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Art Outreach

This program is offered to our school through the Springfield Art Association (SAA).   It is designed to expose students to many different forms of art/artists.  Art Outreach relies on our parents to volunteer to go into our classrooms and teach the monthly Art Outreach program. Parents are assigned their child's homeroom class. They work with the teacher to find the best time to do Art Outreach with the class.

  • Monthly portfolios include: prints, photography, and 3-D art. The collections span the length of time, from cave drawings to the present day.
  • Portfolios are online and can be presented on a Smartboard.
  • Portfolios are centered around a particular artist, style, or time period.
  • Portfolios include an information packet on the background of the artist and artwork, style/time period of the art, questions to ask the children about the artwork, and some may also include an art activity. 
  • The program is designed to present the artwork in a 30 min. Following the presentation there is an optional art project, some materials can be checked out and other materials will need to be purchased by the volunteer.
Created by:   CTK School & Parish

Available Slot

Kinder- Mrs. Michael (3)


Kinder - Mrs. Johannes (3)


1st - Mrs. Mack (3)


1st - Mrs. Raskie (3)


2nd - Mrs. Large (3)


2nd - Mrs. Hazelrigg (3)


3rd - Mrs. Zanger (3)


3rd - Mrs. Obert (3)


4th - Mrs. Duke (3)


4th - Mrs. Giganti (3)


5th - Ms. Hansen (3)


5th - Mrs. Mazairz (3)


6th - Mrs. Harmon (3)


6th - Mrs. Schroeder (3)


7th - Mrs. Curtis (3)


7th - Ms. Wood (3)


8th - Mrs. Hasara (3)


8th - Mrs. Lucas (3)


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