Christ Church

Mothering Sunday, "we're half way there"

Join us for a Pot Luck Brunch on Mothering Sunday, March 31st.  

Date: 03/31/2019 (Sun.)

Time: 11:30am - 1:00pm EDT

Location: Christ Church Parish House

Created by:   Arlene Blocker

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quiche (3) - bring warm or at room temp.
  All slots filled
Heather Bennnett
Marina Conrad
Elaine Phillips
bacon cooked 1 Lb. (3)
  All slots filled
Lesley Stackler (3)
sausage 3 - 4 pkgs of 10 (4) - bring warm or at room tempature
french toast or pancakes w/ syrup (2) - will need a warming plate
  All slots filled
debbie czegledy
actually bread pudding
Lesley Stackler
cereal (2) - two kinds / if hot bring in a croc pot
  1 of 2 slots filled
Oriana Cyprus
granola for yogurt
greek yogurt (2) - large containers
  All slots filled
Oriana Cyprus (2)
berries for yogurt (3) - three types
  1 of 3 slots filled
Oriana Cyprus
mixed berries
orange juice (3) - gallons
  All slots filled
Lesley Stackler (3)
potatoes - home fries 3 lbs
muffins and / or danish (12) - dozen of each
bagels 3 doz assorted sliced
Robin Kambourian
flavored cream cheese 1/2lb each
Lucy Chaly
Will get two 1/2 lb flavored cream cheese
whipped butter
plain cream cheese 1lb
Lucy Chaly
milk - gallon
Lucy Chaly
creamer or 1/2 and 1/2 (3)
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Lesley Stackler (5 guests)

Elaine Phillips (1 guest)

Carol Myrie (1 guest)
Bringing smoke salmon

Lucy Chaly (2 guests)

Oriana Cyprus (1 guest)

Kathy Bindert (2 guests)

Marina Conrad (1 guest)

Robin Kambourian (1 guest)

debbie czegledy (1 guest)

Heather Bennnett (1 guest)

Arlene Blocker (1 guest)

NO (1) +