North Georgia Walk To Emmaus

King's Retreat Group Projects

During this time of pandemic isolation, we still need many projects done at King's Retreat. Would you and your family or Reunion Group please consider taking on a project listed below. The projects can be done on YOUR schedule, as long as it can be coordinated with Gwen Hamill (770-855-6499) or the Facilities Board to make the facility available to you.  

While we have SOME supplies on hand, there are some projects where we are hoping you can step up and provide. 

Created by:   North Georgia Emmaus, Chrysalis, Face To Face Community

Available Slot

Mower Shed Behind Kitchen: Replace Doors

Replace the double doors on the shed that holds the mowers. Needed: new doors and door hardware


Mower Shed Behind Kitchen: Replace Trim

Replace the trim around the door of the shed containing the mowers. Needed: new wood trim


Mower Shed Behind Kitchen: Paint the shed

Paint the shed, doors and trim of shed that contains the mowers - paint can be supplied.


Propane Tank: Clean

Clean the propane tank next to the White House


Water Heater Shed: Replace/repair door frame

Replace/Repair door frame. Needed: new wood trim


Water Heater Shed: Paint new trim

Paint new trim around door - paint can be supplied


Storage Shed (behind White House): Check flooring stability

Check and secure if necessary, flooring in shed behind WH


Storage Shed (behind WH): Sand Shed

Sand shed behind WH in prep for painting


Storage Shed (behind WH): Paint the Shed

Paint shed after prepped, sanded and caulked


Storage Shed (behind WH): Caulk windows, doors and floor

Caulk and seal as best as possible, shed behind White House


Storage Shed (behind WH): Paint metal roof

Prep and paint the metal roof of the shed behind WH


Storage Shed (behind WH): Clean interior

Clean interior of the shed behind the white house


Storage Shed (behind WH): Add step outside to enter shed

Add step(s) outside to allow safe access into shed behind white house


Storage Shed (behind WH): Trim back trees and brush

Cut back trees and brush around the shed behind white house


Metal Shed: Paint

Paint roof and exterior - paint is supplied


Trailer: Sand & Paint

Sand & Paint trailer near white house - needs metal paint


Trailer:Clean interior

Clean the interior of the trailer near white house


Trailer: Build step

Create wood step for entry to trailer by white house - pressure treated wood needed.


Trailer: Trim trees around trailer

Trim trees & brush around backend of trailer near white house


Firepit: Clean area

Clean up the area around the firepit, throw away trash and rotten wood


Loading Dock Landscaping: Level and clean

Level and clean debris around loading dock area


Loading Dock Landscaping: Add topsoil & grass

Add topsoil and sod/grass (approx. 15’ diameter) - sod and soil needed


A&B Restroom double doors: repair soffit

Repair soffit outside double doors of conference bathrooms - soffit materials needed


A&B Restroom double doors: caulk & paint

Caulk & paint repaired soffit area - paint and caulk needed


Dumpster: Assist with installing metal enclosure

Assist Dave Wilkins with installing metal enclosure - labor needed


Outside Mountain Top: Cleanup

Cleanup yard area and throw away trash around Mountain Top door


Outside Mountain Top: Fill bare areas

Fill in area with grass or landscaping bark - bark or sod needed


Inside Jobs - day 1: Air vents

Remove all ‘Return Air Vents’ and take to Dave Wilkins (Dave will clean)


Inside Job - day 2: Air Vents

Paint, reinstall all cleaned ‘Return Air Vents’. Metal spray paint needed

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