Mercer island Girls Lacrosse

2019 7th Grade MI Girls Lax Volunteer Sign Up

Thank you for volunteering!  We couldn't run the games or have as much fun without you!

Game Bag Keeper - Keeps the game bag and bring it to every HOME game, set up the field, and set up the scorer table.  Instructions are in the bag - easy.

Scorer - at every HOME game we need one parent to mark the score for both teams.  You will be recording who scored the goal and the time of the goal.  Instructions are in the game bag - easy.  

Time Keeper - at every HOME game we need one parent to keep time.  Games are two 25 minute halves with a running clock until the last 2 minutes of each half.  Instructions are in the game bag - easy.

Sideline Manager - the league requires us to have 1 parent at each game (home and away) be designated as our Sideline Manager.  As a Sideline Manager you manage our team's spectators, encouraging good sportsmanship and respect of the referees, coaches, and players.  We have never had one issue with our MI parents.  Easy volunteer job if you're already going to watch the game. 

Team Parent - A few to do's:  First, check volunteers for each game and send a reminder email to them!  Second, remind parents of the game schedule.  Lastly, occasionally the coaches as you to help communicate to the group.  Great for a parent who's good on email.

Tent Keeper - It is nice to have a parent take care of the team tent for the season.  Bring it to the rainy and the hot sunny games and set it up.  Our players have a place to stand under when they're not playing in the game.  Also it helps keep their bags dry.  If your player is particular about getting wet - this may be the job for you!

Team Photographer - Take a full team photo (early in the season on a shady day).  It's also nice to have a parent occasionally take pictures of the team and post them.

Spotter/Stats Keeper - in high school these are two required volunteer jobs.  It's great to get the experience now in middle school where it doesn't matter if you mess up.  The Spotter calls out plays for the Stats Keeper to record.  Instructions are in the game bag.  Grab a friend and give it a go.  Fun part is you get to stand on the player side of the field.  Great way to learn the game.

Thank you, Suzanne McIntosh

MIGLAX Middle School Coordinator

Created by:   Mercer Island Girls Lacrosse
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Available Slot

Game Bag Keeper

For home games

Ricca Poll

Scorer (4)

Please specify a date for games: 4/20,5/11,or 5/19 (2 games)

2 of 4 slots filled
Elaine Kierstead (2)
4/20 & 5/11 (out of town 05/19-Sorry!)

Time Keeper (4)

Please specify a date for games: 4/20,5/11,or 5/19 (2 games)

2 of 4 slots filled
Karen Schmid
Can't do every game but will do as many as possible
Pam Swendrowski
Can’t do every game either but will try for two

Side Line Manager

Jay Greer

Team Parent


Tent Keeper




Spotter/Stats Keeper (2)

Easier to do with a buddy


End of Year Party (2)

Help plan a fun last practice


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