Lion King, Jr CAST Auditions

For each student 2nd-5th grade who wants to audition for CAST, please sign up for ONE SLOT PER STUDENT.  You only need to sign up for ONE DAY (there are multiple days of audition only to make sure there are enough slots for everyone).

Auditions will last from after school till 5pm each day.  Pick up will take place in front of the school.

Students must come to auditions prepared with ONE song and monologue.  Links provided for each.  Students may choose which song and which monolouge they want to perform.

Monolouge: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1PtmOWQp7tvYe_De8_AorNVaLFMAWIdnM

Song: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1YUGl2qaCxGaMhHoSm1uEwA4p1XhyJRPR

Students MUST come with the Audition Packet in hand: https://drive.google.com/open?id=14bphuR_ptSo1cMUe8zlQMdbTES8OSy3i



Created by:   CES Drama
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Date (mm/dd/yyyy CDT) Location Available Slot
(Tue. 2:40pm - 5:00pm)
Columbia Elemntary 

Cast Auditions (sign up siblings individually) (30)

Please include students name and grade in comment.

All slots filled
Stephanie Thompson
Megan Thompson, 2nd grade
Hannah Taylor
Thomas Taylor 2nd
Caroline Kaufman
Nadine Kaufman 5th grade
Jenay Plott
Alexis Plott 4th grade
Amy Mason
Maggie Mason 2nd Grade
Yvette Chilufya
Bella Chilufya 3rd
Felicia Ivey
Lucy Ivey 2nd
Katie Chatam
Abby Chatam (5th Grade)
Katie Chatam
Will Chatam (2nd Grade)
Angel Causey
Max Causey 5th
Angel Causey
Adeline Causey 4th
Eva Bryce
Mia Bryce, 5th
Kim Evans
Reagan Evans 4th
Lauren O’Donnell
Eleanor O’Donnell, 3rd grade
Mallory Nuzman
Grace Nuzman 4th
Mallory Nuzman
Madeline Nuzman 2nd
Bhuvaneswari Narayanan
Vedanth siva 2nd grade
Tamatha DiNoto
Angelina DiNoto
Katherine Pittman
Thomas Pittman (2nd)
Janah Williams
Ella Grace Williams-5th grade
Janah Williams
Savannah Williams-2nd grade
Sholonda Mason
Kayla Mason (5th grade)
Bridget Ishak
Ian Ishak 4th Grade
Nancy Hartfield
Joshua Hartfield 5th
Azza Elkandu
Salma Elmubarak 5th grade
Kamala Clay
Tatiyana clay 5th grade
Constance Fletcher
Journee Vaughn
Constance Fletcher
Janya vaughn
Ericka Bissett
Faithanne Bissett 5th
Rama Aditya
Avani Narayan 4th
(Wed. 2:40pm - 5:00pm)
Columbia Elementary 

Cast Auditions (sign up siblings individually) (30)

Please include students name and grade in comment.

All slots filled
Ana McCormick
Erabella McCormick 4th grade
Christine Rushton Rushton
Madalynn Rushton 4th
Rachel Schrandt
Sophia Schrandt 4th
Rachel Schrandt
Hannah Schrandt 2nd
Jenn Batchelor
Daisy Batchelor 4th grade
Allison Lingo
Gracie Lingo 4th grade
Lauren Larsen
Claire Larsen, 4th
Lauren Larsen
Ben Larsen, 2nd
Fathia Hardy
Malik Hardy 5th
Cheri Vu
Christabel Vu, 5th
Vanay Aquila
Sloan AquilA 4th grade
Anthony Howard
Leah Richardson-Howard
Julius Bone 5th
Amanda Kuepker
Kyleigh Kuepker- 4th grade
Michelle Campbell
Heather Campbell, 5th grade
Quincy Sorensen
Isaac Sorensen, 4th
Jennie Hernandez
Sofia Andersen
Mike Slaten
Oran Slaten 5th grade
Rachel Fraser
Hannah Fraser 5th grade
Brittne Parsons
Annabelle Parsons
Andrea Nation
Emilia Wingo
Courtney Horton
Carson Horton 5th grade
Neisha Magonigal
Meg Magonigal 5th grade
Neisha Magonigal
Russell Magonigal 2nd grade
Katie Silvey
Brody Silvey - 5th -Foust
Vanessa Walker
Alivia Urrutia 5th grade
Azza Elkandu
Salma Elmubarak second grade
Lauren Bourgeois
Korbin Bourgeois 2nd grade
Cassie Thompson
Zowie Thompson 5th
Awyana Barker
Kiersten Davis 4th grade
(Thu. 2:40pm - 5:00pm)
Columbia Elementary 

Cast Auditions (sign up siblings individually) (30)

Please include students name and grade in comment.

All slots filled
Tracey Pollard
Grace Pollard 4th
Casey Shell
Amelia Shell 2nd
Kristin Hartland
Zelaney Hartland
Nichole Sullenger
Kylie Sullenger 4th grade
LaShawn Gardner
Amiyah Cartwright (4th)
Kailie Smith
Ellie Jarrett 3rd
Joey Udas
Tessa Udas 4th
Mandy Mitchell
Everett Mitchell, 4th
Melanie Ellenburg
Claire Ellenburg - 5th
Melanie Ellenburg
Piper Ellenburg - 3rd
Melanie Ellenburg
Sophie Ellenburg - 3rd
Dallas Harper-Staub
Zaylah Harper-Staub 3rd
Kristine Clark
Isabella Clark 4th
Anlan Zhao
Stella Guo 4th grade
Seiko Mori
Sarah Mori, Ms. Renee Graham 2nd
Karen Jump
Leah 4
Tanya Stringer
Shiloh Stringer - 4th grade
Tanya Stringer
Jude Stringer - 3rd grade
Summer Williams
Maribeth Williams, 4th
Tiffany Colquett
Brooklyn Colquett 4
Winnie Parish
Jennifer Parish, 5th grade
Debbie Bones
Aerith Bones 5th Grade
Destinie Savant
Sophie Savant - 4th grade
April Clark
Evie Clark 2
Karla Greene
Isabella Greene/ 3rd grade
Natasha Hamill
Ivana Hamill 4th
Janene Frye
Lanie Frye (3rd grade)
Caneeka Miller
Scott Miller III, 3rd grade, Tate
Shai Lee
Shai Lee 4
Tawana Young
Kyle Bender 5th grade

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