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Raingutter Regatta 2019

Calling all Tigers & Wolves:

It's Rain Gutter Regatta Time! Tigers and Wolves race small model boats along a 10-foot long water-filled rain gutter. The boys have the opportunity to win awards for their effort, creativity, participation and sportsmanship.

The big race is Sunday, April 28th from 3 - 5 pm at HKIS Tai Tam Breezeway outside of Black Box Theatre.   Please collect your regatta kit from your Den Leader.

As with the Pinewood Derby car races, each participant is given a standard kit that includes only the pre-approved parts for building a boat. One significant difference between this event and the Pinewood Derby is the involvement of the participant during the race. The participants must blow into the boat's sails to propel it along the rain gutter.

  1. Think about what you'll name your boat, and how you’ll build and decorate it. 
  2. Learn about specification requirements and check out some design tips on our site.  
  3. Consider the competition categories and let your creativity and personality shine through!

Set aside time before that weekend to assemble and decorate your boats.  Practice blowing through a straw!  Details for the event and tips can be found on the Pack 1 website here:


The boat itself can be assembled in under 3 minutes, as shown here:


Paints, markers, and decorations will take a bit more time and thought, and be sure to leave time for the paint to dry, as shown here:


Please show up promptly at 2:30 pm to register your boat and to get in some practice before the races begin.  Please sign up for the Regatta here and to volunteer:

Date (dd/mm/yyyy): 28/04/2019 (Sun.)

Time: 3:00pm - 5:00pm HKT

Location: Tai Tam Breezeway HKIS MS Campus outside Black Box Theatre

Created by:   Cub Scouts Pack 1 Hong Kong
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Available Slot

Scouts (Tigers or Wolves)

Enter your name, den number

41 slots filled - more available
Kelly Liu
Matthew Chen, den17
Jessica King
Sebastian Hoad, Tiger Den 13
Amit Sobti
Vikram Sobti den 17
Eugene Lee
Aaron Lee, Den 17
Serene Rusli
Gregory den 3
See Kwan Cheung
Damon Lau, Den 13
Rex Roe
Den 6 Wolves
Kathy Chen
Kyle Liu, Tiger den 16
Claire Souleyman
Hugo Souleyman / Den #6
Ha Lim Lee
Tayden Tachibana Den 6
Luke Merhy
Den 6
Iantha Scheiwe
Taran Scheiwe, Den 6
Rachel Lai
Aiden chow Den16
Myron Zhu
Alexander Zhu (Wolf)
Princeton Ong
Kathy Chen
Kyle Liu den 16
Victor Chen
Victor Chen/Den10/ Wolf
Gigi Chan
Wesley Cheung, Den 16
Myles Kiely
Den 3 Wolf
Danny Chen
Simon Chen, Den 9
Wei Wang
Curtis Mui
Curtis Mui / Wolf Den 10
Joowon Doh
Piers Ko/ Den 9
Amy Chen
Wolf Den9/Charles Tian
Beth Reintjes
Henry Reintjes, Den 6 Wolves
Lisa Garcia
Holden Garcia Den 10
Elaine Lee
Riley Kang, Tiger Den 13
Rachel Lai
Aiden Chow Den 16
Teresa Da Silva
Ethan Cheng, Tiger Den 16
Princeton Ong
Bo Zhou
Boson wolf den 9
William Whitehead
Mari Brantingham
Thomas- wolf den 3
Max Ding
Wolves/ Den 3
Fran Chen
Kieran Ng, Tigers Den 16
William Spooner
Gregory Spooner Den #17
Justine Holmes
Ralph Holmes den 17
Damien Whitehead
Andy Reynolds
Tigers den 17
Maziar Sabet
Cyrus Sabet Den 17
Toffee Jang
Kitt Jang/Tiger Den 13

Parent Volunteers for Set up the day of event (4)

Set up time is 1:00 pm outside Black Box

1 of 4 slots filled
William Spooner
William Spooner

Bake Sale Volunteers (5)

Bring a dozen baked goods for sale

All slots filled
Jessica King
Sebastian Hoad, Tiger Den 13
Serene Rusli
Rice Krispies
Ha Lim Lee
Iantha Scheiwe
Joowon Doh
Piers Ko / Den 9

Regatta Race Volunteers (8)

Help needed on the day of from 3 - 5 pm - Jobs will be assigned when you arrive

2 of 8 slots filled
Ha Lim Lee
Myron Zhu
Myron Zhu

Boy Scout Volunteers (5)

3-5 pm Running races, scoring, presenting awards

3 of 5 slots filled
Kaes Carter
I will be there to help with the races, but I will not have my own boat.
Rohan Shah
Taylor Mefford

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