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Arete Charter Academy 2021-2022

Winter NWEA Math and AR Reading Assessments 2021-2022

Feel free to ignore this if you only have TK/K/1 kiddos who do not read yet. Reading first graders will get a separate email with directions on how to take the Early STAR AR. Second grade parents, we will be able to have the math test read to them this time (Yeah) and your kiddo should take the Early Star AR if they are not reading yet!

It's that time to start scheduling the second round of NWEA and AR Testing for the 2021-2022 school year. (CAASP Testing is still on the State schedule for May). Second-Eighth Grade will need to take the STAR AR test (This can be done from home anytime between Monday, November 15 and Friday, December 3. Second-Eighth Grade will need to take the NWEA Math test (This can also be done from home, but you have to sign up for a Distance Testing slot in order to get the Zoom link emailed to you.) On November 29, we will offer in person testing in the morning and Zoom testing in the afternoon. We will offer two in-person testing sessions on November 30. On December 2 we will offer in person testing in the morning and Zoom testing in the afternoon. If your child comes to the Arete Resource Center for our two day a week Hybrid Program, please sign them up for a slot on their day. If they come to the Blended Middle School, please do not sign them up. They will test in their classrooms on November 30th.

Students can take the STAR AR test anytime between November 15-December 3 at home by clicking here. STAR AR They click on "I'm a Student"  and enter their AR/Gmail username and password. They will then click on the blue "Star Reading" on the left. 

The link is also on the Arete website under "Student Links".

If you have a busy schedule, please sign up early. If your child has an Arete Chromebook checked out to them, please charge and have them bring it with them. If they need to check one out from us, please come 10 minutes early to check it out so the kiddos can be logged in and ready when the testing session starts.

ALL 2-8th grade parents should sign their kiddos up for one of the testing slots. Only the Blended Middle School will complete these assessments during their regular resource center time. As always, please email [email protected] with questions! Thanks!

Created by:   Sarah Schwartz
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Date (mm/dd/yyyy) Location Time (PST) Available Slot
11/29/2021 (Mon.) Arete Resource Center  9:00am - 11:30am  

In Person Testing (32)

18 of 32 slots filled
Sabreena Ballinger
Olivia Ballinger
Stephanie Trotter
William Allbright
Mandee Tatro
Phoenix Tatro
Kaathlyn Connor (2)
Chiana McCrea and Erik Connor
Emili Reynolds
Zya Sassman
Jolene Hardin
Jossalin Ross
Lysa Wilson
Judah Wilson
Aimee OBrien
Mason OBrien
Janene Shrable
Delilah Prettyman
Janene Shrable
Landen Shrable
Aaron Baker
Bella Baker
Aaron Baker
Isabella Baker
Mackenzie Morgan
Grayson Morgan
Toni Smith
Kayleann Aguilar
Robert Garcia
Robert Garcia
Mandee Tatro
Phoenix Tatro
Arete Charter Academy  12:00pm - 2:00pm  

Zoom Testing (32)

29 of 32 slots filled
Elizabeth Schissel
Luke Foster
Lora Sutton (2)
Savannah and Nicholas Sutton
Angela Allbright
Aaron Aguirre
Mari Abelar
Ryder Abelar
Erin Fagundes
Ryanne Fagundes
Jennifer Keim
Summer Keim
Abbee Fischer (3)
Myles, Paxton and Marydith Fischer
Elizabeth Laframboise
Bella Laframboise
Kelly Dixon
Gabriel Dixon
Ashley Patch
Kylie Patch
Ronan Cecil
Bradley Miller (2)
Judah and Lucas miller
Bar Adam (2)
Anael olesker / Ben olesker
Michelle Ventura
Norah Ventura
Kerri Fulton (2)
Fiona and Clara Fulton
Christine Swisher (3)
Dexter, Charlotte, Georgia Swisher
Shari LeMonnier
Roshan LeMonnier
Chelsea Rigel (2)
Graham and Brayden Rigel
Angela Van Valkenburg
Jade Clark
Katie James
Sawyer James
11/30/2021 (Tue.) Arete Resource Center  9:00am - 11:30am  

In Person Testing (32)

18 of 32 slots filled
Nicole Brown
Haley Brown
Krystal Moyer
Allie Moyer
Susie Bell
Julia Bell
Megan Clemens
Zinnia Merrill
Dana Behlmer
Jamieson Behlmer
Dana Behlmer
Julianna Behlmer
Caitlin Sullivan
Alina hill
Stephanie Chandler
Abbie Chandler
Lori Long
Eli Long
Stephanie Trotter
Zachary Allbright
Leo Carrillo
Leo carrillo
Aimee Obrien
Sagen obrien
Sarah Alani
Kaitlin Alani
Kally Lunde (2)
Blaze and Knight Parmenter
Gail Begany
Eddie McLaughlin
Kiley Armstrong (2)
Katelyn Armstrong
Arete Charter Academy  12:00pm - 2:00pm  

In Person Testing (32)

10 of 32 slots filled
Wendy Quist
Abby Quist
Melissa Fore (2)
Kaylee and Makenna Fore
Patti Lloyd (2)
Jayda Lloyd, Kaycee Lloyd
Lauren Whiting
Taitum whiting
Kelly Ensign (2)
Cade and Kylie Ensign
Danielle Champeau
Raven Holt
Deanna Summer
Kali Alvarado
12/02/2021 (Thu.) Arete Charter Academy  9:00am - 11:30am  

In Person Testing (32)

9 of 32 slots filled
Amy Packard
Jane Packard
Kaytie Ettlin
Paisley Ettlin
Caitlin Sullivan
Alina hill
Kayla Busselle
Jaxon Withrow
Georgia Schiele Health & Wellness Wellness
Edrea Schiele
Nicole Brown
Haley Brown
Jon Nelson
Audrina, Morgen Nelson
Talia Sowell
Henry Sowell
Jim & Tess Kirstine
Kaileigh kirstine
12:00pm - 2:00pm  

Distance Testing via Zoom (39)

All slots filled
Elvira Stark
Drake Stark
Melissa Fore
Brielle Fore
Kayla Thompson
Sierra thompson
Kristy Dayton
Kalindi Dayton
Hannah Heuseveldt
Cora Heuseveldt
Emily Adams
Abby Adams
Kirsten Bethancourt
Jack Bethancourt
Katie Starr
Brooklyn Starr
Jodi Porter
Alyssa Porter
Stephanie Chandler (3)
Angelina, Joe, Lexie Chandler
Lauren Whiting
Taitum whiting
Cole Cecil
Alyise Temores (2)
Anna & Manny Temores
Kaytlin Ettlin
Paisley Ettlin
Kathryn Leach
Nick Leach
Amanda Jackson
Wyatt Jackson
Meghan Burt
EJ Cortez
Caley Miele-Evans
Aramina Evans
Carissa Chapman
Acacius Sputhe
Nancy Walker
Tripp and Walter Walker
Lindsey Gibson (2)
Trever Gibson, Jediah Gibson
Cinnamon Danielson
Jedi Danielson
Lisa Finn (2)
Aubrey Browne and Lexie Finn
Brody Robinson
Christy Hodges
Jaylynn Hodges
Joy Garner
Jade Smith
Alana Fowler
Fowler Girls
Lora Sutton
Sutton Sibs
Robert Garcia
Robert Garcia
Ava Nightingale Peel
Wendy Quist
Abby Quist
Christy Neswick
Dominik Neswick
Charlotte's Mom- Amy Brown
Hudson Brown
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