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Halloween Doors & More 2022

Thank you for signing up to be a volunteer at Halloween Doors & More!

Event - Saturday, Oct. 15th from 2-7pm

Volunteers need to arrive at 12:30pm.

You must be 13+ in order to register for a role unless stated otherwise in the role

Teens aged 13-17 must sign up for the Teen Advisory Board in order to volunteer or can be expempt as long as they are referred by a committee chair, Community Hospice staff member, or a teacher from the teens school. Please email the request to [email protected] Otherwise, you can sign up at the following link: Teen Advisory Board Sign Up | Community Hospice & Palliative Care

Volunteer positions are on a first-come, first-served basis. You will receive a confirmation email with a packet of information at the beginning of October. We are so excited to have you as a volunteer!

Created by:   Dylan Hausmann
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Date (mm/dd/yyyy) Time (EDT) Available Slot
10/14/2022 (Fri.) 3:30pm - 7:00pm  

Set-Up Volunteer (40)

Help Set-Up HDM event. Wear clothes to work in.

18 of 40 slots filled
Spencer York
w/Landrum Football
Brandi Kartzmark
Caden Kartzmark (Landrum Football)
Jena Campbell
JT Campbell, Landrum Football
Christie Shea
Carter Stoltz (Landrum Football)
Carrie Ortbals
Ryan Ortbals -Landrum football
Britney Pizzitola Maddox
Camden Maddox - Landrum Football
Nina Stilwell
Luke Stilwell (Landrum football)
Ashley Hilley
Charlie Hilley, Landrum Football
Jim Turner
Cade Turner - Landrum Football
Abbie Demirbulakli
Maximus Demirbulakli
Carissa Jackson
Jett Jackson
Jacob Vanderbilt
Charlie Smallwood
Kevin Warren (2)
Holly Kroll Smith
Trey Smith, teen advisory board
Ciara Miller
Ciara with ABB
Foster Thompson
10/15/2022 (Sat.) 12:30pm - 4:00pm  

General Volunteer (50)

Please wear all Black Clothes

All slots filled
Logan Cardinal
Teen Advisory Board Member
Beth Rasch (3)
Ian and Leo Rasch, TAB members, will also volunteer
Joshua DeBardeleben
Laura Silva (15)
Junior League
Becky Patel (4)
Rebecca, Rakesh, Jaden & Malana Patel
Amy Stellwagen
Kristin Holloway
Lindsey Huntley
Melissa Ritter (2)
New to the area
Michele Tremblay
Entertainment Chair
Jill This
Brennon This
Eston Wardell
Eston Wardell
Cameron Huguenard
Pamela Riley
Abbie Demirbulakli
Maximus Demirbulakli
Jonas Doeinck
Kevin Warren
Lucas Harris
Becki Charboneau (2)
Can we please volunteer with Meghan and Nora Weaver in the Boo tiful botique
Ciara Miller
Emily Legault
Laura Silva (5)
Junior League
Barbara Carter
Natalie Do Amaral
12:30pm - 7:30pm  

General Volunteer (78)

Please wear all Black Clothes

39 of 78 slots filled
Ben & Shep Miller (2)
Teen Advisory Board
Ashtan Augusta
Brooks Gray
Teen advisory board
Brantley Shewchuk
Lilly Ream
Boo-tiful Salon (teen advisory board)
Caroline Ream
Boo-tiful Salon (teen advisory board)
Kerri McAdoo (2)
Aspen and Dylan McAdoo
Hunter O'Donnell
James O’Donnell
Lesley Sunas
Luke Sunas
Patty Davalt
Robert Davalt
Elina Tursonoff
Avery Lee
Emma Brown
Kate Boyle
Kennedy Smith
Boo-tiful Bootique
Neil Neloms
Kamari Neloms
Carter Harris
Teen advisory board
Sherrie Wilson
Any chance of getting the Candy Store? I have done that for several years and loved it! If not, could I please have Registration?
Ardath Simpson
John Claxton
Christine Claxton
MaryAgnes Smith
Thomas Smith
Sean Connaway
Cassidy Connaway
Linda Lott
CHERYL Houston
Kendall Maida
Would love to volunteer as the hole puncher at the Firehouse/firefighter door if possible. Loved it in previous years and JFRD has a special place in my heart as my cousin is now a JFRD captain
Maddie Young
Layla Fattahi
Peyton Gonzalez
Owen Berryhill
Summer Berryhill

Administration-Character Check-In

You will be checking in the character volunteers as they report for duty. Each character volunteer must be checked in and directed to the character area

Melissa Caves

*Administration-Character Committee Assistant (2)

Assist in the dressing and logistics of the character volunteers

All slots filled

*Administration-Grown Up Grotto (3)

(Must be 21+ for this position) Will assist bartenders with getting anything they may need. Must keep the area clean and remove trash as needed

All slots filled
Nikki Hollis (3)

*Administration-Makeup Artist (3)

Work with characters to help complete their look

2 of 3 slots filled
Darcie Whitworth
Delaney Merritt


(Must be 18+) Supervise the administrative volunteers

Torquemada Chester

*Administration-Volunteer Assistant

Responsible for filling in where needed, replenishing supplies, accompanying attendees and staff and helping out whenever and where ever needed. You will be getting your duties from one of the Volunteer Co-Chairs.


*Administration-Volunteer Check-In (3)

You will be checking in volunteers as they report for duty. Each volunteer must be checked in, given a lanyard, and instructions

All slots filled
Tamika Johnson
Carolyn Neloms
Chris Neloms

*Registration General Volunteer-Check-In (8)

You will be checking in already paid attendees off of our provided list and direct them toward the entrance to the main hall

5 of 8 slots filled
Was a volunteer prior to covid
Chris Neblett
Sherrie Wilson
Sherrie Wilson
Prefer to be here or Candy Store- not sure how this works since Candy Store not listed independently.
Anita Vining

*Registration General Volunteer-Family Bag Distributor (3)

You will hand each kid ONE bag upon check in

All slots filled
Davis Whitworth
Bo Baratta
Bo Baratta

*Registration General Volunteer-Front Area Greeter (3)

Responsible for asking attendees if they need help with anything as they enter (ie directions) and explaining what the different areas of the event are

All slots filled
Susan Aranda
Melissa Corbin
Foster Thompson
4:00pm - 7:30pm  

General Volunteer (50)

Please wear all Black Clothes

17 of 50 slots filled
Laura Thomas
Henley Adams
Deborah Whittle
ants to do Duval Den Lanyard Hole Puncher
Maddox Tepper
Maddox Tepper
Ashtan Augusta
Linda Phelps
Becki And Leila Charboneau (2)
Please allow my daughter and I to volunteer with Nora and Meghan weaver in the Boo-tiful Botique
Alison Farhat (2)
Olga Farhat and I would like to help out in CandyLand
Emily Mcfarland
I want to be in candy land
Nancy (Beth) Ratliff
Angela Bubb
Elena Saladino (2)
Maria Oxford will volunteer with me
Leslie Warner
With Mallory Warner
Mallory Warner
7:00pm - 9:30pm  

Clean Up Volunteer (20)

Help clean up the event once it ends

13 of 20 slots filled
Ben & Shep Miller (2)
Teen Advisory Board
Ashtan Augusta
Lilly & Caroline Ream (2)
Teen Advisory Board
Avery Lee
Elina Tursonoff
Emma Brown
don kirk
Trina Kirk
Leslie Warner
With Mallory Warner
Mallory Warner
Mallory Warner
Holly Kroll Smith
Trey Smith
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