Legacy Church

Southern Home Cooking Midyear Vision Potluck

God is up to something special at Legacy and we believe He is only getting started. Join us for an incredible meal and an even better opportunity to pray and dream about what's next.

Step by Step Instructions:

  1. Check Sign Up box for RSVP Family Attendance
  2. Check Sign Up box for Birth-Kindergarten Childcare if needed
  3. Check the appropriate Sign-up box if you would like to contribute your favorite southern home cooking dish to our dinner table
  4. Once all Sign Up selections have been made, click Submit and Sign Up button on bottom of page.
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      • Number of children needing childcare
    • Please share what you are bringing in the Comment Box if providing food
    • Please provide the names and ages of children signed up for childcare Under Additional Info if applicable
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Questions - contact Susan Gibson at [email protected]


Are RSVPs required for the potluck?

Although your RSVP is not required, it is necessary to ensure we have enough food for everyone.  Please Sign Up to enter your attendance whether you contribute your favorite southern home cooking dish to our dinner table or not.

What's for dinner? 

The best southern home cooking dishes this side of the Mississippi from our Legacy Church family. 

May I still take part if I don't contribute a dish?

Absolutely!! There will be plenty for everyone. We have some great cooks in our church and anticipate a delicious dinner, but the most important part of the night will be celebrating God's faithfulness and hearing our pastors share the vision for where God is leading us next!

Will childcare be provided?

Childcare will be provided for birth through Kindergarten. Please make your childcare reservations by noon on May 29. Children will have dinner in their rooms.

Date: 06/02/2019 (Sun.)

Time: 5:00pm - 6:30pm CDT

Location: Legacy Hall (a.k.a. Fellowship Hall)

Created by:   Susan Gibson
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RSVP Attendance, Childcare Needs, and Sign Up Options

RSVP Family Attendance

Please check this Sign Up Box. Update QTY on the next page to enter your family attendance, including yourself and excluding children in childcare.

124 slots filled - more available
Kimberly Blain (4)
Patsy Weinberg (3)
Michele Gibson (2)
Justin Foster (2)
Kelly Johnson (2)
Paul Johnson
Alethea Crossman (4)
Ashley Hopson (2)
Hannah Groombridge (2)
Lori Price (2)
Audra Jannetto (2)
Phillip and Audra Jannetto
Stacy Rickey
Patty Parker (3)
Heather Countryman (6)
Amber Wing (4)
Casey Dugas
Jan Barber (2)
Craig and Jan Barber
Kirsten Floyd (2)
Lori Zettler (4)
Darla Koelewyn (2)
Lindsey Boyd (4)
Claudia Eckert (2)
Corn bread
Janet Hecker (2)
Kirk Gentzel (2)
Janelle Kjoelen (2)
Samantha Skelton (4)
Chicken and biscuits
Brooke Clark (2)
Andrea Krause (4)
Melissa & Stanley Hailey (2)
Leslie McGill (2)
Carolyn Martin
Green bean casserole
Elaine Jones (2)
Jaime Oliver
Emily James (2)
Jonathan and Emily James
Pam Lee
Elizabeth Bahrenburg (2)
Beginning to attend soon!
Billie Byrd (2)
Allie Cox (2)
Dustin Chappell
Jon Brannin
Fried Chicken
LT Malone
Amy Grigson (4)
Natalie Wash (3)
Barbara Mobley (2)
Kimberly McLeroy (2)
Tracy Cardwell (4)
Ashley Vinson (4)
Kristen Bernard
Kristen bernard
Linda Smith (2)
Mark Smith
Sarah Morris
Either Richie or I will be there, other will be at Nat's softball game.
Terri&Ken Vollbrecht (2)
Anne Newman (2)
Dixie Rorem (2)
Heather Clay (3)

Birth-Kindergarten Childcare. Childcare registration is due by noon on Wednesday, May 29th.

Please check this Sign Up box for childcare reservations. Update QTY on the next page to indicate the number of childcare reservations needed.

26 slots filled - more available
Kimberly Blain (2)
Rebecca Blain,4,and Caleb Blain,2
Michele Gibson (3)
Gray 5, Gwen 3, Ginny 3
Ashley Hopson (3)
Cooper (6) Hudson (3) Kenzie (1)
Hannah Groombridge
Kenton 5
Audra Jannetto (2)
Piper and Finley Jannetto
Patty Parker (2)
Devin (4) and Charlee (6)
Kirsten Floyd (2)
Judah (2), Parker (5 months)
Lindsey Boyd
Kirk Gentzel (2)
Samantha Skelton (2)
JJ McLeod
Emily James (2)
James kids
Elizabeth Bahrenburg
It's my toddler's 1st time!
Allie Cox
Henry (1)
Natalie Wash

I will bring a Southern-Style Main Dish (fried chicken, country fried steak, chicken & dumplings, biscuits & gravy, meatloaf, pot roast, one-pan dish, etc) (50)

You can add a comment on the next page to tell us what you would like to bring. Please bring serving utensils if able.

14 of 50 slots filled
Gail Harlin
pulled BBQ chicken
Michele Gibson
Mini meatloafs
Stacy Rickey
Heather Countryman
Pot Roast
Marshall Parker
Biscuits & Gravy
Lindsey Boyd
baked chicken
Melissa & Stanley Hailey
CFS sliders
JJ McLeod
Fried Chicken
Emily James
Elizabeth Bahrenburg
Bring Cutlery. Napkins?
Samantha Skelton
Chicken and Biscuits
Jon brannin
Fried Chicken
Linda Smith
Fried Chicken
Dixie Rorem
Chicken Pot Pie

I will bring a Savory Side (green beans, hashbrown casserole, mashed potatoes & gravy, fried okra, black eyed peas, salads, mac & cheese, corn on the cob, coleslaw, casseroles, etc) (40)

You can add a comment on the next page to tell us what you would like to bring. Please bring serving utensils if able.

16 of 40 slots filled
Kelly Johnson
Mac and Cheese
Alethea Crossman
Southern Green Beans
Ashley Hopson
Hashbrown casserole
Audra Jannetto
Mac & Cheese
Heather Countryman
Mashed potatoes
Casey Dugas
Scallop Potatoes
Janet Hecker
Deviled Eggs
Brooke Clark
Mac and cheese
Melissa & Stanley Hailey
Pam Lee
Tossed Salad
Allie Cox
Corn casserole
Carolyn Martin
Green Bean Casserole
Olivia Weinberg
Green salad
Tracy Cardwell
green salad
Kristen Bernard
Green bean casserole
Linda Smith
Southwestern Corn Bake

I will bring Biscuits, Muffins & Bread (biscuits, yeast rolls, corn bread, etc) (10)

You can add a comment on the next page to tell us what you would like to bring.

9 of 10 slots filled
Kimberly Blain
Cornbread muffins
Alethea Crossman
Crescent Rolls
Heather Countryman
Yeast Rolls
Claudia Eckert
Corn bread
Kirk Gentzel
Elaine Jones
yeast rolls
Billie Byrd (2)
Black eyed peas and cornbread
Sarah Morris
hawaiian rolls

I will bring a Country Sweets (cobbler, pecan pie, apple pie, baked apple dumplin', chocolate cake, etc) (15)

You can add a comment on the next page to tell us what you would like to bring. Please bring serving utensils if able.

All slots filled
Patsy Weinberg
Texas Sheet Cake
Hannah Groombridge
Banana Pudding
Lori Price
Apple pie
Heather Countryman
Peaches and Cream Pie
Amber Wing
BlackBerry cobbler
Jan Barber
Cake Balls
Kirsten Floyd
Lindsey Boyd
strawberry cake
Andrea Krause
Janelle Kjoelen
Amy Grigson
Peach Dump Cake
Natalie Wash
Barbara Mobley
Peach cobbler
Tommy Snow
something sweet?
Heather Clay
Apple strudel pies

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