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Brothers and Sisters in Christ

Consecration to St. Joseph

Greetings, we are planning a Consecration to St. Joseph.  We pray and hope you will join us in the 33 day consecration from Feb.16, 2020 – Mar. 19, 2020 (Solemnity of Saint Joseph, Husband of the Blessed Virgin Mary).

Please let us know if you are joining us by clicking on the RSVP link below and signing up today.  Please remember to type your city into the public comments field. Signing up doesn’t mean you need to attend or be somewhere.  It is simply spiritually participation.

The book can be purchased at https://store.spiritdaily.com/product-p/gi-2110.htm

Also, please read the blogs at Consecration to St. Joseph and The Medal of St. Joseph


Date: 02/16/2020 (Sun.)

Created by:   Dennis McQueen

Will you be attending the event?
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Responses:     Yes: 646     No: 71     Maybe: 29    

Guest Count:    Confirmed: 948     Maybe: 37

YES (646) -  

Patricia E Wright Wright (1 guest)

Angela Kitts (1 guest)

Phyllis Murphy (1 guest)

St Monica (1 guest)
Coming in a week late, but trusting in the Lord's Mercy.

Mary Ouellette (1 guest)

Marjorie Peraza (1 guest)

Vianey Hernandez (1 guest)

Thecla Baron (1 guest)
Syracuse NY

Steve Weber (2 guests)
Colwich, KS

Jennifer J (1 guest)

Kevin Whiteman (1 guest)

Steve M.j.L. (3 guests)
Cuy. Falls, Well stupid me started the 15th not realizing THIS was a leap year. I'm 59 now & this is the first one that ever really mattered...

Mike Keathley (1 guest)

Aaron Velez (2 guests)

Lynette Christensen (2 guests)

A. PENA (4 guests)

Robert Tavarez (1 guest)

Emer Sutin (1 guest)
Atlanta, GA

Angelo Sandoval (1 guest)

Beth Smith (1 guest)

Laura Gillett (1 guest)
Berthoud, Colorado

Melinda Hicks (1 guest)

Leticia Salinas (1 guest)
Austin, Texas

Marcela Uribe (2 guests)

Amy Coldeway (1 guest)

Ayumi Miraz (3 guests)
San Juan Capistrano CA

Carolyn Maus (1 guest)

Geoffrey Sitnik (1 guest)

Eddie Garcia (2 guests)

Omo Obazele (1 guest)

Hee-Jung Cranford (1 guest)
Austin Texas

Maria Botero (1 guest)

Bettina Alphonse (40 guests)
Clemmons, North Carolina

Tina C. (5 guests)
May St Joseph bless and protect us all...

Pat Crum (1 guest)

Lily Morales (1 guest)
Austin, TX

Rachana Chhin (1 guest)

Flandreau, SD

Jackie Brown (1 guest)

John Belmonte (1 guest)

Reynaldo Gonzalez (1 guest)
San Jose, Costa Rica

Carolina Alvarez (1 guest)

Ivan Lopez (1 guest)
Leander, TX

Kathy Sileo (1 guest)
Springboro, Ohio

Kevin Harrell (2 guests)
Good St. Joseph, pray for us!

Gerard Russo (7 guests)
Holy Joseph, Spouse, Provider, and Protector of Mary, Pray for Us! +JMJ

Cynthia Geisler (1 guest)

Maria Mudry (2 guests)

N Carlton (1 guest)

Jennifer Hunter (1 guest)
Cape Cod,MA

Emily Dufour (1 guest)

Delma DelaPena-Reyna (1 guest)

Louis & Bianca Martinez (6 guests)
San Antonio, Texas

Ron Rebong (1 guest)

Olivia Carolyn Sosa (1 guest)
Austin, Texas

Denise Babbitt (8 guests)
Spring Lake Mcigan

Jim Coyle (1 guest)
Steubenville, Ohio

Nancy Calvin (3 guests)
So looking forward to this

Anita Husbands (1 guest)

W Ramon Milian (1 guest)
Puerto Rico

Jessica Barrera (3 guests)

Thad Cardine (7 guests)

Tom Jansen (1 guest)

Nora Hinojos Hernandez (1 guest)
Big Spring, Texas

Joshua Choe (1 guest)
DFW Area, TX

Stephanie Rendon (1 guest)

GV Brodie (1 guest)

Ruth Jilka (2 guests)

Mary Christiansen (2 guests)
Location: Plano, Texas

Michael Candelas (1 guest)

Brucce Rampick (2 guests)

Pat Livecchi (1 guest)

Steve Jacobs (1 guest)

Mary Jo Backowski (1 guest)

Frederico Ferreira (2 guests)
Salve Maria! My book arrived this week here in Brazil! Uniting my prayers with yours!

Judy Baji (1 guest)

Rose Mary Briceño (2 guests)
Austin Texas

Milagros Cardenas (1 guest)
Thank you, I will also join for the total consecration to jesus through mary (momfort method)

Deanna Hobby (1 guest)

Tracey McCarthy (1 guest)

Aurelio Cadena (2 guests)
College Station, TX

Joey Taylor (1 guest)
Thank you. I'm hoping for healing.

Kyle Hammons (2 guests)

Stephen Selden (1 guest)

Irma Olvera (1 guest)

Michelle Harris (1 guest)

Joanne Bondy (7 guests)

Bob Quinlan (1 guest)

Dawn De La Rosa (7 guests)
I'm bringing my family! Toddlers and all. We love St. Joseph!

Mary Meney (1 guest)

Shane Walden (1 guest)
Austin, TX

Antoinette Sanchez (1 guest)
New Mexico

Karen Rosa (2 guests)
Longmont, CO

Paul Finley (1 guest)

Giovanni Anbar (1 guest)

Joel Fago (2 guests)
I believe that St. Joseph will have a signifiant role the Secrets of Medjugorje. The 40-year biblical waiting period is over next year.

Carmen McPhetrige (1 guest)
There are several people from my area participating.

Maria Alcaraz (1 guest)

Linda Scheresky (2 guests)

Mary Massey (1 guest)

Paul Simon (1 guest)

Martha Buller (1 guest)
Junction Texas


Margaret McKinney (1 guest)

Phil Delrue (1 guest)
Grand Rapids Mi

Deacon David Ochoa (1 guest)

Danna Dandurand (1 guest)

linda dehan (2 guests)

Mary Ellen Madalinski (1 guest)

Kay Portillo (1 guest)

Milly Walker (1 guest)
Floresville Texas

k c (1 guest)

Rudy Jr Gonzales (1 guest)

Katie McCarthy (1 guest)

Sally Gooding (1 guest)
Port Townsend, WA

Brendan Croom (8 guests)

Diane StJean (1 guest)

Joseph Smith (1 guest)
Donora, PA

Patty Heist (1 guest)

Mary Reinhardt (1 guest)
Albuquerque, NM

Deacon Phúc Phan (1 guest)

Linda Handel (1 guest)

Kevin Branson (1 guest)
Glenwood WA

Nancy De Leon (1 guest)
San Marcos, Texas

Lidia Roman (2 guests)

John Concannon (1 guest)
Rocky Hill, Ct. 06067

Josephine Bartolome (1 guest)

Luci Holloway (1 guest)
Port Townsend, WA

Ramiro Balli (2 guests)
Austin, TX

Gail Martin (2 guests)

Norma Montalvo (1 guest)

Chriatina Mclure (1 guest)

John Prejean (1 guest)
Silver City, NM

Celia Neumayr (1 guest)

Lita Guerra (1 guest)
Thank you for putting a spotlight on , next to Mary, the greatest of all the saints. I look forward with joy to join in this focus on St. Joseph.

Denise Ott (1 guest)

Jeannie Costello (1 guest)

Philip Williams (4 guests)

Bobbie Guerra (1 guest)
Kyle TX

Linda M (1 guest)
St Joseph pray for us!

Chris Schumacher (1 guest)
Wichita, KS

Cathy Jamiolkowski (1 guest)
Robinson Township

Benjamin Macandog (1 guest)

Mary Syme (1 guest)

Rita Lopez (1 guest)

Oliver Ha (1 guest)

Dot Bowler (1 guest)

Derrick Andrew (1 guest)

Mary Roth (1 guest)

Brian Senn (1 guest)
St Joseph: Pray for us

Susan Eschenbach (1 guest)

Mary Esther Coy (1 guest)
Austin Texas

Patricia Haner (1 guest)
Buda, Tx

Patrick Wells (1 guest)
Thank you for having this.


Phyllis Patrick (1 guest)

Mary Ann Renaud (1 guest)

Lori Palmer (1 guest)

Joan Login (1 guest)
New Jersey

Edwin Rivas (2 guests)
Lampasas, TX

Andrew DeHart (1 guest)

Mary Beck (2 guests)

Deborah Horn (1 guest)

James Meyer (1 guest)

Pablo Serna (1 guest)

Allen Hebert (1 guest)

Ali Mcgraw (1 guest)

Melissa Coleman (1 guest)

Stasia Demkowicz (1 guest)

James Janknegt (2 guests)

Patrick Ryan (1 guest)
I can’t wait to join you from a Portland, Oregon!

Jules Gray (1 guest)

Patricia Goldman (1 guest)

Dianna Cruz (1 guest)

Carlos Delgado (1 guest)

María Fernanda Quinteros (1 guest)

Karen Klaczak (1 guest)

Sandra Elkin (1 guest)
Sandra Elkin MD

Alyssa O’Brien (1 guest)
Shorewood, Illinois

Yvette Gonzalez (1 guest)

Mary Johnson (1 guest)

Janine Greenwood (1 guest)

Tom Michalek (1 guest)

Gail Pessoa (1 guest)
Riverview, Florida

Gail Pessoa (1 guest)

Sevuloni Baleinakorodawa (1 guest)

Lydia Hansen (1 guest)
New Jersey

Kathryne Jones (2 guests)

Richard Warren (1 guest)
Pooler GA

Maripat Kovalkoski (1 guest)

Cristina Delos Santos (1 guest)

Erin McFarland (1 guest)

Barb B. (1 guest)

Julia Elza Jose (2 guests)
Been looking forward to do this!!!!

Kathy Morrongiello (2 guests)
St. Joseph pray for us...

Laura Plein (1 guest)

Susan Loesch (1 guest)

Dan Rako (1 guest)

Fr. Charlie Becker (1 guest)

Joanne Ranallo (1 guest)

Linda Mitchell (1 guest)
Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Mary Burke (1 guest)

Maria Aguilar (1 guest)

Andy Perez (1 guest)

Ron Walker (1 guest)

Bishop Joe Vasquez (1 guest)

Doug Murphy (1 guest)

Denise Griego (1 guest)
I live In Guadalupita, N M

Hector Medrano (2 guests)

Cristina Mokarzel (1 guest)
Pflugerville, TX

Olga Lucia Manrique (1 guest)

Diane M Schoneveld (2 guests)

Frank Kelly (1 guest)

Lisa Reali (2 guests)

francis casenas (1 guest)

Donna Michelle Perry (1 guest)

Oscar Moreno (1 guest)

DCN Al Ponce (1 guest)
Prayers and blessings!

JIm Welch (1 guest)

Patty Melin (1 guest)

Jim Stanley (1 guest)
St. Thomas More Catholic Church - Austin, TX

Ruperto Torres (4 guests)

Kyle Dufour (1 guest)

Karen Landrum (1 guest)

Judy Comeaux (2 guests)

Manseung Han (1 guest)

Z Corbett (1 guest)

william kalaf (1 guest)
I'll be attending - William Kalaf

eileen romano (1 guest)

Darren Sliva (1 guest)
Waco, TX

Mary Smith (2 guests)

Jan Shenko (1 guest)

Janice Gutta (1 guest)

Laura HACKWORTH (1 guest)

Jo Ann Arroyo (3 guests)
Austin, Texas

Sean Schiavolin (1 guest)

Betty Bosarge, OSF (1 guest)

Julian R (1 guest)

Jan Shenko (1 guest)

Candice Saltzman (2 guests)

Frank M (1 guest)

Ted Eubanks (1 guest)

Pauline Pedroza (1 guest)

Irene Robertson (1 guest)

Jose Arguelles (1 guest)

Javier Rene Solis (1 guest)
I'm so excited to learn from St. Joseph !!!

Ewa K (1 guest)

Scott O’Brien (1 guest)

Andrea Liford (4 guests)

Margaret McConnell (1 guest)
Lisle, IL

Vicki Olenick (1 guest)

Kathleen Bartholomew (1 guest)

Jean Francois (1 guest)

Denise Oborny (7 guests)
The Oborny Family cannot wait to consecrate ourselves to St. Joseph!

Maria Valenzuela (1 guest)

Marge Roy (1 guest)

mar c (1 guest)

June Meyers (1 guest)

Robert Mical (1 guest)

Jennifer Fritz (2 guests)

Frances Behrens (2 guests)

Fernando Martinez (2 guests)
I am in the Stephen project and I am in the Church of Our Lady of Guadalupe at Temple Tx. Thank you very much for the invitation

Donna Suarez (1 guest)

Ria Marmonier (1 guest)

Robert Bonner (1 guest)
Lebanon N.J.

Kateri Tekakwitha (1 guest)

Richard Straub (1 guest)

Afshin Shirazi (1 guest)

Mary Jane Craw (1 guest)

Tim, Marg & Family (7 guests)
Entire Family

Karen Bonvecchio (1 guest)
Miami, FL

Matthew Malicki (1 guest)

Jennifer Hullinger (1 guest)

Therese Pagenkopf (1 guest)
Bloomer, WI

Daniel Crapia (1 guest)

Graciela Hemmi (4 guests)
Hemmi Family, St. Mary's Wimberley TX

Hunter Granzin (1 guest)

Angels Maria Weinmuller (2 guests)
Blessed be God!

Dottie Prokay (1 guest)

Wilf Roesch (1 guest)

Juanita (2 guests)

Dorothy H (2 guests)

Aura Arntsen (1 guest)
Broad Brook, Connecticut

Diane Walker (1 guest)

J Farao (1 guest)

Gina Santaera (1 guest)
I'll be there spirutually

Mary Ann Evans (1 guest)
Indianapolis Indiana

Lisa Schmit (8 guests)

Virginia Glasgow (1 guest)

A Brousseau (1 guest)

Gaetan Gouraige (1 guest)

Cindy Olson (1 guest)

M Newman (1 guest)

Maria Kamensky (2 guests)

Susan Paul (1 guest)

Maria Valenzuela (1 guest)

Michael L'Heureux (2 guests)
St. Joseph has been my protection and inspired me to be a better husband and father.

Ileana Salazar (1 guest)

Doreen Chwala (1 guest)

Kevin Sheerin (1 guest)

Mary Kerman (2 guests)
Thank you for this.

Michelle Hartwell (1 guest)

Lydia Diaz (1 guest)

Diane Brown (1 guest)
Eunice, LA

Vicki Kvassay (2 guests)
thank you

Nancy Hernandez (1 guest)
Eastvale CA

John Parham (1 guest)

Michelle Gravelle (1 guest)

Ruth Leal (1 guest)
Exeter, ca.

Dawn Buhlman (1 guest)

Ada V (1 guest)

Mike Owens (1 guest)

Carolyn Williams (2 guests)
Monticello, FL

T Santoro (1 guest)

Julie Kaczorowski (1 guest)

Jessica Hou (1 guest)
Virginia Beach, VA

Jennifer Frizzell (1 guest)

Richie Rodriguez (1 guest)
Laredo, TX

Fr. Brian Welding (1 guest)

Carole Cooney (1 guest)

Stephanie Bogdan (1 guest)

Deb Rojas (1 guest)

Judy S (1 guest)

MM Hens (1 guest)

Dianne Barbosa (1 guest)
Pflugerville, TX

Sandra Rodriguez (1 guest)
San Antonio, TX

Stephen Lynam (1 guest)

Jody Hammond (1 guest)
Ijamsville, Md (outside of Frederick)

Lourdes Acciani (1 guest)

Tia Gerwatoski (1 guest)

Beverlee Stupfel (1 guest)

Christine Spence (1 guest)

Mary Jackson (2 guests)

Betty Lara (1 guest)

George Lamoureux (1 guest)
Philadelphia Suburbs

Paula (1 guest)

Jo oser (1 guest)

Cynthia Ramirez (2 guests)

Veronica Marinez (1 guest)
Houston Texas

Simone (1 guest)

Marc Anctil (1 guest)

Jonathan Lansang (1 guest)

Dee Huber (1 guest)
Louisville, KY

Carol Dailey (1 guest)

Marilyn Ruff (1 guest)

Julie Szalawiga (1 guest)

Barbara Aquino (1 guest)

Terry Larson (1 guest)
Thank you Fr. Calloway!

Judy Gerwatoski (1 guest)
I am assuming this is a online program where we get emails and a video each day explaining things and praying as we go. If this is not the case and we have to fly to a place to perticapatethem I'm so sorry but I won't be able to attend blessings Judy

Julianna Fowler (1 guest)

Maree OBrien (1 guest)

Cathy Asinari (3 guests)
Honesdale, pa

Olga Rincon (1 guest)
Thank God for Fr Calloway!

Susan Fox (2 guests)

Jennifer Takita (1 guest)
Sydney Australia. St Joseph please pray for my family

Gema Toledo (1 guest)

Sherry Richardson (1 guest)

kathy (1 guest)

Deborah Crosby (1 guest)

Theodore Perez III (1 guest)

TJ & Laura Morgan (1 guest)

Barbara Costello (1 guest)

John Schulz (1 guest)
Virginia Beach

Mary Powell (1 guest)

Frank Kenney (1 guest)

C. Pucek (1 guest)
Junction, Tx.

Mary Kruger (1 guest)
Dear St Joseph Please pray for the safety and protection of our Country and those of us who depend on your prayers. Thank You !

Frank Dagostino (1 guest)
Oakley California

Gail Beauchamp (1 guest)

Kelley M (1 guest)

Pamela Harrington (1 guest)

Ramon Betancourt Jr. (1 guest)
Chesapeake, VA

Joan Sheehan (1 guest)
Houston, TX

Joanna Chew (1 guest)

TJ . (1 guest)

Julie Moore (1 guest)

Katia Alvonellos (1 guest)

Alicia Lam (1 guest)

Bill Breen (10 guests)
Oro Valley AZ

Rose Escalona (5 guests)
St. Joseph, pray for us!

Mariann Tischler (1 guest)

Josephine Hondrade (2 guests)

Susan Semerad (1 guest)
Staten Island

Mary Weid (2 guests)

Karen Landrum (1 guest)
Do you need to buy the book?

Charmaine Rainke (1 guest)
Grand Rapids

Pati Pawlik (2 guests)

Bruce Clark (1 guest)

R J (1 guest)

Patrick King (1 guest)
Godfrey, IL

Therese Hoss (2 guests)

Gayle Christine (2 guests)

Sidonie Reynolds (1 guest)

Christy Shanklin (1 guest)

Heather Rahael (1 guest)

Judith Valentin (1 guest)
Mayaguez, Puerto Rico

Suellen Brewster (1 guest)
St. Joseph, pray for us!

Michele Fenton (1 guest)

Will Weber (1 guest)
Greenwich, CT

Terry Murphy (1 guest)

Rachel Randall (1 guest)

Theresa Brune (1 guest)

James DeAngelis (1 guest)
Thank you St.Joseph

Deborah Grzywa (3 guests)

Ann Harkin (1 guest)

Delores Irlbeck (1 guest)
Cumming GA

Enrique Zavala (1 guest)
Zapopan Mexico

Anita Rado (1 guest)

The Thomas Family (7 guests)
Tulsa, OK

ARLENE David (1 guest)

Sean Wade (1 guest)

Sandra File (1 guest)

Carol Kelly (2 guests)
Looking forward to being a part of this. Chatham Ontario Canada

Charlotte Belden (1 guest)
Toledo, OH

Vanessa Joy (1 guest)

Amy Oatley (1 guest)

S B (1 guest)
Manteo, NC

Joe Trassare (1 guest)
Ione, California

Becky Barnett (1 guest)
Newnan, GA

Corinne Covino (4 guests)

Nancy Belzile (1 guest)
Willsboro, NY

Annie M (1 guest)

David W. Warner (2 guests)
St. Joseph, pray for us.

Margaret Loewe (1 guest)
Thank you St Joseph for your intercession!

Fr. Jim Siler (1 guest)

Nancy Pierdipino (1 guest)
Guyton, GA

M J Dickson (3 guests)

Jacqueline Callanan (2 guests)

Cheryl Pini (1 guest)

Chris Jones (1 guest)

Beth Crawford (1 guest)
Looking forward to it

Margaret Smith (1 guest)
Praying from NY state with everyone.

Jay Juliano (1 guest)

Theresa Martin (1 guest)
What a spiritual blessing this will be!

Mary Riviere (1 guest)

Nancy Vargo (2 guests)
Hoping to have my book by then. This is great!

Audia Otto (2 guests)

Teri DiEdwardo-Quirke (1 guest)
Staten Island NY

Roel Miranda (2 guests)
Seattle, WA

Tony Hayward (1 guest)
Chesapeake, VA

Wolfgang Kraus (1 guest)

Clarisa Marcée (1 guest)
Austin, TX

Michelle Perez (1 guest)

Mary Quinn (1 guest)
Kansas City, MO

Kim Clarke (2 guests)
Hickory, NC

Deacon Don Schultz (1 guest)
Menasha, WI

Donna Valenti (1 guest)
Go to Joseph

Janet Linck (1 guest)
We need our spiritual father. I need my spiritual father. Thank you Fr. Calloway for unveiling the quiet mystery of St. Joseph.

June St. James-Pfouts (1 guest)
Boise, Idaho

Maggie Ramshaw (1 guest)
St. Joseph, terror of demons, pray for us

Kati Burns (1 guest)

Josie Fearnley (1 guest)

Selma Sierra (1 guest)

Cherry Peterson (2 guests)
San Diego, CA

Lina Riga-Berlin (1 guest)

Claes Eriksson (1 guest)

Devon Demos (1 guest)

Miranda Molnar (1 guest)

P.D.M.G. Burke (1 guest)
Sancte Josephi, ora pro nobis.

Sharon Hall (1 guest)

Jessica I (1 guest)

Maria Gribowskas (9 guests)

Marcia Hesler (1 guest)

Jason Molitor (1 guest)
Following on Facebook from Wisconsin

Ann Vierick (1 guest)
Huntingdon valley

Joe Rodrigues (1 guest)
Will be praying from the Arctic: Qikiqtarjuaq, Nunavut, Canada

Sandy Samford (1 guest)

Sandra McKenzie (1 guest)
Will follow on Facebook

Theresa Delgado (1 guest)
Mishawaka IN

Debbie Dixon (1 guest)

Mary Ann Tushar (1 guest)

V Thoennes (2 guests)

Julie Muller (1 guest)
Rialto, California

Jill Self (1 guest)

Terry Renteria (1 guest)

Christina Strafaci (1 guest)

Helen Gnuse (1 guest)
Anticipating another powerful spiritual boost in my Faith with this Consecration to St Joseph!

Stella Kasten (1 guest)
Prosperity, SC

Deborah Farr (1 guest)

Sean Czaja (1 guest)
Downers Grove, IL

Dawn Foulke (1 guest)

Mary Zachariasen (1 guest)
Topeka, Ks

Donna Richardson (1 guest)
Kenner, La

Kathy Cooper (1 guest)

Christopher Simonetti KCHS OFS (1 guest)
Atlantic City, New Jersey

Marion Marsico (1 guest)
Egg Harbor Township, NJ USA

Gina Pilk (5 guests)
Southeast Texas

Edna Rodriguez-Grimsley (1 guest)
San Antonio, TX

Martha Rivas-Marin (2 guests)

Elizabeth Hayes (3 guests)

Mary Treinen (1 guest)
Wichita KS

Crystal Johnson (1 guest)

Melinda (1 guest)

Pam Foos (1 guest)
Edmonds WA

Claudia Salcido (2 guests)
San Antonio, TX

Kim Heckathorn (1 guest)

Lia Lucente (1 guest)
Toronto, Ontario. Canada

Judith Painter (1 guest)
St. Teresa of Avila highly recommended devotion to St. Joseph, Protector of Her Order of Carmelites

Carrie Donahue (1 guest)

Bartholomew Family (4 guests)
Exciting times! Thanks for making the book Father Donald!

Linda O'Brien (1 guest)
Fort Collins, Colorado

Susan ONeill (1 guest)

Patti Neary-Shadle (1 guest)

Sharon Galle (1 guest)
Ocean Springs, MS

Gina Millett (1 guest)

Alicia Bardasz (1 guest)

Melissa Maraist (1 guest)
River Ridge, Louisiana

Eloisa Saldana (1 guest)
Austin, TX

Kathleen Zimmerman (1 guest)

Shelley Naeger (1 guest)
Southeast Missouri

Mayen Aganon (1 guest)
North Hollywood, CA

Alex Naszados (1 guest)
Toronto, Canada

Colin Livingston (1 guest)
Gallup, New Mexico

Kathy Smith (3 guests)
Cold Spring, Ky! We love St Joseph, and we love Fr Calloway!

Linda Collinson (1 guest)
Not too great about doing this type of prayers alone, looking forward to doing it with others, thank you for the support!

Fr. Donald Calloway, MIC (1 guest)
You are going to love the consecration, everyone! I will also be posting a one-minute video on my Facebook page from Feb. 16 - March 19. Here is the link: https://www.facebook.com/consecrationtostjoseph/

Colleen Faley (1 guest)

Travis Strain (1 guest)

Anne Marie Hansen (1 guest)
I have been blessed with a strong devotion to my dear St Joseph since a young child. He has blessed my life In so many ways and I am beyond delighted to make this consecration,

Daniela Mondragon (2 guests)

Barbara Miller (1 guest)
Old Appleton, Missouri

J D (1 guest)
Front Royal, VA

Maria McDonald (1 guest)

R McMahon (3 guests)


Elva Ybarra (2 guests)

Gerald McLean (1 guest)
Sudbury, Ontario, Canada

Edward Kasprzycki (1 guest)

Michele Betts (1 guest)

Pat Van Dyke (1 guest)

Joan Tinnirella (1 guest)

Marianne S (1 guest)

Mark Fair (2 guests)

Mirjana Stegic (1 guest)

Patricia Hyland (2 guests)

Kristen Derosa (1 guest)
For family

Denise Fisch (2 guests)
Rosanky, Tx

Frutoso Robledo (2 guests)

Nathan Sharp (2 guests)

Michie Leblanc (7 guests)
Consecrating to St Joseph as a family

Misael Montoya (1 guest)

Kelly Weggel (1 guest)

Hai Hoang (1 guest)

Maria Guerra (1 guest)

Charles DeWitt (1 guest)

Jesus Guerra (1 guest)

Jim Nabholz (2 guests)

Yvonne Rossman (1 guest)
Victoria, Tx

Phyllis Murphy (1 guest)

Kevin Taylor (1 guest)

Brittany Escobar (1 guest)
San Antonio, TX

Karina Escobar (1 guest)
San Antonio, TX

Mary Escobar (1 guest)

Ray Escobar (1 guest)

Michelle Vallejo (1 guest)

Mario Luna (2 guests)

David Gabler (4 guests)

Krippel Family (8 guests)
Dripping Springs, TX

Maria Mendez (1 guest)
Houston, TX

Quentin Neill (1 guest)

James Fambro (2 guests)
Patron Saint of Fathers

Christie Williams (1 guest)

Robert Williams (1 guest)

Ray Saenz (4 guests)
Corpus Christi Tx

Jason Bernal (3 guests)

Michelle Lopez (1 guest)

Julie Wedlock (2 guests)

Elle Wood (2 guests)
Austin, TX

Buddy Wald (1 guest)

Eduardo Santana (1 guest)

Lucy Trainor (2 guests)

Cathy Ott (1 guest)

Anita C Moreno (1 guest)

Jessie Esquivel (2 guests)

Donna Isadora Gimeno (1 guest)

S. Symons (1 guest)

Brendan Bierman (1 guest)

Andrew Usmiani (1 guest)

Rosary Fabiano (2 guests)
Austin, Tx

Fiona Rodriguez (1 guest)
Austin, TX

Brandon Marcos-Fuentes (2 guests)
Praise God! Would that all Christians consecrated themselves to the Sacred Heart of Jesus through the pure heart of St Joseph!

Bill Goodreau (1 guest)

Norma Lara (1 guest)
Thank you for this Great Blessing and opportunity to be United as One in The Lord through this Consecration to St. Joseph. What a Great blessing for us and those we hold dear in our hearts. Thank you.

Alfredo Nevarez (2 guests)
Thanks for organizing this Deacon. We just received our books over the weekend.

Nancy Quigley (1 guest)

Lety Pister (1 guest)
In Thanksgiving for St. Joseph

Maryann Fox (1 guest)

Cynthia Avendano (1 guest)
Praise God for gathering a group for this valuable consecration. Thank you, Deacon & all involved.

Patty L (1 guest)

Marge Stanford (1 guest)
West Trenton

Lisa Ashman (1 guest)

Vicky Whisenant (1 guest)

John Richter (1 guest)
How cool I was thinking of doing this and you popped this on us! Thanks deacon!

Lindsey Sanchez (2 guests)

John D. Ford (1 guest)
Victorville, Ca.

Kyle Janda (1 guest)
Most likely won't be able to make the consecration but will be participating. St. Joseph, pray for us!

Edward Buck (2 guests)

Jo-Anne R. (1 guest)

Martha Collins (1 guest)
Cedar Park, TX

Meryl Trapp (1 guest)

Richard Tucker (2 guests)

peter gojcaj (1 guest)
Peter Gojcaj

Jo Creath (1 guest)

Angela Tuuri (2 guests)

paul bauer (1 guest)

Michael Blyzniuk (1 guest)

Donna Schmidt (1 guest)

Ursula K (1 guest)

Margaret Gilmore (1 guest)
Naperville, IL

Kate Raeder (2 guests)

Samuel & Kearly Velez (1 guest)

Marie-Claire Kaminski (1 guest)

Norma Miranda (1 guest)

Kearby Fehr (1 guest)

Paula Boudreau (1 guest)

Maria Dwyer (3 guests)
We are so excited, adding my brother Jessie (Alton, TX) and my friend Gloria Reyna (Austin, TX).

Stephen Selden (1 guest)

Vanessa Miller (2 guests)
We received the books and will be finished the consecration, but will continue praying. This is a tremendous blessing let us all pray for Fr. Calloway's protection

Juan Villarreal (2 guests)

Diane Rainbolt (1 guest)

LouAnn Pietruszynski (1 guest)

Susan Hana (2 guests)

John Rice (1 guest)
Vacaville, CA

Maria Martinez (2 guests)

Ivan Perry (1 guest)

Shawna A (1 guest)

Therese O (1 guest)

John Durant (2 guests)

Drew Dutton (2 guests)

Joseph Pettibon (2 guests)

Deacon Rod Reyna (2 guests)

Christopher Sperling (1 guest)

Deacon Mark Bennett Bennett (1 guest)

Ben Martinez (1 guest)

Robin Waters (1 guest)

Shannon Carter (1 guest)

Susan K (2 guests)

Nasario Perez (2 guests)

Don Prince (1 guest)

Glennis Milan (1 guest)

John Swanson (2 guests)

College Station TX

Frank Ledesma (3 guests)

Mark Bennett (2 guests)

Deacon Guadalupe Rodriguez Rodriguez (1 guest)
Austin, TX

Dennis McQueen (1 guest)
Cedar Park, TX

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