Please join Troop 439 in celebrating the Fall Court of Honor. We have seen big changes, personal growth and advancement through the ranks and hope you may attend to celebrate our scouts' achievements!

The scouts have decided on a Pot Luck style meal with an 'American Classic' theme. Possible ideas include: Ribs, Mac and Cheese..better yet Mac and Cheese with Bacon, Salisbury Steak, Chicken Fried Steak, Beef Stew, Fried Chicken, Sloppy Joes, Chicken and Dumplings, Meat Loaf, Mashed Potatoes...Butter Milk Mashed Potatoes , Corn Bread, Roasted Sweet Corn and Cheddar Cheese Corn Bread, Chicken Pot Pie,... Can't wait to see some classic home cooking!

Recommend each person bring enough for 10 and a container for leftovers along with serving utensil, and small extension cord If needed.

The scouts are holding a Patriotic/Military themed dessert contest in remembrance of Veterans' Day. Prizes will be awarded for 1st-3rd place! Bring your best!! 

Date: 11/09/2018 (Fri.)

Time: 6:00pm - 8:30pm MST

Location: Stepping Stones Academy

Created by:   Scout Master

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Appetizers (10) - Please prepare enough for ~10 people
  8 of 10 slots filled
Dean Wilhelm (2)
Melissa Lynch
Trent Scott
Darnell Family
Christie Bland
Ryan Clark (2)
Entrees (10) - Please prepare enough for ~10 people
  9 of 10 slots filled
Beth Coleman
Ronald Steinmetz
David Fattu (3)
30 hot dogs and buns
Collin Vester
Sandy Klafter
Tanya Judd
sloppy Joes
Michael Otradovec
Chicken and Dumplings
Sides (10) - Please prepare enough for ~10 people
  All slots filled
Collin Vester
Mac and cheese
Tavis Evans
Cassie Palacios
Brandi Peterson
Corn Bread
Conor Brace
Jennifer Brown
Corn bread
Paige English
Cheeseburger soup
Tim Griswold
Mashed potatoes
Diana Niemi (2)
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YES (26) -  

Nedallas Hammill (4 guests)

Ed Taylor (2 guests)
Representing New River Kiwanis

Ryan Clark (4 guests)

Michael Otradovec (4 guests)

Tanya Judd (4 guests)

Diana Niemi (5 guests)

Sandy Klafter (2 guests)

Tim Griswold (3 guests)

Christie Bland (2 guests)

Jackson Allen (3 guests)
Teresa Stuart and Jack will attend

Darnell Family (3 guests)

Paige English (4 guests)

David Fattu (6 guests)

Jennifer Brown (5 guests)

Trent Scott (1 guest)

Trevor Harwood (3 guests)

Douglas Ritter (3 guests)

Conor Brace (3 guests)

Ronald Steinmetz (4 guests)

Brandi Peterson (4 guests)

Cassie Palacios (2 guests)

Melissa Lynch (3 guests)

Beth Coleman (4 guests)

Tavis Evans (4 guests)

Collin Vester (4 guests)

Dean Wilhelm (11 guests)