Women's Group

Women's Group Shabbat 5779

I'm excited to invite you to our 5779 Women's Shabbat! Looking to the future - ATID - is the theme of this year's Torah Fund Pin and our CBD Women's Shabbat.  Let's consider how we can grow our Shabbat spirituality and participation in the future?  Perhaps you might think about learning how to lead something new?  Or bringing in your daughters, grand-daughters, nieces, or friends to do so?  If you want some help to learn something new, please don't hesitate to ask.  

Looking forward to davening with you,


Date: 01/19/2019 (Sat.)

Time: 9:30am - 1:30pm PST

Location: CBD - Sanctuary

Created by:   iris bendahan
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MC: Call pages and people

iris bendahan
Iris Bendahan

Birkhot HaShahar

Pg 2 (Ma Tovu to Chassidic melody)

Marian Concus
I know the Klepper melody, but not a Hassidic melody. would you like me to lead Ma Tovu?

Shokhen Ad

Pg 336 (Yishtabakh to Noah Aronson melody)

iris bendahan

Hatzi Kaddish

Pg 338

iris bendahan


pg 340

Iris Bendahan
Zoe Handelsman

Shma & Blessings

Pgs 340 - 352 (Mi Kamokha to Debbie Friedman)

Angela Schuller
Shma, V'ahavta

V'ahavta in English


Angela Schueller


Pgs 354 - 364 (Sefatai Tiftah to Noah Aronson melody; Oseh Shalom to Nava Tehilah melody)

iris bendahan

Kaddish Shalem

Pg 392

iris bendahan

Torah Service - Beginning (3)

Pgs 394 - 398 (Be Ana Rahetz to Craig Taubman melody)

1 of 3 slots filled
Laurie Matzkin

Open Ark (2)

All slots filled
Ruth Bareket
Carol Cassell

Carry Torah

Lori Passett

Calling Gabbait

Training available!

Monique Alexander

Pointing Gabbait

Training available!

iris bendahan

Mini intro to Torah Portion

Laurie Matzkin

Aliyah 1

Susie Weitzman

Reading #1

Be'shalah 14:26-15:21

iris bendahan

Aliyah 2

Save for congregant - Levi

Congregant Aliyah

Reading #2

B'shalah 15:22-26

Sharoan Jeung

Aliyah 3

Barb Green

Reading #3

B'shalah 15:27-16:10

Barbara Biran

Aliyah 4

iris bendahan

Reading #4

B'shalah 16:11-27

Barbara Biran

Aliyah 5

Emily Gannes

Reading #5

B'shalah 16:28-36

Davida Adelberg

Aliyah 6

Miriam Marr

Reading #6

B'shalah 17:1-7

Miri Volinsky
Michal Volinsky

MiSheberakh (2)

Lisa Levine melody

All slots filled
Judy Holtzman
Marjorie Alpert

Aliyah 7

Judith Krongold

Reading #7

B'shalah 17:8-16

Judith Krongold

Maftir Aliyah

Reserved for Person that chants the Haftarah

Jaymee Alpert

Maftir Reading

B'shalah 17:14-16

Wendy Askenas


Lifts the Scroll

Marian Concus


Dresses the Scroll

Hindy Ganeles

Mini intro to Haftara Portion

Robin D. Penn


B'shalah: Judges 4:4 - 5:31

Jaymee Alpert

Prayer for Our Country (English)

Pg 415

Vivian Herman

Prayer for Israel - English

Pg 417

Bonnie Hisch

Avinu Sh'bashamayim (Prayer for Israel in Hebrew)

Pg 416 (Sol Zim melody)

Judy Holtzman

Prayer for Peace (English)

pg 417

Ginny Baird

Mevarkhim HaHodesh

Not this year..



Pg 420

Marjorie Alpert
Hopefully Maya!

Y'hallelu thru Etz Hayim (3)

Pgs 422 - 426 - can be 1 person or split into 3 parts (Etz Hayim to Tanchum Portnoy melody)

1 of 3 slots filled
Merav Tzori

Carry Torah

Andrea Ammerman

Close Ark (2)

All slots filled
Sharon Horovitz
Erin Handelsman
Erin Handelsman


Vivian Golub
Iris I would be happy to do the stash. Perhaps you can tell me when would be a good time to consult with you

Hatzi Kaddish

Rama Strod

Musaf Amidah (2)

All slots filled
Lori Passett
Rama Strod
Gevurot, Kedusha, Oseh Shalom?

Kaddish Shalem

Carmel Shenhav

Lead Kiddush/Netilat/HaMotzi from Bima

Ilana Baird

Birkat HaMazon

pg 754-768 (to Debbie Friedman melody)



Bring to CBD by Friday morning. Label if Dairy, Pareve or GF.

All slots filled
Lisa Kravitz
Dori Jaraslow
Irene Swedroe
Barb Green (2)
Bubkah cake
Bonnie Hirsch
Barbara Goldstein (2)
One will be Gluten free
Emily Gannes
Can I bring the cake on Friday after Talmud?
Dorit Tzori

Greeter 9:20 - 10:30 (3)

Smile and help as needed

All slots filled
Irene Swedroe
Cathy Beyda
Rachel Abramovitz

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