FIndley Oaks

Field Day 2018

First, let me say thank you for volunteering for Field Day! We have an exciting day planned for the students, and its success would not be possible without you. Every year is a special one, with the fifth graders having their last real Field Day and the kindergartners having their first!

If you would like to volunteer, please select a time slot that you are available. There will be a hospitality room with fresh fruit, granola bars, soda, and water. Lunch will also be provided for those who volunteer for both sessions.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Mrs. Paulk at [email protected]. I will respond as quickly as possible. Again, thank you for your commitment and your time!


The PE Department

Date: 05/18/2018 (Fri.)

Location: Findley Oaks Playground

Created by:   Jana Paulk
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Available Slot Time (EDT)

Shift #1: 8:45 - 10:45

8:45am - 10:45am

47 slots filled - more available
Christina Wolpers
Lidar Adar
Chaitali Nadkarni
Rose-Anne Schmidt
Liz E
Patti Montgomery
Debbie Hoffman
Christina Schuermann
Debbie Stazak
Amanda Dewis
Todd Stills
Yumi Yamazaki
Looking forward to it!
Dan Rosen
Rob Montgomery
Gina Tsiropoulos
Evelyn Sanchez
Wendy Mckloskey
Paula Braun
Denise Bissonnette (2)
and David Bissonnette
Kristen Traynor
John Zhang
Sanjay Mistry
Tselan Kunian
John Gaffney
Benu Santosh
Alessandra Sartini
Kim Kennedy
Julia Wolf
Chad McCloud
Jon Gamble
Alessandra Sartini
Michael Francisco
Lisa Boggs (2)
Farin Yackira
Kelby McMahon
Hayli Stallings (2)
Hayli & Nathan
Matt Lipp
Bill Grice
Jennifer Meredith
Yongjun Geng
Stuart Novoselsky
marcy wasilewski
I am Sohan and Sunand De’s grandmother. I can only stay until 10:15 because I have to leave for the airport.
Lauren Brown
Shraddha Satghare

ALL DAY: 8:45 - 1:45

8:45am - 1:45pm

36 slots filled - more available
Eowynn's Mom - Kelly Miller
Jennifer Pendergrass
Matthew Wolpers
Silvia Revilla
Haomin Wang
Matthew Shaw
William Rich
Vishuchi Patell
Miso Portillo (2)
Natalie Arnette
Theresa Heilman
Beth Englert
I’ll be there after I drop my youngest off at preschool! It should be 9:30/45am
Beth Louche
Jodi Champney
Albert Urshansky
Vidya Rangaswamy
Claudia Gargurevich
Cris Sooter
Urmil Parekh
Molly Fike
suzee sullivan schwartz
Vijaya Naidu
Joanne Bowerman
Marni Phon
Nancy McGeever
Icha Cantero
Francesca & Valentino's mom
Mona Shamma
Adam Daniele’s mom
Courtney Francisco
Jaime Glazed
Michelle Park
Bianca Levis
Guohui Zhao
Andrea Breslin
Liam Breslin
Bill Ryan
Debbie Hoffman

Shift #2: 11:45 - 1:45

11:45am - 1:45pm

18 slots filled - more available
Jessica Stokes
Tanja Werner
Nancy DeBinder
Be there at 12:00
Rebecca Ciccarelli
Ruchi Agarwal
Tanya Troupe
Tanya Troupe - Dayne and Daina's mom
Melissa Pyne (2)
Greg and Melissa Pyne
Lydia Gidrich
Anand Banka
Anand Banka
John Vinh
Kristi Vervack
Braden Turner
Lin Song
Inbar Fridman
Ketki G
Marc De Beer
Monique Kelly
If possible, could I split half my time w/PK and 3rd grade?

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