Family Shelter Ministry

Donation List - August

All items need to be delivered to St. Peter’s either Saturday, July 16, or Sunday July 17, between the hours of 10 am – 12 pm. 

Please do not leave donations in the Gathering Space prior to July 16.  

Where multiple quantities are requested, please feel free to sign up for one or all.


Date: 08/10/2019 (Sat.)

Created by:   Kathy Nugent
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Available Slot

Clorox Handi-Wipes (4)

1 of 4 slots filled
Debbie Daly

Large bag of ice (2)


Case Bottled Water (4)

All slots filled
Maria Zoch (4)

Case of Pellegrino Sparkling Water


Maple Syrup (preferably 100% pure)


Grape Tomatoes, large box


Quart of Half & Half (3)


90-in Round clear plastic table covers (Party City) (4)


90-inch Round blue plastic table covers (Party City) (8)


Boxes of Tissues (6)

All slots filled
Patti Seco (6)

Cases (12 each) sterno fuel for chafing dishes (4)

All slots filled
Helen Koons (4)

400 Blue DINNER size paper napkins


Bottles, liquid hand soap dispensers (6)

1 of 6 slots filled
Debbie Daly

200 9-inch Blue dessert plates


Canister Powdered Ice Tea

Helen Koons

Canister Country Time Lemonade

Helen Koons

Boxes, Ice cream sandwiches (2)

All slots filled
Helen Koons (2)

Pound of butter


16 oz. container whipped cream cheese


Gallon 2% milk (3)


Reddi Whip, Can (4)


package mini marshmallows (4)


Boxes of individual packages of variety packs of chips, popcorn, goldfish, pretzels (4)

All slots filled
Helen Koons (4)

half-gallon orange juice


boxes, frozen waffles (2)


boxes, frozen pancakes OR mini pancakes (2)


boxes, frozen french toast (2)


dozen hard boiled eggs (2)


Dozen, mixed bagels from Bagel store

Cinnamon Raisin, Plain


loaf sandwich bread (White)


box English muffins


Packages of Individual cereal box selections (4)


24 Individual boxed 100% fruit juice packs (4)

All slots filled
Helen Koons (4)

Rolls, Bounty or Kirkland brand Paper Towels (10)


Half Gallon Vanilla Ice Cream

Helen Koons

Half Gallon Chocolate Ice Cream

Helen Koons

Cans water-packed solid white tuna (4)

All slots filled
Patti Seco (4)

Boxes Granola Bars (4)


Packages String Cheese (4)


Large box of Microwavable Mac & Cheese Individual cups

There are no cooking facilities, need microwave type only

Maria Zoch

Boxes of Individual Microwaveable Ravioli, Pasta (Chef Boyardee), Pasta Bowls (4)


Fresh lemons (6)


Fresh limes (6)


Apples (6)


Boxes of Clementines or Tangerines (2)


Avocados (6)


Low Fat Assorted Yogurt or Greek Yogurt (12)


Bananas (4)


Squeeze bottle of honey


Hellman's Quart size Mayonnaise

Patti Seco

Large sliced pickles


ShopRite gift cards


Ketchup Squeeze Bottle


Mustard, medium size jar


Jar (large) green olives


Boxes, Gallon size ziplock plastic bags (2)

All slots filled
Helen Koons (2)

100 Small blue bowls (cereal/ice cream size)


packages, individual vanilla pudding cups (2)

All slots filled
Patti Seco (2)

packages, individual chocolate pudding cups (2)

All slots filled
Patti Seco (2)

Green grapes, large bunch


Strawberries, large box


Package, small individual boxes raisins


Box Children's assorted Band-aids (2)


Boxes, Quart size ziplock plastic bags (2)

All slots filled
Helen Koons (2)

Boxes, Gogurt - Assorted Flavors (2)


Large box of Dixie or similar brand combo of plastic knives, forks, spoons


Grape Jelly


Packages, individual Jello Cups assorted flavors (2)


Box Graham Crackers (2)

All slots filled
Maureen Hanley (2)

Pkg. Marshmallows - Regular size (2)

for s'mores

All slots filled
Maureen Hanley (2)

Pkg. 6 Hershey bars (2)

for s'mores

All slots filled
Maureen Hanley (2)

Hershey Chocolate Syrup

Maureen Hanley

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