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Ginghamsburg Kids Avenue

All Season Kids Avenue Sale

Welcome to this year's Kids' Avenue Sale.  Please sign up for a time that works for you.  If you and your husband (family unit) are shopping together, you only need one spot.  If you are meeting your best friend at the sale, each family unit needs their own.  We recommend that children stay home, but if they come, they do not need their own spot.  You may take as long as you would like to shop.  Masks are also mandated by order of Governor Dewine unless you are under the age of 10 or have a medical condition.

Date: 08/01/2020 (Sat.)

Created by:   Kids Avenue
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Time (EDT) Available Slot

Shopping (70)

All slots filled
Melissa Sersion
Erin Chesser
Ashley Hinger
Hope Nicely
Amanda Koch
Julie Scott
Morgan Wellspring
Leah Dressel
Jamie Johnson
Kim Kokladas
Just me!
Paige Collins
Rachael Puthoff
Shanda Ashbrook (2)
Sarah Davis
Sandy Owen (2)
Mary Dillman
Jennifer Wilson
jessica triplett
Rebecca Bahun
Katie Rutschilling
Alex Eshelman
Rachel Rieker
Monica Stine
Elizabeth Ross (2)
Lauren Freisthler (6)
Raquel Brant
Kylee Puthoff
Mary Grise
Sarah Vogel-Carpenter
Mary Snyder
Shay Chitwood
Leah Bell
Wendy Asztalos
Haley Craft (2)
Kristin Pleiman
Susan Carpenter (2)
Kristin Jones (2)
Jacqueline Bergman
Peg Hunt
Tristin Chadwell (4)
Jamie Brumbaugh
Elizabeth Burt
Tammy Taylor
Michaelle Lightcap (2)
Carrie Horton
Courtney Morrow (3)
Courtney Heckman (4)
Lee Truesdale
Breanna Ely

Shopping (71)

69 of 71 slots filled
Courtney Weger
Mckenzie Weger
Beth Hendrix
Renee Mowry
Katherine Bell
Crystal Gulker (2)
Heather Phelps (2)
Heather and Michelle
Courtney Pennington
Courtney Pennington
AMBER Schaffer
Kellie Prater (2)
Diana Schaffer
Heather Magoch (2)
Heather Magoch
Danielle Metz (2)
Lindsay Birnbaum
Josie Friend (2)
Jenny Brown
Debbie Brown
Kelly Evans
Stephanie Cavaliero
Stephanie cavaliero and 1 adult
Kristen Davis (2)
Staci Granato (2)
2 adults but 3 kids will be with me
ABBY Bushman
I can’t wait! Abby Bushman
Megan Buckingham (4)
Melinda Mescher (3)
Rachel Tester (2)
Caitlyn Brinkman
Tammy Wendeln
Jenna Clericus (2)
Jenna Clericus
Nichol Brown (2)
Christi Brankamp
Hannah Jones
Sally Freeman
Megan Courtaway
Julie Bowser
Caroline Shelton
Ashley South
Michelle Farkas
Rachael Kolker
Jen Rethman
Alexis Gunn (2)
Denise Snyder
2 adults 2 kids
Katie Whittelsey
Melodie Davis
Marie Atwood
Diane VanHoose
Lindsey Evans
Jessica Bowling
brittany maurer
Kelsey Flory (2)
Angela Bowerman

Shopping (70)

All slots filled
Tisha Conley
Tisha Conley
Jess Albers (2)
Jess albers
Karimey Berbach
Christina Bergman
Patricia Hernandez (2)
Tiffany Swafford
Andrea Casey
Deborah Cline
Angi Miller
Christine Brandt (2)
Carrie Wolfe (4)
Andrea Stine (3)
Emma Selby (2)
Lisa Knox (2)
Angie Baker
Debbie Barkett
Ashley Hogsten
Caitlin Rybak
Dana Thornton
Can't WAIT !
Lisa Schubert
Allison Beam
Laura Kariofiles
Brittany Woomer (3)
Brooke Hess (2)
Jan Binns
Molly Hoover (2)
Jessica Clark
Reva Joseph (3)
Karina Wiley (2)
Lindsay Garber (2)
Jessica Horton
11 o clock slot
Rose. Zappia
Jennifer Smith
Jennifer Coppess
Jennifer Smith (4)
Love shopping and cant wait
Melissa Zamosky (2)
Christina Royer
Jeff Royer (3)
Caitlin Clauss (2)
Heather Gray (2)
Ashley Jones
Andrea Klingelhofer
Maggie Sink
Victoria stover

Shopping (70)

All slots filled
Danielle Jones (4)
My two children and mother will be coming
Brottany Bates
Julie Collins
Sonya Tipton (2)
Myself and husband
Ashley Hofman (2)
Adrienne Wadsworth
Adrienne Wadsworth Talia Wadsworth Maci Wadsworth
Brie Kelble
Lottie Grise
Rebecca Davidson
Charity Sphar (3)
Marie Williams (2)
Bridget Hoehne will attend with me
Chelsea Mcclure
Amanda Hendrickson
Michelle Goit (2)
My sister in law will be with me
Jessica Bowling (4)
Lori Rasey
Sarah Weikert
Aimee Applegate
Janet Blankenship
Rea Arevalo (2)
Jessica Franklin
My husband and daughter will possibly be with me
Krystal Boyd
Erin Parsons
Alyssa Carter
Sarah Mueller
Katie Placke (2)
Kaitlyn Glass (2)
Abigail Blanford will be with me
Lanora Mitchell (2)
Lisa Mitchell (2)
Megan Davis (2)
Carmen Peltier (2)
Stefanie Rolf
Elizabeth Hemmerick
Kristin Swabb
Jerika Epperson (3)
Jerika Epperson (3)
Kathy Marsh
Lori Compton
Myself and one family member
David Burke (2)
Sandy Workman
Dina Barnhart (3)
Plus 2
Annette Rohaly
Emma Vanhoose
Kristi McDaniel

Shopping (70)

All slots filled
Betsy Hamman (2)
Lori Rieker (3)
Wendy Moore
If there are any spots for 1 that open I would appreciate it. Thanks
Saira Ashman
Sheri Hayes
Helma Martin
Brianna Hagerty
Stacey Miller
Hannah Parshall (3)
Laura Saunders (2)
Traci Parker (2)
Jennifer Swabb
Dianna Deardorff
Ashliey Randall (2)
Andrea Howton
Sarah Begley
Meghan Pitzer
Melanie Cook
Andrea Shroyer (3)
Megan Gariety
Suzanne Harlow (2)
Brittney Smith (2)
Heather Castillo
Teri Gulker
Lindsey Layman
Stephanie Hager
Abby Wooten
Chrissy Heilman
Samantha Hafer
Michelle Green (2)
Veronica Laurent
Michelle Fessler
Margaret Roeth
Melissa Zamosky (2)
Tara Folino (2)
Francine Schaffner (2)
Sarah McGinnis
Julie Moore
Renee McDowell (3)
Christina Marenberg (2)
For me and my child at 1pm
Brianna Harle (2)
Ashley Leifheit (2)
Destiny Barton (2)
Crystal Kemp
Katie Smith (3)
Kim Connors

Shopping (70)

All slots filled
Jacqueline Moore
Stacey Bean
Catherine Yelton
Aimee Truex (2)
Julie Sekas
Kim Staffan (3)
Myself sister and daughter
Nicole Alvarez
Katie Cordle
Suzannah Dunham
Andrea Westfall (2)
Andrea Westfall and Susan Westfall ( Mother in law)
Kody Thompson
Stephanie Fox (2)
Me and my mother in law
Pam Schanz (2)
Plus One Other Adult
Jessica Roseberry
Kirsten Hardin
Kate Roberts
Lynne Eidemiller (2)
Rachel Tingley
Meghan Sheaffer
Jenny Matthews
Terri Psczulkoski
Carmen Knife
Cheyenne Fell
Candace Hall
Daniell Iles (3)
With Deb Ross (mother) and Hayden (1 y/o)
Jen Siders (2)
Jen and infant
Susie Pope
Stephanie Hartley (3)
Jennifer crim
Kanssas Toles
Haley Moore
Beth Wilfong (2)
Sarah Birt
Janie Schoewe (2)
Kelsi Langston
Bailey Jones
Ana Vazquez
Denise Evans (4)
Kiersten Yinger (2)
Me and my mom
Gregory & Sarah Corder (2)
My Wife and I
Liz kizer
Becky Dobmeyer (2)
Jessica Brandenburg (4)
Megan Rust (2)
Linsay Bailey
Torranda Howell (2)
If a slot at 1 pm opens, would like to move up

Shopping (70)

18 of 70 slots filled
Miranda Pleiman
Lindsey Laux
Hannah Sirch
Holly Davidson
Jennifer TORY
Susan Zondag (2)
Danette Haddix
Abagail Morgan
2 adults 3 kids
Diane Tousignant (2)
myself and my daughter
Fonda duncan
Jamie Shelley
Gabriela Levi
Laura parker
Ellee Goff (2)
Grandmother will be with me.
Julie Gannon

Shopping (This will only be an hour long) (70)

1 of 70 slots filled
Dorothy Martin
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