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2020 Sawyerville Christmas Project

Each year at Christmas the All Saints community sponsors elderly adults, special-needs children and young adults in the Sawyerville community, and women in the Horseshoe Farms housing program. 

How does the program work?

Adopt one or more of the residents. Please purchase one (or more) items from each of the three categories of gifts below unless the person included special requests on their wish list. This year, all of our residents asked for non-perishable food, paper goods, and for cleaning supplies

1. Clothing: 

  • cozy robes and bedroom slippers
  • long johns/warm clothing 
  • pants, socks, underwear, shirts, sweaters 
  • gloves, coats, hats

2. Food:

  • non-perishable canned goods
  • pasta, rice, baking ingredients, Bisquick
  • oil, jarred pasta sauce, salad dressing, coffee, creamer
  • paper towels, kleenex and toilet paper

3. Household items:

  • cleaning supplies like clorox wipes, gallons of clorox, laundry detergent, Lysol spray, and dish soap
  • towels, blanket, kitchen bowls, plates, glasses, utensils
  • small appliances (I.e coffee maker, toasters)
  • rug or door mats, pictures, silk /artificial or real flowers, real or artificial plants

THE DEADLINE TO RETURN GIFTS IS DECEMBER 7, 2020. If you need help getting your gifts to All Saints let me know, and I will arrange for them to be picked up!

Location: All Saints Episcopal Church, Youth Room (upstairs from the church offices)

What to do with your gifts:

1. Please wrap all the “wrap-able” gifts, put other items in gift bags, and put the resident's name on each gift or bag. If you want to put the groceries in a box please make sure the recipient's name is on the box somewhere. Please include a Christmas card so that the resident knows who provided the gifts.

2. Place all items in a large plastic trash bag, write the recipient's name on a piece of paper, and securely attach it to the bag.

3. Please return gifts to All Saints BY DECEMBER 7. You can leave them in Youth Room 1 (upstairs over the church offices).

Thank you for your support! If you have any questions please contact Debbie Donaldson, [email protected] Please review the available slots below and click on the button to sign up. 

Created by:   Debbie Donaldson
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Available Slot

Mr. Mike Brown

Mr. Brown is 66 and a Veteran. He would appreciate tv trays, Alabama fan things, a throw blanker, and beige/brown bath set. He wears size L shirt, 33/32 pants, and size 9 shoes. He said "Thank you from the bottom of my heart."

Mandy & Paul Dorsey

Ms. Minnie Dillon

Ms. Dillon is 90. She wears size XL shirt/sweater/dress. She asked for a full comforter set, slippers and house coat (XL), plates, towels, and bath set. she wanted us to tell you "Thank you for blessing me."

Kathleen Busbee

Ms. DT (Horseshoe Farms)

Ms. DT is 73 loves music by Randy Travis, the Eagles, and Elvis Presley - CD's like those would be wonderful. She also asked for big fluffy bed pillows, a black beannie, an Ipod (or something similar) & headphones, and a black sweater (L, buttons in back)

Pam And Jenny Phillips

Ms. ER (Horseshoe Farms)

Ms. ER is 54, and would love a new pair of slippers (8) and a gift certificate for a massage somewhere in Tuscaloosa!.


Ms. Ada Webb

Ms. Webb is 35 and loves Bath & Bodyworks products. Her wish list includes a crockpot, small air fryer, towels, couch cover, and 6 pairs curtains. She said she "is grateful for anything you bless her with!"

A friend

Ms. Dean Hunter

Ms. Dean is 67, and she wears a size large. She would appreciate some towels, a set of sheets (Q), and a shirt or dress (L)

Amy & John Poole

Ms. IJ (Horseshoe Farms)

Ms. IJ would love some closed toe church shoes (10.5), a navy blue dress, a slip, a wool cap with pompom on top (brown and white), blue jeans and sweater (2X), and tv shows (DVD's) like Wheel of Fortune, Price is Right, Jeopardy


Mrs. Lula Hoskins

Mrs. Hoskins is 87. She loves sunflowers and would appreciate a Q comforter set and pictures with sunflowers. She needs a housecoat and bedroom slippers(XL). She would like some King pillows and a throw with sun/moon on it.


Donna Nixon

Ms. Nixon is 44. She would love good smelling perfume, a bathroom set (burgundy/cream), floor mats (inside and out), or a comforter set (cream/green). She would also like a toaster or coffee maker. She said "Thank you for what you are doing for me."

Adelaide Booth

Mr. Zerick

Zerick is 18. He would like a bluetooth speaker, black comforter/sheet set (F), and some towels. He wears a M shirt, and 29/32 pants. He wears a L coat.


Mr. Anthony Clark

Mr. Clark is 63 and has health issues. He asked for a shower bench, white handkerchiefs, a hand held shower head, and throw blanket. He could also use XL long johns and plates/glasses. Mr. Anthony said "thank you so much for blessing me."

Adam Edwards

Mr. DJ

DJ is 13, and loves football! He would appreciate a full-sized comforter set with a football theme, and also an Xbox football game. He wears size youth XL, and size 9 shoes. His mom would appreciate kitchen, face, and bath towels.

Melissa Young

Ms. Mary Sanders

Ms. Sanders is 81. She asked for an ottoman, and a sweat suit (M). She wears size M pants and shirts, and 11.5 shoes. She wanted to say thank you for everything you do for the community.


Ms. Josephine Eatmon

Ms. Eatmon is 59 and has some health issues. She asked for a waffle iron, comforter set and sheets(Q), dish towels, and a hand held shower head. She wears size L/XL clothing.

Sally and Stan Herring

Ms. Mechelle

Ms. Mechelle is a young adult with special needs. Her wish list includes some small candles, a DVD player, dancing movies/teen pop videos, and pants (18PT) or shirt (XL). Her caregiver mentioned Baby wipes, Gain det., towels, and dishwashing det.

Becky Adams

Ms. Lilly Marks

Ms. Marks is 67, and would love to have ab ottoman and comforter set (F). She needs towels, kitchen bowls, and utensils. She wears a size L clothing, and XL coat.


Mr. Dale

Mr. Dale is a special needs young adult. He would like an UofA comforter set (Q). He wears size 40 shirt, 40/34 pants, size 12 shoes. His caregiver asked for Lg. diapers, mouthwash, towels, and laundry detergent.

Memily Colvin

Ms. Gwendolyn Miles

Ms. Miles is 56, and has health issues. She asked for a pocketbook, comforter set with cotton sheets (K), jogging suit, and TV trays. She would love some drinking glasses & beige/brown bath rug set. “It’s been thing after another, but God is with me."


Mr. Alex Powells

Mr. Powells is 72. He would appreciate some coveralls (2X), a bath set, a bathroom set, and a coat (2X or 42). He loves to fish and is a huge Alabama fan. He needs a pair of gloves (XXL).


Ms. Gladys Chambers

Ms. Chambers is 62. She would appreciate dishes and utensils, towels, and bath robe (3X). She wears 3X shirts and dress, size 26 pants, and size 10 shoes. She hopes you have a blessed Christmas.


Mr. Curt Lee Hunter

Mr. Hunter is 73. His wish list has socks, boots, and gloves (L), queen sheets, a throw blanket, and size L shirts. He wanted you to know he thanks you.

David Smith

Mrs. Mattie Wanger

Mrs. Wanger is 73. Sadly, her husband died the day before Election Day. She would like a pocketbook, size 2X robe, a picture of Jesus, and kitchen towels, towels and a bath set. She wanted you to know she is grateful for what you do for Sawyerville.

Georganne Perrine

Ms. Teresa Carter

Ms. Carter is 62. She would appreciate diabetic socks (XL), a nice white pullover (2X), a toaster, coffee maker, and Q bed sheets (burgundy, with flowers). She wanted you to know she thanks you very much..


Mr. Wayne Hunter

Mr. Hunter is 53, and asked for a queen size comforter/sheet set, dishes and utensils, and some floor rugs. He wears a size XL shirt and t-shirts, and a size 2X coat.

Susan Anderson

Ms. Jonvae

Ms. Jonvae is a special needs teen. She loves to laugh, and would enjoy a DVD player and some teen/pop/dancing DVD's, and a bracelet. Also, size 9 tie-up shoes, and size 2X shirt. Her caregiver asked for All Clear det., Huggies unscented wipes, and towels

Catherine Meehan

Ms. Gladys Crooks

Ms. Crooks is 52. She mentioned a walking cane, throw blanket with jungle cats, pictures of jungle things. She would also love a turquoise comforter set (Q), bowls with lids, and a shower bench/hand held faucet. "Thank you for everything you do for me."

Ashley Handley

Ms. Ann Edwards

Ms. Edwards is 59, and a green or brown bath set, towels, bracelet, food chopper, a comforter/sheet set (Q), and house shoes (8).asked for

Mona Ponder
Mona Ponder’s reunion group

Ms. Ann Holifield

Ms. Holifield is 91, and bed-bound. She would love a throw blanket that has stars and the moon on it, long bed pillows, house shoes (XL), and a shower bench/hand held shower head. She wanted us to tell you "Thank you and God bless you."u

Kay Laumer
Kay Laumer The Laumer Family

Ms. CE (Horseshoe Farms)

Ms. CE is 74, and like to make cookies. She asked for Christmas themed cookie cutters, a silky solid color scarf (blue, red, orange, or brown), DVD's of The Jefferson's, a portable closet, walking shoes (8.5W), and a small dresser.

Laura Wright

Ms. Alice Lawson

Ms. Lawson is 35 and has had some struggles. She likes things from Bath & Body Works and scented candles. She would appreciate a queen comforter set and some plates. She also needs socks (L) and wanted you to know she is grateful for you.

Betsy Dobbins

Ms. Addie Means

Ms. Means is 82, and has some health issues. She loves sunflowers and would enjoy kitchen towels and mitts with them. She also asked for a small air fryer, an ottoman, and a size medium jogging set.

Amy Passey

Mr. Alex Hill

Mr. Hill is 71. He would love new pj's (XL), house shoes (13), a throw, drinking cups, and towels. Mr. Alex told us to tell you "Thank You for blessing me, from the bottom of my heart."

Melody Eagan

Ms. Louise Nixon

Ms. Nixon is 80. She would really love a coffee maker, heavy duty tablecloth, hot plate, and queen size comforter set (brown and cream, wine and black, or red and white). She wears a size 2X shirt and said "Thank you for thinking about her."

Martha Bains

Ms. BS (Horseshoe Farms)

BS is 73. She would like to make a quilt, and asked for 5 yards or patterned cloth and 5 yards of solid color cloth. She would love a cookie jar, a small bookshelf, book light, watch with a leather band, and a Deborah Lewis book (large print).

Martha Bains

Ms. Beth Grice

Ms. Grice is 84. She asked for a toaster, socks, a bathroom set, and a shirt or dress (3X). Ms. Beth said "Thank you for blessing me!"

Verna Orr

Mr. Frank Hunter

Mr. Hunter is 73. He would like a watch, pocket calculator, long socks (XL) and black belt (33). He wears a med. shirt, 33/33 pants, & size 12 shoes.

Vardaman Family

Ms. Mattie Holifield

Ms. Holifield is 80. She loves angels and would like to have angel figurines to put all around her house. She would love a pretty scarf, pocketbook, non-stick pans, and a full size blue comforter set. Ms. Mattie sent blessings to you and your family.

Jennifer Conklin
The Conklin Family

Ms. CT (Horseshoe farms)

CT is 57, and she would appreciate some slippers (9), a watch with a leather band, romance novels, Eddie Murphy DVD's, and some thermal socks. She also would like a lamp, and really loves Bath & Body Work (Japanese Cherry Blossom).

Kim Maddox

Mrs. Annie Hunter

Mrs. Hunter would enjoy some slippers (L), inside and outside floor mats, king size blankets and pillows, and a dress (L or 12/14). She “appreciates all you are doing, God bless you.”

lucy Hortberg

Ms. EB (Horseshoe Farms)

Ms. EB is 66, and appreciate a brightly colored sweater (L, not Christmas), CD best of Fats Domino, elastic waist pants (12/14), long sleeved shirts or solid color pullover(L), and a belt (L).

Lois Woodward

Ms. Ola May Hobson

Ms. Hobson is 71. She would love some birthstone jewelry (January). She also mentioned some pullovers (2X), pjs (2X), a housecoat and slippers, and air fryer.

Vardaman Family

Ms. Rosie Lyles

Ms. Lyles is 80, and has some hip problems, and takes care of her disabled sister. She would love a pillow for her hip. She also asked for dot-to-dot books with animals/flowers, coloring books, jewelry, pictures of the Black Movement, and an ottoman.

Walker Donaldson

Mr. Joshua Hunter

Mr. Hunter is 77, and would be grateful for a new robe (L), size 12 shoes, and a pillow to sit on.

Susan Ponder

Mrs. Willie Neal Washington

Mrs. Washington is 67. She would appreciate a front door mat that says “Welcome”, a house robe (2X), a shower bench, a picture of flowers, and non-stick pots and pans. She would also enjoy a bath rug set. She says “I thank you for thinking of me!”

Barbara Burnette
The Burnette family will provide for Mrs. Washington

Ms. Melissa Holifield

Ms. Holifield is 66, and she takes care of her mother, Ms. Ann Holifield. She mentioned TV trays, things that smell nice from Bath & Bodyworks, a size M housecoat, and brown and beige bath set. She said to tell you "Thank you from the bottom of my heart."

Kimberly Whelan
Whelan Family

Mr. Bank

Mr. Bank is 84. He would be grateful for a shower bench and hand held shower head. He also would appreciate handkerchiefs, a coffee maker, and an ottoman. He said “Please thank them for blessing me.”

Fonda Shaia

Ms. SC (Horseshoe Farms)

SC is 46, and would love a small portable CD player, music by Journey, a Christmas necklace, and a few Christmas ornaments. She would also appreciate some long-sleeved shirts (2X), white crew socks, and fuzzy slippers (8).

Nancy Ball

Linda Chamber

Ms. Chamber is 64. She would love a gown & robe set (size 3X), a blender, and bath towel set. She also would appreciate non-perishable food, and cleaning supplies. Miss Linda said "Thank you for blessing me, and for what you are doing for this community.

Dorothy Gauthier

Ms. JD (Horseshoe Farms)

Ms. JD would love a a pj set (20/22), silk flower arrangement, pack of flower seeds, a space heater, green turtleneck sweater(L), Cream button up sweater, throw pillow, and blue bandana.

Debbie Donaldson

Mr. Earnest Ball

Mr. Ball would really love a radio/cassette player and some white handkerchiefs. In clothing he wears size LG/XL, and in shoes a size 11.

Donnie Vick
Merry Christmas!!

Ms. SS (Horseshoe Farms)

Ms. SS wishes for coloring/dot-to/dot books, pj's and slippers (L), a jacket (L), some country music CD's, and some cook books.

Mary Foster

Mrs. Emma Ball

Mrs. Ball is 67, and she wishes for some good smelling perfume, a pearl set, a burgundy and cream bathroom set, and a coffee maker. If you wish to buy her clothing she wears size 3X.

Kim Whelan and family

Mr. Ned Cannon

Mr. Cannon is 74 and has some health issues. He would appreciate pj's (XL), a bath robe, socks, and throw. He wants you to know "I just Thank you for thinking of me.".

Sarah Sexton

Ms. Abby Cannon

Ms. Cannon is 79. She does not have a stove and would appreciate a hot plate, plates, and a full size maroon/green comforter/sheet set. She would also like a bath rug set in ivory/green. She wanted us to tell you she is truly grateful for your blessings.

Jennifer Schmidt

Mr. Mylan

Mr. Mylan is 19 and has special needs. He likes light up/music toys, and things that talk back to him. He wears size 16/18 pants, shirts, and coat.

Sally Vick
Merry Christmas!!

Mr. James Warren

Mr. Warren is 85, and lost his home to a fire 2 months ago. He would like a throw blanket, house shoes (XL), and diabetic socks. He wears XL shirt and long johns, L pants, and size 10-11 shoes. He would appreciate vaseline and some towels.

Anita Pressley

Mr. Otis McCapine

Mr. McCapine is 86. He would enjoy a new house coat (L) and slippers (XL), and a blue comforter set(Q). He also asked for handkerchiefs and a coffee maker, and plastic bowls and mixing bowls.

Leslie Dunlap

Ms. Brenda Patterson

Ms. Patterson is 67 and takes care of her disabled sister. She would love a robe (2X), a watch, non-stick pans, a welcome mat, and pictures of the Black movement.

Gerri Aston

Louise Burnet

Ms. Burnet is 89. On her wish list she asked for a set of dishes with flowers on them, a coffee maker, a grey/black bath rug set, diabetic socks, and size L gloves. She said “Thank you for blessing me.”

Lynn Hendricks

Mr. Eugene Lyles

Mr. Lyles is 86. He asked for an iron and ironing board, white handkerchiefs, gloves (L), and raincoat (L). He wears a M shirt, 34/34 pants, and size 11 shoes.

Laurel K

Mr. John Travis

Mr. Travis is 91, and wears a 44 Tall. He needs a walker, and would love an ottoman to prop his feet on. He asked for bath towels, a throw blanket, and some house floor mats. He wears 2X coat.

David and Diane Wheeler
Merry Christmas!

Mrs. Annie Travis

Ms. Travis is 89, and needs a walker. She would also love an ottoman, sweater (2X), socks, and a throw blanket. She wears size 11 shoes and 2X shirts/dresses.

David and Diane Wheeler
Merry Christmas!

Ms. Hannah Woods

Ms. Woods is 83. She would love a comforter set with flowers (Q), a dish rack, toaster, cups and glasses, and towels. She wears XL shirt, 2X coat or dress.

Saints + Threadz Ladies

Mr. Zachary

Mr. Zachary is a special needs young adult. He would like a trench coat (XL), comforter set (F), and towels. He wears size XL shirts and t-shirts, 38/30 pants, and size 9 shoes.

Donna & Jim Gooch
Trench Coat; Comforter set; Size 9 shoes; towels; Shirts and pair of pants

Ms. Wisteria Nabors

Ms. Nabors is 83, and her parents were part of the civil rights movement, she would like a wall picture of Obama. She loves to color and do dot-to-dots of animals/flowers. She would like a sheet set (F), bed padding, a shower bench, and hand held shower.

Leslie Passafiume
Passafiume Family

Miss Ariune

Miss Ariune is 14, and has special needs. She would like a wireless speaker, headphones, and a throw blanket. She wears size 12 pants (misses), XL shirt, and size 7 shoes.

Valerie Gordon

Ms. Adelaide Hearn

Ms. Hearn is 82, and has health issues. She needs a walker, and would appreciate a bathroom set, house coat/shoes (XL), and kitchen towels with apples on them. She ears an XL shirt and dress, and L pants.

Rebecca Lynn Cox

Ms. Laquita McCalpine

Ms. McCalpine is 39. She would love a blender, space heater, and comforter/sheet set in gray (Q). She also would appreciate towels and blankets. She wears size L clothing, 6.5 shoes, and XL coat.

Venita and Ted Mann

Mrs. Rhonda Heartsill

Mrs. Heartsill is 67 and is raising 6 grandchildren. She would appreciate a corn bread skillet (that has the pieces already cut), an "underwater look" bathroom set, size 3X pants and shirt, and front door mat. Mrs. Rhonda said "Thank you for blessing me."

Valerie Gordon

Ms. Melidatie Shepherd

Ms. shepherd is 63 and has some health issues. She asked for slippers (size 10-11), face & bath towels, floor mats (inside and out), a throw blanket, or a shirt or dress (3X). She said "Thank you for whatever you bless me with."

Patsy Andrews

Mr. Tristan

Mr. Tristan is 4 and would like size 4 rainboots, and some kind of microphone he can sing into. His mom said he would like basketball/football pictures to hang in his room, some towels, and any kind of learning toy for ages 4-6.

Mary Bea Sullivan

Mr. Charlie Heartsill

Mr. Heartsill is 65. He would like a coverall (size 56x30), some shoes (14W), 4X bathrobe, and a cheese and meat tray. Mr. Charlie said "Thank you for blessing me."

Allison and Andrew Gunn
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