Pacheco PTA

Fiesta de Mayfield

Please sign up for a potluck item to bring to the celebration on Friday, June 1 at 6 p.m.

Por favor regístrate para un artículo de comida para llevar a la celebración el viernes, 1 de junio a las 6 p.m.

Date: 06/01/2018 (Fri.)

Time: 6:00pm - 8:00pm PDT

Location: Pacheco Elementary

Created by:   Pacheco PTA

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Salad/Ensalada (50)
  13 of 50 slots filled
Andrea Soderin
Beth O’Connor
Kaylene Wakeman
Jessica ( Mama De Leila, Luca Y Marco)
Spicy pasta.
Maria Rangel (2)
Pachy Gomez
salad for 10 people
Brenda Gonzalez
vegetable tray
Kelda Wilson
Allison Woods
Kim Bisheff
Kara Shipcott
Carrie Jones
Fruit/Fruta (20)
  9 of 20 slots filled
Nicole Katona
Kim Love
Lizzeth Ramirez
Brenda Carr
Mary Allwein
Malena Castellano
Jennifer Gomez (2)
Terri (mama de Lily) Smith
Main dish/plato principal (20) - for 10+ / para 10+
  12 of 20 slots filled
Erica Flores Baltodano
Lisa Aquino
Mary Ann Riley (2)
Brandi Dorn
Laura Slaughter
Greek meatballs and tzatziki.
Tammy Cody
Monica Linggi (4)
Jessica Tinoco
Enchiladas o Flautas
Side dish/guarnición (20)
  13 of 20 slots filled
Kim Bisheff
Sara Mcgrath
Salsa y chips
Laura Spiering
Nicole Hagobian
Stan Yoshinobu (4)
Joel & Maya Orth
Lori Allen
Katy Neidhardt
Christiane Schroeter
Chips and Salsa
Star Anton
Dessert/Postre (20)
  9 of 20 slots filled
Nicole Katona
Domitila Hernandez
Jayne Engle Allen
Ena Sorensen
Sara Bartlett
Jessica ( Mama De Leila, Luca Y Marco)
Leslie Hammer
Laura McCarley
Malena Castellano
Drink/Bebida (20) - bottled water preferred; BYO cups if needed
  10 of 20 slots filled
Mary Irion
Viki Westley
Dawn Addis
Malena Castellano (4)
Tiffani Ayers
Socorro Serna
Terri (mama de Lily) Smith
Setup/Configurar (5:00 to 6:00) (10)
  8 of 10 slots filled
Andrea Soderin
Beth O’Connor
Mary Irion
Mary Ann Riley
Domitila Hernandez
Viki Westley
Laura McCarley
I’ll bring my big boys to help as well.
Kim Bisheff
Cleanup/Limpiar (8:00 to 8:30) (10)
  3 of 10 slots filled
Beth O’Connor
Viki Westley
Laura Slaughter
Responses:     Yes: 47     No: 1     Maybe: 0     No Response: 3

Guest Count:    Confirmed: 179     Maybe: 0

YES (47) -  

Carrie Jones (5 guests)

Jennifer Gomez (5 guests)

Star Anton (4 guests)

Terri (mama de Lily) Smith (2 guests)

Socorro Serna (4 guests)

Jessica Tinoco (4 guests)

Monica Linggi (4 guests)

Tammy Cody (2 guests)

Kara Shipcott (4 guests)

Tiffani Ayers (4 guests)

Allison Woods (5 guests)

Katy Neidhardt (3 guests)

Malena Castellano (2 guests)

Lori Allen (2 guests)

Joel & Maya Orth (3 guests)

Dawn Addis (3 guests)
Congratulations Mr. Mayfield! We are all so proud of you.

Stan Yoshinobu (2 guests)

Laura Slaughter (3 guests)

Kelda Wilson (5 guests)

Laura McCarley (6 guests)

Leslie Hammer (4 guests)

Brenda Gonzalez (4 guests)
We love Senor Mayfield!

Pachy Gomez (3 guests)

Maria Rangel (4 guests)

Mary Allwein (5 guests)

Viki Westley (5 guests)

Brenda Carr (3 guests)

Jessica ( Mama De Leila, Luca Y Marco) (4 guests)

Nicole Hagobian (5 guests)

Sara Bartlett (5 guests)

Ena Sorensen (3 guests)

Kaylene Wakeman (5 guests)

Christiane Schroeter (4 guests)

Jayne Engle Allen (4 guests)

Laura Spiering (3 guests)

Domitila Hernandez (3 guests)

Brandi Dorn (3 guests)

Mary Ann Riley (4 guests)

Kim Love (2 guests)
We will miss him so much! I am throwing an End-of-the-Year barbecue at my preschool so, I won't be there until 7pm. Is this too late to bring fruit??

Sara Mcgrath (6 guests)

Lisa Aquino (4 guests)

Nicole Katona (4 guests)

Erica Flores Baltodano (4 guests)

Mary Irion (5 guests)

Kim Bisheff (3 guests)

Beth O’Connor (4 guests)

Andrea Soderin (4 guests)

NO (1) +