2018 Beerfest at the Ballpark Spring

Volunteers shifts will be from 1:30pm to 5pm. Only First Shift volunteers are needed; we are working with non-profit agencies to cover 2nd Shift volunteers.

        The Benefits:

  • Free entry into festival
  • 10 Drink Tickets
  • Festival Glass

        The Rules/Expectations:

  • You must be 21
  • We need volunteers that can go with the flow. We can't always pair you with who you want to volunteer with or the brewery you want to volunteer for. We do the best we can to accommodate.
  • The Lugnuts are requiring all volunteers to attend a pre-check-in/credentials meeting before the festival. If a volunteer doesn't attend the training they won't be allowed to volunteer for the festival.
  • It creates a real problem for us if you sign to volunteer and you cancel within 48 hours prior to festival or if you don't show up to volunteer for your shift. If you do either of those things you will not be eligible to volunteer in the future.

    TAM Festival Training/Credentials Meeting

Volunteers that didn't attend the training last year are required to attend a “TAM Festival Training” meeting in advance of the festival to receive their credentials, day-of event procedures, shift location and an overview of requirements in serving alcoholic beverages to the public.

Volunteers only need to attend ONE of the three sessions offered. Volunteers that did the training last year you won't have do it this year. The training is required every two years. 

There is no need to sign up for a specific day, simply show up on the day that works best for you.

The TAM Training (Festival Version of Liquor Service Tips) will be held in the VIEW at Cooley Law School Stadium on: 4/9/18 & 4/16/18 both Monday nights from 6-7pm

First shifters will get there credentials and 2nd shifters will get them when they check in to volunteer.

We appreciate all the hard work that volunteers provide and we couldn't put on the festival without them. All we ask is that you take your volunteer job as serious as we do in executing a great festival.


Date: 04/28/2018 (Sat.)

Time: 2:00pm - 8:00pm EDT

Location: Cooley Law Stadium - 505 E Michigan Ave, Lansing, MI 48912

Created by:   Paul Starr
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Available Slot

First Shirt Pourer (101)

Time: 1:30pm to 5pm - 1 to 2 Pourers Per Brewery

100 of 101 slots filled
Amy Miros (2)
New Holland Please!!!!
Juan Holguin (5)
I forgot to add myself. Juan Holguin, Ian Samuel, and James did the training last year. Any this lives in grand rapids. Not sure if she can make Meeting. Any ideas. Mindee Goldberg needs to attend a meeting
Bryan & Cheryl Cornellier (2)
1st shift pour for Bells or Grand Armory
Krista Barton
Atwater Brewery
Glenn Wilson
Amanda Keatts (2)
Derick Barkley and I would like to be placed together if possible. Our first choices for breweries we would like to pour for would be Founders or Right Brain or Oddside ales or Greenbush Brewing if we can get with one of them. if not, it's ok.
Kevin Galbraith
Please place with David Palme. Would love to pour for Old Nation, please!
Thomas Reinke
Amber Wise
Would like to pour for Dimes Brewery. If not, then the Brewery next to EagleMonk please
David Palme
Please pair with Kevin Galbraith: Old Nation please.
Tom Wellman (2)
Please pair me with Kristi Schwartzly to pour only beer. We are both experienced bar tenders/beer pourers.
Melody Wallace
Jim Kelly
I would like to pour for The Peoples Cider
Karen Wienke (2)
LeRoy Wienke
Kim Budde (2)
Will pour with Harry Budde
James Defrees (2)
#2 Amanda Defrees
Dan Harry
Cider or mead please
Kristi Schwartzly
Please pair me with Tom Wellman to pour only beer. We are both experienced bar tenders/beer pourers
Matthew Keeler
Please pair with Melissa Clements
Melissa Clements
Please pair with Matthew Keeler if possible. Thanks
Paul W
Gravel Bottom or Drafting Table please
Cara Goch (2)
Brewery Vivant!
Pat and Diane Montie (2)
Official EagleMonk pourers per Sonia, pease assign them to EagleMonk Pub and Brewery.
Tim Wise Jr
Requesting to pour for Dimes Brewery with Amber Wise
Cindy Renault
Please pair me with Joe Renault
Joe Renault
Please pair me with Cindy Renault
Ed Bryant
I've poured for Gravel Bottom and Right Brain
Jean Husby
Pete & Brenda B (2)
We would like to pour with each other or near each other if possible.
Sarah Ockerman (3)
If Rachel Lively, Rachel Straughen, and Sarah Ockerman could please be placed next to each other.
Cal Stone
Mike Carlson
Carl Buonodono
Barbara Ball
Would like to be paired with Andy Ball
Andy Ball
Would like to be paired with Barb Ball
Not public
Name not given for privacy reasons. Already poured last year.
Aaron & Michelle Smith (2)
BrickHaven Brewing Co (Ed & Ben Huston)
Jade Brayton
Would love to pour for Founders, poured for them last year! Would like to be paired with Audrey Brayton
Patricia Pfeifer
Cathy Roark
Nansie Strobel
Cindy Robinson
Tayler Bannasch Heath (2)
I would love to be paired with any Cider places, please!
Tom Mailand
Amber Emerson (2)
We’d love to pour for One Well!!!
Audrey Brayton
Would like to be paired with Jade Brayton!
Pet ja
No first choice for a brewery. In case a distillery needs volunteers, I would be happy to help!
Kevin Rogers
No preference - but Mid-Michigan or Detroit based, if available
David Vogel
Ellison Brewery Please
Julie Ruemenapp
Please partner with David Vogel, my husband. Preferably Ellison
David Sheaffer
Mary Winegar
Chaz Bob
Angela PolhillPayne
Any where you need me 130-5
David & Kristen Campbell (2)
Prefer Latitude 42 if possible
Sean Riley
Cassandta Fambro
Karen Putnam (2)
trying to sign up for 1:30-5:00; two of us - Susan Richardson
Brian Hunt
Joe Prevo (2)
Joe Prevo Sr and Joe Prevo Jr
Madie Lively
I will be with Rachel Lively and Sarah Ockerman, if I could be placed with one of them
Zach Brooks
Rachel Schmitt
Pair me with Kevin Rogers - if not No preference - but Mid-Michigan or Detroit based, if available
Karyn Thrush
I would like to volunteer for one of the following breweries if possible: arbor, ellison, founders, grand armory, jolly pumpkin, bells, Saugatuck, or tandem ciders
Tanya Bernes (2)
With Amanda Bernes. We would like to do Organic or natural booth if possible. Thanks!
Tanara Patterson
Norm Lownds
Mike Lownds
Evan Lownds
Diane Gohlke
liked to work with Karen or Leroy Weinke
Jordyn Sanderson (2)
Maria Gagnon (2)
2 people, would love to pour for anyone :)
Daniel Schmitt
Ferrante Jones
Mandy Westfall
Pour for Looking Glass please

Rare Beer Event Pourer (20)

3pm to 5:30pm

All slots filled
Bill And Amanda Kelly (2)
Members of red ledge brewers
Armin Jewell
Speciation or Jolly Pumpkin please!!
Candi Terrill
Don Mazuchowski
Jeremy Richardson
Peter Jones
Ed Bryant
Brian McGrain (2)
Brian McGrain & Rion Hollenbeck
Gary Stacey
Matt Huckabee
Please pair with Armin Jewell, and try for Speciation or Jolly Pumpkin please :)
Lesley Keith
Kimberly Wolford (2)
Renee Price
Jessica Blood (2)
Signing up for Jessica Blood and Emily Litwiller
Katy Timmer (2)
For Katy Timmer and Ferrante Jones

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