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Raleigh Little Theatre

Jungle Book Auditions

Auditions for Jungle Book at Raleigh Little Theatre

Auditions: Monday, January 27, and Tuesday, January 28, in the Sutton Theatre. 6:30 pm check-in, 7:00 pm auditions. There will be a group audition before individual monologues so please check in by 7:00 pm.

Callbacks: Wednesday, January 29, at 7:00 pm in the Gaddy-Goodwin Teaching Theatre.

The cast list will be posted on Monday February 3. Please check the cast list even if not called back. Not everyone who is cast may be called back.

Rehearsals: The first company meeting and costume measurements tentatively set for Tuesday February 4 at 7:00pm. We will be rehearsing weeknight evenings and weekend afternoons depending on cast member conflicts.

This production is an ensemble show by nature, so it is important that you can attend as many rehearsals as possible, even the early ones. The number of conflicts will be a factor in casting. Please list ALL conflicts in your conflict calendar – we will do our best to schedule rehearsals around people’s conflicts. As a result, additional conflicts given after casting will not be accepted.

Tech rehearsals: Saturday & Sunday March 14-15

Preview: Thursday March 19

Opening: Friday March 20

Performances: March 20-22, 25-29, April 3-5 in the Gaddy-Goodwin Teaching Theatre. Please consult the conflict calendar for all important dates. There are two student matinees at 10:00 am and 12:30 pm on Wednesday March 25 for which you will need to take time off from school or work. There is a Sensory Friendly Performance at 1:00 pm on Saturday April 4.

Cast List: Posted on Monday February 3rd. Please check even if not called back. Not everyone who is cast may be called back.  

Questions about auditions? Contact Judy Dove at [email protected]

About the show

Mowgli grows up believing he’s as fierce a wolf as any of the members of his pack. When he learns he is actually a human, he must discover how to reconcile these very different identities. In this action-packed adaptation of the classic adventure story, Mowgli must decide whether to remain with the pack or return to the human world from which he was born.

About the roles

The characters in Jungle Book are animals with the exception of MESSUA and 11 year old MOWGLI. All roles are open. We are looking for actors ages 11 and up. Roles have gender flexibility unless otherwise noted.  Please note: the production team is looking for a diverse company of actors for this production; this means all diversity: age, race, gender, disability etc.  Please, come audition!

KITES (3) a chorus of eagle-like birds who uphold the Laws of the Jungle. They are the embodiment of the god Vishnu (a Hindu deity whose role is to protect humans and to restore order to the world). For these roles, we are looking for dancers or excellent movers, including wheelchair mobility.

FATHER WOLF – raises Mowgli; kind and strong.

MOTHER WOLF – raises Mowgli; loving and fiercely protective.

WOLF CUB – a young wolf; Mowgli’s younger sister or brother.

WOLVES (2) – other members of the pack.

TABAQUI – the jackal who acts as Shere Khan’s servant. Two-faced, mad, and cunning.

SHERE KHAN – the tiger who will stop at nothing to get Mowgli. Power-hungry, he wants justice for missing his kill. 

AKELA – Leader of the wolf pack. She is ancient and intelligent.

BALOO, the bear who teaches Mowgli the Laws of the Jungle. Emotional, slow to anger, lazy, and wise.

BAGHEERA – the black panther, friend to Mowgli and Baloo. Slick, intelligent, feared by many.

MOWGLI, the boy who has been raised by wolves. Defiant, sweet, loyal, brash, coming of age.

MONKEYS (FUNKY, CHEEKY, and TROUT) – foolish, chattering, imitative, star-struck, nervous, and excitable. Looking for excellent movers with some gymnastic ability.

KAA – a wise, saucy, old snake. Helps Baloo and Bagheera confront the monkey folk.

MESSUA – a woman of the village who tries to communicate with Mowgli. Must be able to improvise communication in gibberish.

*Please indicate on your audition form if you are a skilled gymnast or dancer, or play a traditional folk instrument of India.




Created by:   Patrick Torres
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Date (mm/dd/yyyy EST) Available Slot
(Mon. 7:00pm - 10:00pm)

Monday Group

34 slots filled - more available
Hayley Minter
Lily Kays
Calyn Disbrow
Aliza Schrage
Kendal Goins
Ivy Connell
Colin Handlon
Monkeys audition - intermediate/skilled gymnast
Tessa Toomey
Ann Marie McDermott
auditioning for Mother Wolf, Tabaqui, Akela, Bagheera, Kaa, and Messua
Mason Miller
Valerie Pymento
Pamela Alberda
Acting, dancing and puppetry experience.
richard harvatin
Miana White
Sadie Grider
Lauryn Sanders
Tyler Reilly
Jurnee Tabron
Arianna Whitley
Nadia Wilson
Zachary Taylor
Cody Vinson
Elijah Wolcott
Juanda Holley
Interested in Akela or Messua- Mobility issues
Patrick Schoaff
Michael Lamont
Drew Sarratt
Kathryn Jones
Caroline Jones
Lorraine Inman
Gabrielle Bretz
Karina Prut
Danielle Lesane
Changing audition date from Tuesday to Monday
Aishia Denton
(Tue. 7:00pm - 10:00pm)

Tuesday Group

33 slots filled - more available
Kevin Schaefer
Addy Mulvey-Rose
Ava Gaudet
Amelia Silberman
Isabella Zimmermann
Madeleine Wares
Mackenzie Hicks
Katie Andrews
Jake Sampson
Coy Henderson IV
Whitney Serauskas
Dawn Ducoste
Valerie Pymento
Hannah Cox
Jennifer Daly
Zoe Reams
Tremayne Goff
Mario Martinez
Beverly Marriott
Hayden Hawkes
Christian Riley
Taylor Aldridge
Noelle Arpea
Laniya Bogan
Experience: Acting, dancing, singing, piano, guitar
Jessica LaGoy
Danielle Lesane
Jurnee Tabron
changing from Mon to Tues
Milton Costen (2)
Michael Bond/Milton Costen
Samantha Boyd
Acting/theater/dance/singing experience, gymnastics ability
Margaret Fuchs
Acting/theater/dance/singing experience, gymnastics ability
Valerie Pymento
Lillian Fuchs
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