Giving Project

The Giving Project 2019

Please RSVP here to come to the Giving Project on May 30. 

This is a pot luck dinner, so please sign up to bring something for everyone to share. 

Date: 05/30/2019 (Thu.)

Time: 6:00pm - 8:00pm EDT

Location: Brown Middle School

Created by:   Freya Hurwitz

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Entree - Please note if you're bringing an entree
  3 slots filled - more available
Helen Scarr
Veggie Lasagna
Susan Sayers
pasta dish
Beth Lehman
Chicken tortilla casserole
Side Dish - Please note if you're bringing a side dish
  5 slots filled - more available
Freya Hurwitz (2)
Caesar salad
Sara Azzam
Not sure what I'm bringing yet
Visda (Kianoush) Saeyan Ovici
Dolmeh, grape leaves stuffing
Shirley Wang
Dessert - Please note if you're bringing a dessert
  3 slots filled - more available
Becky Cohen
Grace Perez-Lirio
Emma Gardiner
First one. I am looking forward to this.
Paper goods (5)
Responses:     Yes: 12     No: 0     Maybe: 1    

Guest Count:    Confirmed: 29     Maybe: 2

YES (12) -  

Beth Lehman (3 guests)

Susan Sayers (5 guests)

Emma Gardiner (2 guests)

Robert Conron (2 guests)

Shirley Wang (3 guests)

Visda (Kianoush) Saeyan Ovici (3 guests)

Dr. Afsoon M (2 guests)

Sindy Wayne (1 guest)

Sara Azzam (2 guests)

Freya Hurwitz (2 guests)

Helen Scarr (3 guests)

Becky Cohen (1 guest)
I love this event!

MAYBE (1) +