Three Rivers Charter School

2nd Annual Friendsgiving

You can come for the night,

You can come for a flash,

But come to have fun

at our Thanksgiving Bash!

Join your TRCS friends for a casual, open-house style potluck. Sign up below for a dish to share and help support our parent fundraising group by helping us reach some fundraising goals for our amazing school! Bring your whole family to enjoy some food and fun fall activities!

Date: 11/15/2018 (Thu.)

Time: 6:00pm - 7:30pm PST

Location: Three Rivers Charter School

Created by:   Tawny Friedman

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Appetizer (4) - Please specify your appetizer
  All slots filled
Tawny Friedman
not sure yet
Angela Laidlaw
Hummus & Pita Chips
James Britt
Olive dip with crackers
Michelle Rivera
Not sure yet
Cheese & crackers (4)
  All slots filled
Jean Svadlenka
Cheese & crackers
Aelyn Thomas
Cheese & Crackers
Jill Oien
Cheese and crackers
Sarah Hawkins
Cheese and crackers
Vegetable tray (3)
  All slots filled
Laura Jeffrey
Veggie dish
Lydia Byhardt Bollinger
Veggie melange
Elowyn Loomis
Fresh Veggies
Fruit tray (3)
  All slots filled
Lorena Candrian
fruit tray
Malathi Sundramurthy
Fruit tray
Emily Yip
Fruit tray
Simple main dish (10) - Please specify your main dish
  All slots filled
Christine Henry
I dont know yet.
Denise Huth
Sarah Carter
Chicken salad sandwiches
Bob, Thorin, & Pratima Hepburn
Chicken drumsticks
Steve Cheng
Chicken shwarma
sunny burden
Anne Wilson
Karma Denmark
chicken skewers
Gayle Baker
Pam Nicholson
Salad (6) - Please specify your salad type
  All slots filled
Stephanie Knapick
Apple and Fennel Salad
Missy McConkie
Wild rice arugula salad
Karen Gault
Spinach, Kale, butternut squash
Yasmin Ismail
Quinoa Salad
Elowyn Loomis
Fall Salad
sunny burden
baja ensalada
Side Dish (10) - Please specify
  9 of 10 slots filled
Pamela Rust
Sweet Potato Dish
Mark Schuessler
Cheese Tortellini Salad
Jennifer Chang
Mac & cheese
Paromita Mukherjee
Chickpea curry
Keith Valerius (3)
Pasta salad
Victoria Vysotskiy (2)
It's not really a side dish but yummy flaky dinner rolls with butter.
Dessert (6) - Pease specify your dessert
  All slots filled
Sara Johnson
Something gluten free
Summer Buzza
Cranberry Bliss Bars
Tiffany Arnold
Holly Okerstrom
pumpkin cake
Creah MacGlashan
Sue Anne Williams
Slutty Brownies
Apple Cider (4) - Gallon size please
  All slots filled
Teresa Chen
Apple Cider
kim hill
Apple Cider
Jill Tsai
Jenni Tan
Apple cider
Responses:     Yes: 46     No: 26     Maybe: 1     No Response: 114

Guest Count:    Confirmed: 147     Maybe: 1

YES (46) -  

Pam Nicholson (1 guest)

Pam Nicholson (4 guests)

Gayle Baker (3 guests)

Victoria Vysotskiy (2 guests)

Anne Wilson (2 guests)

Keith Valerius (3 guests)

sunny burden (4 guests)

Elowyn Loomis (5 guests)

Steve Cheng (2 guests)
Raynah and steve will be attending

Gloria Astete (3 guests)

Paromita Mukherjee (2 guests)

Emily Yip (4 guests)

Bob, Thorin, & Pratima Hepburn (3 guests)

Michelle Rivera (4 guests)

James Britt (3 guests)

Malathi Sundramurthy (2 guests)

Jennifer Chang (4 guests)

Jennifer Chang (4 guests)

Sarah Hawkins (3 guests)

Yasmin Ismail (3 guests)

Angela Laidlaw (5 guests)

Karen Gault (4 guests)

Denise Huth (4 guests)

Mark Schuessler (2 guests)

Nic Chapin (1 guest)

Missy McConkie (5 guests)

Tawny Friedman (2 guests)

Sue Anne Williams (7 guests)

Creah MacGlashan (3 guests)

Lydia Byhardt Bollinger (5 guests)

Jill Oien (3 guests)

Lorena Candrian (5 guests)

Holly Okerstrom (5 guests)

Stephanie Knapick (3 guests)

Tiffany Arnold (3 guests)

Aelyn Thomas (2 guests)

Christine Henry (2 guests)

Jenni Tan (3 guests)

Jill Tsai (2 guests)

kim hill (2 guests)
Lloyd and Liam will attend. Kim cannot make it.

Summer Buzza (3 guests)

Jean Svadlenka (2 guests)

Teresa Chen (2 guests)

Pamela Rust (5 guests)

Laura Jeffrey (2 guests)

Sara Johnson (4 guests)

NO (26) +  

MAYBE (1) +