Lunchroom Volunteers

New Lunchroom Schedule

We have decided to change the way we schedule lunchroom volunteers.  Many parents can only volunteer on a specific day of the week.  Our current schedule of choosing a number day of the month does not work for them.  With the new schedule you will choose a specific day of the week (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday) and 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, or 5th.  For example, you may volunteer for the 1st Tuesday of every month or the 3rd Wednesday of every month.  Of course, you are welcome to sign up for more than one slot. The 5th choice would be a good additional slot because you may or may not have a 5th slot during a given month.  We will continue to have a sub list of volunteers to use to find some one if you are unable to cover your usual day.  Please also sign up to be on the SUB LIST, if interested.


Created by:   School Volunteer Coordinator
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Lunchroom Volunteer Slot

Sub List

Name will be on SUB LIST for volunteers to contact to fill in or swap days as needed.

8 slots filled - more available
Natalie Droel
Angie Donohoo
Jeannette Eibensteiner
Jennifer Lynch
Marlene Stiehm
Deidre Rice-Pardo
Melissa Gruber
Dave Gibbons

1st Monday of month

Brandi Herzog

1st Tuesday of month

Jennifer Motta

1st Wednesday of month

Jenna Lobanoff

1st Thursday of month

Jackson Black

1st Friday of month

Katie Miller

2nd Monday of month

Jennifer Lynch

2nd Tuesday of month

Michelle Kelly

2nd Wednesday of month

Erin Maki

2nd Thursday of month

Andria Price

2nd Friday of month

Tanna Hoffman
I look forward to volunteering however I am unable to make it work on Friday February 8. Who would o make aware of this?! Thank you!

3rd Monday of month

Anne LaMontagne

3rd Tuesday of month

Jennifer Motta

3rd Wednesday of month

Brandi Herzog

3rd Thursday of month

Patty Gibbs

3rd Friday of month

Jenna Lobanoff

4th Monday of month

Brandi Herzog

4th Tuesday of month

Michelle Kelly

4th Wednesday of month

Sarah Zurbay

4th Thursday of month

Kathleen Gabel

4th Friday of month

Michele Eich-Misiak

5th Monday of month

Jodi McCord

5th Tuesday of month

Erika Rustad

5th Wednesday of month

Natalie Droel

5th Thursday of month

Patty Gibbs

5th Friday of month

Brandi Fuglsby

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