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RSVP - Celebration of Life for Jo Ann Tomm

Last November we weren’t able to be together to grieve the immense loss of Jo Ann Tomm or to share stories about the many ways she touched our lives. We had hoped summer would allow for some of that in a safer way. While June 7 would be Jo Ann’s birthday, it falls on a Monday, so we picked Sunday, June 13, instead to allow for a weekend afternoon gathering time.

We now invite all of you to join us: on Sunday, June 13 from Noon to 3 pm at the UNITY-Christ the King Campus at 4600 Pilgrim Road in Brookfield. We’ll gather at noon for an opening ceremony and open microphone for remembrances of Jo Ann, followed by food, beverages and live music by the Tonight Only band.

Let’s celebrate Jo Ann’s life and give her a birthday party befitting of someone who gifted our lives with so much incredible energy and talent. Bring your smiles and your laughter, because you know that’s what Jo Ann would want!

To help us plan, please RSVP below.

Date: 06/13/2021 (Sun.)

Time: 12:00pm - 3:00pm CDT

Location: Christ the King Campus
4600 Pilgrim Rd, Brookfield, WI 53005

Created by:   UNITY Staff
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Responses:     Yes: 151     No: 7     Maybe: 2    

Guest Count:    Confirmed: 376     Maybe: 3

YES (151) -  

Gail Baumgartner (2 guests)

Erik Ellingson (1 guest)

Shannon Gedman (1 guest)

Joanne Rentmeester (3 guests)

BethAnn Hein (1 guest)

CarolAnn & George Cairns (2 guests)

T. J. Roche (2 guests)

Todd & Heidi Blatnik (2 guests)

Aimee Halquist (1 guest)

Heidi Prescott (4 guests)

David & Anne Peterson (2 guests)

Corina Canitz (6 guests)

Mark Grzesiak (2 guests)

Marc Meiklejohn (1 guest)

Nancy And Perry Mueller (3 guests)

Peter Sepsis (2 guests)

Lavonne Grenlie (1 guest)

Shirley Denu (2 guests)

Joleen Tichelaar (1 guest)

Matt Meiklejohn (2 guests)

Robert Weyhmiller (1 guest)

Adrienne Krueger (5 guests)
We won't be able to make it to the end.

Kelly Di Giacinto (3 guests)

Beth Scalish (1 guest)

Mike, Mary Lou, Margaret Mary Serchen (3 guests)

Scott Zellner (1 guest)

Jennifer Dressler (5 guests)

Rebecca Krier (2 guests)

Diane Kotula (1 guest)

Annie Lettenberger (4 guests)
Jason, Annie, Jax and Brady

Rebecca Whelpley (3 guests)

Marv Wunder (2 guests)

Paradis Family (6 guests)

Cindy Borkenhagen (4 guests)

Cheryl Schiesl (1 guest)

Tracy Karrels (2 guests)
Paul, Tracy & Natalie

Ed Dominski (4 guests)
Ed, Cheryl, Caitlin & Claire

Chuck Compton (2 guests)

Chris Lehmann (1 guest)

Sherrie Lorbeck (1 guest)

Lynn & Dan Shannon (2 guests)

Kathy Bruhnke (2 guests)
Bernd and I (Kali cannot make it but will be there in spirit)

Sheila Schrieber (2 guests)

Margie Heyworth (2 guests)

Jackie Herington (4 guests)

Linda Johnson (1 guest)

Megan Meiklejohn (1 guest)

Jessica Schrieber (1 guest)

Trisha Smith (4 guests)

Janet & Bob Day (2 guests)

Irene Secora (2 guests)

Patty Polczynski (2 guests)

Mary Beyer (1 guest)

Nicki Shady (4 guests)

Stacey Nordmeyer (2 guests)

Joanna Feller (2 guests)

Ardyce Myhre (1 guest)

Muriel Otto (3 guests)

Lisa Nass (2 guests)

Polly Wozniak (3 guests)

Sharon Giessen (1 guest)

Jill Barney (1 guest)

Joy Knutson Czarnik (4 guests)

Mark Jill Severson (2 guests)

Gail Anklam (1 guest)

Jester Family (6 guests)

Reghan Guenther (4 guests)

Esther McKee (1 guest)

Ralph Patitucci (2 guests)

John Horner-Ibler (2 guests)

Jackie Hauser (1 guest)

Janice Stefferud (1 guest)

Ronna Paradowski (2 guests)

Debbie Riederer (2 guests)

Diana & David Koenen (2 guests)

Keith Crowder (2 guests)

Kevin Anderson (2 guests)

Holly Sorenson (2 guests)
and Doreen Brecheisen

Dan & Dot Rasmussen (2 guests)

Kristin Jolliff (5 guests)

Mallory Bullard (2 guests)

Margaret Hamm (3 guests)

Janice Johnson (6 guests)

John And Janet Cain (2 guests)

Jodi Gillitzer (1 guest)

Greg & Jeanne Bonk (2 guests)

Judy Kolstad (2 guests)
Judy Kolstad and Kathy Conrad

Sara Roemaat (4 guests)

Fonda Kapitan (2 guests)

Corina Canitz (6 guests)

Patricia Pelzel (5 guests)

Chris Nelson (1 guest)

Sarah Brown (2 guests)

Melissa Grabowski (4 guests)

Jeff Oldenburg (4 guests)

Katrina Bierce (2 guests)

Kenzie Reid (3 guests)

Cathy James (6 guests)
The James Family

Donna & Bob McCormack (2 guests)

David Schneider (2 guests)

Lynn & Jeff Key (2 guests)

Jenni Geske (6 guests)

Caroline DeBauche (5 guests)

Carole and Dennis Connor (2 guests)

JoAnne & Kevin Lamp plan to attend as well. They will NOT be there for the lunch but hoping to drop in during the celebration of JoAnn Tomm’s life.

Pete Hein (7 guests)

Melissa Bemus (3 guests)

Stephen Taipala (4 guests)

Katie Valdovinos (5 guests)

Anna Price (2 guests)

Deborah Nustad (3 guests)
Deborah, Sarah and Matthew Nustad (Sorry Tim and Alexander out of town)

Barb Meiklejohn (1 guest)

Kelley Gravenkamp (2 guests)

Rebecca Lawrence (1 guest)

Davida Kroepfl (3 guests)

Heather Williams (3 guests)

sally and eric thomas (2 guests)

Lisa Welch (4 guests)

Brian & Cindy Flynn (2 guests)

Brian And Becky Wickert (2 guests)

Susie Hilgart (2 guests)

Michael Hein (3 guests)

Paul & Peggy Patt (2 guests)

Rooney Family (4 guests)

Marilyn Ranney (4 guests)

Ann Hill (2 guests)
Jay & Ann Hill

Paula Hein (1 guest)

Jeff S. McBain (1 guest)

Charles Otis (2 guests)

Tami Miller (2 guests)

Jolene Epding (4 guests)

Nicole McCumber (4 guests)

terry peterson (2 guests)

Scott Bryson (2 guests)

Kent felzien (2 guests)

Nancy Kostanski (3 guests)

George Moore (2 guests)

Michelle Wilkins (2 guests)

Ronda Sodemann (2 guests)

Manda Ludwig (4 guests)

Caril Cairnd (2 guests)

Claire Tomm (4 guests)

Cheryl Caraulia (1 guest)

Cindy Ebenhoch (2 guests)

Pam Ulness (2 guests)

Julie Hoesly (2 guests)

Susie Sprecher (1 guest)

Peter Meiklejohn (1 guest)

John And Sharon Koeble (2 guests)

Melanie Varin (2 guests)

Barb Hegna (2 guests)

NO (7) +  

MAYBE (2) +