:30am - 11:00am)
Jingle Bell 5m - Boathouse; Race Director: Lowell Cloete ([email protected]

Assigned by Race Director (22)

6 of 22 slots filled
Eileen Mannix
Course Marshall if possible
Jess Reichert
Registration please!
Karen Herd
Agnes Rymer
Samirah Abdul-Fattah
Registration please
Ian Smith
(Sun. 9:30am - 1:00pm)
Cham-Pain; Race Director: Jim M. ([email protected]

Assigned by Race Director (20)

5 of 20 slots filled
Lauren Kramer
Richard Coogan
Michael Markle
I would like to be a Course Marshall at the turnaround.
Peg MacDonald
Samirah Abdul-Fattah
Registration please
(Sun. 7:30am - 11:00am)
Tyler Challenge; Race Director: Pat Mcloskey ([email protected]

Assigned by Race Director (20)

9 of 20 slots filled
Jonathan Severn (2)
With Mary
Steve Durkin
Lisa Kuliczkowski
Marty Mcmahon
Vivien Bevich
Todd Search
Joe Suder
Course marshall
Justin Bursk
(Sun. 7:30am - 11:00am)
Wild Card ?? - Boathouse; Race Directors: Joe Boyce ( [email protected]

Assigned by Race Director (25)

All slots filled
Stephen White
Lisa Borine
Registration please
James Larson
Peter Carideo (2)
Myself and Alex
Jay Ricco
Alex Carideo
Sharon Schanbacker (2)
Sharon Schanbacker & Skip - registration please
Maria B Resinski
Lori Wade
Gwen Kranzle Stia
Karen Fey
William Schaffling
Joe Haughey
Ed Hawkey
Kelli Sendel
Valerie Akerson
Patrick Donadio
Course Marshal/Sweeper
Rachael Ford
Rachael Ford
Ken McIsaac
Jen McIsaac
Gert Freas
Registration please
Samirah Abdul-Fattah
Registration please
(Sun. 7:30am - 11:00am)
Polar Bear - Boathouse; Race Directors: Regina H. ([email protected]

Assigned by Race Director (20)

4 of 20 slots filled
Amy Campbell
Matthew Conard
Todd Search
Samirah Abdul-Fattah
Registration please
(Sun. 7:30am - 11:00am)
Honest Abe 4.6m - Boathouse; Race Directors: Kathy H. and Cathy G. ([email protected] & [email protected]

Assigned by Race Director (18)

2 of 18 slots filled
Alan Braverman
Kara Seymour
(Sun. 7:30am - 12:00pm)
Terrible Tyler - Boathouse; Race Director: Pat and Kristi Goodwin ([email protected]

Assigned by Race Director (25)

Assignments will have specific timeslots (not the entire 4.5 hours)

4 of 25 slots filled
Rod Messenger
Would like to be a course marshal on the two hills for the entire race, would prefer to be home in bed
Jerry ONeill
Joanne McGinty
I would like registration please.
Samirah Abdul-Fattah
Registration please
(Sun. 7:30am - 11:00am)
Pick Your Way; Race Director: Anthony Accardo ([email protected]

Assigned by Race Director (25)

2 of 25 slots filled
Samirah Abdul-Fattah
Registration please
Nancy Inyang
(Sun. 7:30am - 12:00pm)
Half Marathon - Boathouse; Race Director: Neil Brown ([email protected]

Assigned by Race Director (25)

Assignments will have specific timeslots (not the entire 4.5 hours)

7 of 25 slots filled
Maureen Costello
Edna-Anne Valdepenas
Samirah Abdul-Fattah
Registration please
Brandon Tillo
Paula Coyle
Later shift if possible, please
Bill Coyle
Later shift if possible, please
Emily Kelly
Registration please
(Sun. 7:30am - 11:00am)
Staggered start; Race Director: Sam Cler ([email protected]

Assigned by Race Director (20)

10 of 20 slots filled
Peter Lederer
Sam is a bum
Kevin McKale
Parking if possible
Christine Fissel
paul Lancaster
Loreena Sadowski
Vitaly Belotserkovsky
Course setter or course marshal please
Michael Karl
Shari Weston
Samirah Abdul-Fattah
Registration please
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