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Pinewood Derby 2019

Calling All Bears and Webelos Scouts!

It's time for The Pinewood Derby!  Get your race cars ready to rumble on April 28th from 12 - 3 pm in the HKIS MS GYMNASIUM (note venue change).

  • Sign up here to participate, please list your name and your Den number.
  • Parents, please sign up to here to volunteer to help set up the track the day before on the evening of Saturday, April 27th from 5 pm - 7:30 pm
  • We also need parent volunteers on the day of the derby.  Sign up here to contribute baked goods and help out on the day of the derby.   

Important Info (read carefully):

  • The race is open to all Bear and Webelos scouts.
  • Siblings of scouts (irrespective of age and gender)  can choose to make and race cars by participating in the "Rebel" race, also by signing up here.
  • Please collect your kits from your den leader.
  • Additional kits (if you need a replacement or you need a kit for a Rebel) are available for sale at a nominal price of $50 by contacting Garry Wong.
  • Sign-up deadline is April 14th, 2019, after which we will be assigning car numbers to the racers.
  • Cars need to be prepared according to strict rules!!  Please note that these rules are taken very seriously and cars have been and will be disqualified if they don't fall within the framework of these rules.  Please visit http://www.bsapack1hk.org/pinewood-derby.html to review the rules for car constructions and designs. 
  • And just to be clear, no cars can be store bought!!!!
  • All kids will receive a participation medal.  Trophies will be handed out for the cars finishing in 1st and 2nd place, as well as for the best designed cars.

History of the Derby:

Every year over a million Cub Scouts participate in a Pinewood Derbies around the world, a tradition that goes back generations. 

Cub Scouts and their adult "assistants" work together to design, carve, paint, weigh, refine, and race their cars, a bond of partnership is created. For Cub Scouts the Pinewood Derby build confidence and take pride in their own growing skills and hard work. So enjoy the ride!

Webelos & Bears receive Pinewood Derby car kits through their Den Leaders.  Kits include wheels, axles, and a wooden block—everything you need to get started.  Please go to our website to download a complete information list and rules, weight and design requirements.  

  1. Think about your dream car, what you'll name it, and how you’ll build and decorate it. 
  2. Learn about Derby requirements and check out some tested tips on our site.  
  3. Consider the competition categories and let your creativity and personality shine through!
  4. There is a wood cutter that has experience with Derby cars - his card is attached for download

Information here:


Tips here:


Date (dd/mm/yyyy): 28/04/2019 (Sun.)

Time: 12:00pm - 3:00pm HKT

Location: HKIS MS GYMNASIUM (note venue change)

Created by:   Cub Scouts Pack 1 Hong Kong
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Available Slot

Scouts (Bears or Webelos)

Enter your name, den number

24 slots filled - more available
Dylan wong
Dylan wong / den2
Rush Roe
Den 4 Webelos
Aidan Pottschul
Salar Soltan
Cliff Huang
Sebastian Huang / Den 2
Hayden Kao
Beth Reintjes
George Reintjes, Den 4 Webelos
Sarah Landman
Jack Landman Den 2
Vivian Yu
Jaden Lau Den 2
Tyler DeWaal
Evan DeWaal (Bear Den 8)
Tejas Chan
Den 4
Ian Nam
Webelos Den 4
Max Barney
Den 4 Webelos
Alex Ng
Den 4 Webelos
Derek Poon
Webelos den 4
Alona Sabella
Marcus Sabella Den 4 Webelos
Natalie Llopis
Noah Haque - Den 4
Lijia Yu
James Lin / den 14
Keen Nikkel
Debbie Blakely
Den 14
Andrew Yang
Andrew Yang
Ryan Yang Bear
Jonathon Gaden
Jonathon Gaden Den 14
Ben Ping


Rebels are siblings who are not bears or webelos, but want to race cars. Enter name and age

2 slots filled - more available
Tyler Wong
Tyler wong
Serene Rusli
Gregory den 3 wolves

Parent Volunteers for Set up the day before (6)

Set up time is 5:00 - 7:30 pm on Saturday, April 27th at the MS GYMNASIUM (note venue change)

4 of 6 slots filled
Andrew Yang
Alona Sabella
Marcel Sabella
Price Roe
Price Roe
Derek Ping

Bake Sale Volunteers (5)

Bring a dozen baked goods for sale

All slots filled
Serene Rusli
Rice Krispies
Samira Soltan
Kathleen Barney
Alona Sabella
Natalie Llopis
Natalie Haque - Den 4

Derby Volunteers (8)

Help needed on the day of from 12 - 3 pm; Jobs will be assigned when you arrive

1 of 8 slots filled
Tyler DeWaal

Boy Scout Volunteers (6)

11-3 pm check in cars, running races, presenting awards

All slots filled
Caden Osteo
Kaes Carter
I will be there to help with the races, but I will not have my own car.
Rohan Shah
Nicolas Millan
Taylor Mefford
Hans Carter

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