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San Francisco Recreation and Parks

Earth Month Volunteer Event at Herons Head Park with One Tree Planted

Please join One Tree Planted and the San Francisco Recreation and Parks Department for a special habitat restoration project at Heron's Head Park. This project coincides with the arrival of bird nesting season.

Activities will include invasive weed removal, mulching, tree stump placement, and trash removal. This project is helping revitalize our weathered outdoor classroom, nicknamed "The Stomping Ground”. This space is used year-round to educate youth about biodiversity, social and environmental justice, and the importance of preserving our open spaces for our collective benefit. Therefore, this project is helping build community and at the same time, maintain the integrity of our wild grasslands for future use by our youth and the migrating birds that depend on it.

COVID SAFETY: All volunteers must remain masked and at least a 6ft distance from everyone else at all times during the project. No sharing of any food or drink during the event as well. Please wash/sanitize hands frequently or after contact with public surface.

IMPORTANT: Dogs must always remain on a leash and on the trails. If you would like your dog to play off leash, take your dog to the dog run area located next to the parking lot. Dogs ARE NOT ALLOWED in our volunteer work site due to the sensitive habitat and nesting birds.

This RSVP is not complete until the online waivers (adult and youth) are completed.

Adult Waiver Link: http://bit.ly/sfrpdvolunteerwaiver  

Youth Waiver Link: http://bit.ly/sfrpdyouthwaiver  

Date: 04/17/2021 (Sat.)

Time: 9:00am - 1:00pm PDT

Location: Herons Head Park
32 Jennings Street, San Francisco, CA 94124

Created by:   Jennifer Gee

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Volunteer (50)
  All slots filled
Brendan McLoughlin (2)
Carina Bender (2)
Namrata Patel (5)
Green Dentistry Dr Namrata Patel
Ryan Phillips
Allan Famor (2)
Imara Osorno
Dorota D (3)
Gus Dido (4)
Tribe Azul
Ying Huang (2)
Megan Green Wells
Nathalie Tellier (2)
Jadd Correia (5)
Caitlin Dixon One Tree Planted Place Holder 5 staff
Markus Mar-Liu (2)
Disha Jindal (3)
Ronaldo Amaya
Eric Pacelli
Mother Earth needs our help
Alena Dollar
Fabian Cano
Danica Williams
Molly James (3)
Kayla Flores (2)
Melody Davis (2)
Tania Ramirez (2)
Alexis Villanueva
Responses:     Yes: 55     No: 2     Maybe: 6     No Response: 368

Guest Count:    Confirmed: 115     Maybe: 10

YES (55) -  

Elizabeth Koch (1 guest)

Linda Huynh (3 guests)

Tawnya Dozier (1 guest)

Syed Rasool (1 guest)

Amy Chamberlain (1 guest)

Emma Kennedy (1 guest)

River Carlsson (1 guest)

Emmitt Katz (2 guests)

Vivian Levy (2 guests)

Martha Ehrenfeld (1 guest)

Marvel Kwong (2 guests)

Samantha Jones (2 guests)

Trasa Hung (2 guests)

Ming Zhu Liu (2 guests)
Hello, I want to take my daughter who’s 12 year old for the tree planing on that day. Thank you

ellen nearman (3 guests)

Barbara Dossenback (3 guests)

Jinling Ruan (2 guests)
6 years old kid can go?

Chelsea Bantley (1 guest)

Lauren Baker (1 guest)

Karen Coopman (2 guests)

Jonathan Siker (2 guests)

Alec Wallace (2 guests)

Katie Robinson (1 guest)

s t (2 guests)

Andrea Doffing (1 guest)

Alexis Villanueva (4 guests)

Tatsiana Lahunovich (5 guests)

Lauren Swift (2 guests)

Melody Davis (2 guests)

Kayla Flores (2 guests)

Rhyannon Spangler (3 guests)
2 adults and one toddler :)

Molly James (3 guests)

Danica Williams (1 guest)

Fabian Cano (1 guest)

Alena Dollar (1 guest)

Adriana Tucci (1 guest)

Ronaldo Amaya (1 guest)

Disha Jindal (3 guests)
Looking forward to it:)

Markus Mar-Liu (2 guests)

Jadd Correia (5 guests)
Caitlin Dixon One Tree Planted Place Holder 5 staff

Nathalie Tellier (2 guests)
Been too long! can't wait :)

Rama Rao Katta (1 guest)

Kelly Morson (1 guest)

Megan Green Wells (2 guests)

Ying Huang (2 guests)

Gus Dido (4 guests)

Dorota D (3 guests)

Terry Lin (2 guests)

Imara Osorno (2 guests)

Allan Famor (2 guests)

Ryan Phillips (2 guests)

Julienne Reyes (6 guests)

Namrata Patel (5 guests)

Brendan McLoughlin (2 guests)

Miguel Dimas (1 guest)

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MAYBE (6) +  

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