Santa Rita Enrichment

Santa Rita after school Enrichment

Sign up for the After School Enrichments at Santa Rita Elementary. The dates are September 10, 17, 24 and October 1st from 3:00-4:00. 

If there is a fee the fee will be due before the first Monday or your spot will possibly be given away. If the slots are full, the last section is for a waiting list. Please list your child's name and what enrichment they would like to attend. Putting you name on the wait list does not guarantee that your child will have a spot. 

Date: 09/07/2018 (Fri.)

Time: 3:00pm - 4:00pm CDT

Location: Santa Rita Elementary

Created by:   Marie Marshall
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Available Slot


($5 fee) Bring your favorite books to life through art, book trailers via green screen, and readers theater!

6 of 8 slots filled
davis darby
Harvey Graham
Steffanie Caudle
Ben Caudle
Christian Hart
Austin Gebauer
Dean Sims

Math Games (12)

Come and play my favorite game chicken foot. It involves dominoes and all kinds of fun. Only 3rd-5th

3 of 12 slots filled
Stacy Cabral
Albert Samarripa III
Ginger Granath
Emma Granath
Candy Molina
Keegan cotto

Robotics (16)

Learn basic coding using a Brick LEGO processor. Learn how to build and make your robot move and do various commands.

All slots filled
Lyla Bancroft
Lyla Bancroft
Aiden Raymond
Donna Padilla
Jacob Padilla
Ginger Granath
Katarina Topping
Kim Kasner
Danny Kasner
Iris Avalos
David Avalos 4th grade
Miller Dougan
Adrian Rodriguez
Kristen Borrego
Brock Borrego
Jovan Pickett
Wyatt Pickett
Jaime Guerra
Robert Arroyo would like to jion this class.
Haley Parsley
Tripp Polson
Carson Adams
Steffanie Caudle
Scottland Caudle
Savannah Quinn

Fall Crafting (8)

($10 fee) In Fall Crafting we will be creating all sorts of cute and fun decorative items. Fall is such a fun time to celebrate, and when the class is complete the children will have an adorable collection of decorations to spruce up the house!

All slots filled
Karla Kasner
Markie kasner
Madison Myers
brittany lewright
grier lewright
Bianca Llanez
Katie Blair
Elizabeth Bly
Anja Wood-Vasqiez
Ashley Gonzales
Kinzlee Fulcher
Gianna Hale

Perler Beads (20)

Do you enjoy Perler Beads or don't know what they are? Come to Perler beads to learn more and create with Perler Beads.

16 of 20 slots filled
Sterling Moffat
brittany lewright
ardynn lewright
Jessica Ray
Ava Emerson
Alyssa Fults
Olivia Buck
Olivia Buck
Sarah Clemens
Jackeline Gutierrez
Amanda Gay
Ester Bliskey
Jocelyn Bliskey
Aimee Armendariz
Emmanuel Armendariz
Hilary Valdez
Annabelle Valdez
Courtney Jaeckle
Tess Heidelberg-Garza
Haleigh Garza
Isabella Rezabek-Navarro
Desiree McCowen
Marie Marshall
Aria mier

Baking (6)

($10 fee) Learn the art of cooking! Only 3rd-5th

All slots filled
Sarah Entzminger
Riley Entzminger
Dessie Davis
Wayne Davis
Melissa Holland
Morgan Terrell
Catherine Marmolejo

Drama (20)

Does your child love the theater? Come join us to learn the basics of drama and have fun learning to perform.

15 of 20 slots filled
Afton Killingsworth
Breelyn Adams
Jay Gannaway
Ethan Gannaway
Bryce Bunnell
Mandee Kennedy
Nora Fults
Joshua Hartman
Jennifer Estes
Jolie Estes
Steffanie Caudle
Sami Jo Caudle
Lia Ortiz
Jennifer James
Avalyn Asebedo
Elena Nordin-Jessen
Jo Ann Wright
Kylie Mitchell
Danika Aguero

Skip-Bo (12)

Learn how to play the card game, Skip BO, It is a fun game that requires some logical thinking and a little bit of luck. Join us! Only 3rd thru 5th.

2 of 12 slots filled
davis darby
Grady Webb

Art (15)

What is Watercolor painting? Come and explore the art of painting with watercolors.

All slots filled
Adeline Topping
Meredith Wallace
Rylan Gideon
Katarina Topping
Dylan Ochoa
Jake Ochoa
Stacey Valdez
adyson gilbert
Taylor Thomason
Taylor Thomason
Erica Pizzola
Vivian Von Rosenberg
Lauren Thomason
Lauren Thomason
Michelle Strain
Chris Waggoner
Joshua Hartman

24 (16)

Ready, Set, Go! Who will win the 24 Game? This fun, competitive game promotes addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division skills. Students will learn how to play the game, experience the game, and create their own 24 game cards. Only 4th & 5th.

2 of 16 slots filled
Jovan Pickett
Dylan Pickett
Della Parks

Rubik's Cube (9)

Are you interested in complex problem solving? Do you want to solve Rubik’s cube or compete with speed challenges? Cubes will be provided to borrow during the class, but it is encouraged to have one at home for practice. Only 4th and 5th

5 of 9 slots filled
Monica Ramos
Nitasha Harrison
Jessica Waddell
Michael Waddell
Chandra Vaughan
Cora Vaughan
Sydney Bravo
Sydney Bravo

Quirky Crafts (15)

($12) Come make magnets, picture frames,and more fun things with everyday items that you can find around your home!

8 of 15 slots filled
Emily Schmickle
Janelle Quinn
Sydney Isabel Quinn
Kam Stribling
Courtney Eubank
Courtney Eubank
Pailynn Eubank
Jessica Waddell
Andrew Waddell
Rita Martinez
Rita Martinez
Kenneth Catron

Minecraft (15)

Do you enjoy Minecraft? Come and play with your friends. Build your favorite book setting and share with your friends. Only 3rd-5th

All slots filled
Mindy Gutierrez
Noah Chavarria
Gage Renfro
Nathan Woodliff
Victoria Robles
Josiah robles
Rayden Jones
Stephanie Deignan
Leslie Hines
Owen Hines
Hailey Newlin
Ellie Newlin
Abraham Leal
Will go to the Y aftercare provram afterwards.
LeAnne Taylor
Bryce Bunnell
Jaden Swint
Sarah Clemens
Catalina Gutierrez
Noah Chapman

Coding for Kids (8)

Come explore how to code various robots that we have in our STEAM lab! We will also be creating games to share with the younger students! Only 3rd-5th

6 of 8 slots filled
Stone Robbins
Kasen Elliott
Noah Borrego
Angela Schroeder
Rowan Schroeder
Tess Heidelberg-Garza
Jonmarc Garza
Stephen Pattay-Elliott

Santa Rita's Next YouTube Star (15)

The class is looking for talented musicians, actors and actresses to record lessons for Santa Rita's Music Class. Only 3rd-5th


4 Square (20)

Do you enjoy playing the game of 4 Square? It's a fun game to play with your friends. only 3rd-5th

5 of 20 slots filled
Ricky Napoles
Dree Noble
Reed Noble
Maryellen Lira
Jermiah Gomez
Elisha Villarreal
Trentyn Acevedo
Kam Stribling
Casner Stribling


If the enrichment that your child wanted to attend was full place your child's name and what enrichment they wanted. You will be contacted if a space becomes available.

8 slots filled - more available
davis darby
baking was 1st choice if possible
Harvey Graham
Art was 1st choice
Stephanie Johnson
Would like to do robotics
Sarah Clemens
Jackeline Gutierrez-baking
Trentyn Acevedo
Robotics was first choice
Michelle Strain
Stephen Pattay-Elliott
First choice was robotics
Yolanda Esparza

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