PFFL Tapas Ladies' Night

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Sign up here to attend Pleasantville Fund for Learning Tapas Ladies' Night on Wednesday, May 23.  You will pay $20 at the door for an evening of tapas, wine and sangria!  All proceeds will go towards funding innovative programs in our 3 schools.

Date: 05/23/2018 (Wed.)

Time: 7:30pm - 10:30pm EDT

Location: 266 Bedford Road

Created by:   Ally Broege

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Guest Count:    Confirmed: 72     Maybe: 1

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Patty Anker (1 guest)

Mary Breen (2 guests)

Liz Mackanesi (1 guest)

Holly Boes (1 guest)

Kathleen Campanaro (1 guest)

Rebecca Donahue (1 guest)

Cheri Neuman (1 guest)

Fiona Brennan (1 guest)

Nicole Hausmann (1 guest)

Pru Wright (1 guest)

Jasmine Agati (1 guest)

Marla Walker (1 guest)

Janette Fleming (1 guest)

Nadia Freitas (1 guest)

Claire M (1 guest)
Am going to do my best to be there! I �� tapas!

Abi Wright (1 guest)

Cara Morea (1 guest)

Mary Horoszowski (1 guest)

Julie Grunspan (2 guests)

Sara Hukkanen (1 guest)

Kim Bendus (1 guest)

Rebekah Lavigne (1 guest)

Beth McGinley (1 guest)

Paula Lapenna (1 guest)

Andi Busch (1 guest)

Stacy Dahl (1 guest)
looking forward to it!

Danielle Gass (1 guest)

Lana Pattinson (1 guest)
Lana Pattinson

Lilian Kayizzi (1 guest)

Lisa Miller (1 guest)

Deirdre Carolan (1 guest)

Courtney Boyce (1 guest)

Pam O’Keefe (1 guest)

Dyana Nessel (1 guest)

Amy McCarthy (1 guest)

Andrea Parada (1 guest)

Elaine Miskolcze (1 guest)

Laura Primis (1 guest)

Mary Byrnes (1 guest)

Carolyn Ramsey (1 guest)
Can't wait! Such a great idea for an event!

Patty McGee (1 guest)

Megan Wilson (1 guest)

Dorothy Vaughan Johnson (1 guest)

Sarah Hoadley (1 guest)

Nicole Browand (1 guest)

Jill Owens (1 guest)

Valerie Jacobs (1 guest)
Can't wait , hoping for a dry sunny eve ☀�☀�☀�

Stacey Vukelj (1 guest)

Kristen Leyble (1 guest)

Julia Wike (2 guests)

Deirdre D'Attoma (1 guest)

Chloe O'Brien (1 guest)

Kathleen Wallace (1 guest)

Adina Mcginley (1 guest)
Will be there on later side, & actually have written down that may have pre-paid for this back @ fundraiser in November?

Sarah Slocum (1 guest)

Amy Harter (1 guest)

Kim Wildey (1 guest)

Mandy Yasinskis (1 guest)

Kelly Farling (1 guest)

Rebeca Finnegan (3 guests)

Ali Mancini (1 guest)

Elizabeth Brody (1 guest)

Rebekah Lee (1 guest)

Brooke Fera (1 guest)

Megan Perry (1 guest)

Joan Jacobsen (1 guest)

Ally Broege (1 guest)

MAYBE (1) +