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Class of 2024

Great Hearts College Symposium

The 15th Annual Great Hearts College Symposium is open to all Great Hearts juniors and their parents. Students are required to wear a school uniform and complete registration at strivefair.com prior to the event. 


Schedule of Events:

3:00-4:00 pm Optional Personal Statement Workshop in SPA Library

4:30-5:30 pm Optional Financial Aid Presentation hosted by ASU for Parents in SPA Library

4:00-6:00 pm Students and Parents Meet with College Represenatives 

Date: 04/01/2023 (Sat.)

Time: 3:00pm - 6:00pm MDT

Location: Scottsdale Preparatory Academy

Created by:   Roslyn Fletcher

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Personal Statement Session 3:00-4:00: (100)
  All slots filled
Daisy So (3)
Chandler Prep
Bolaji Adelayo
Glendale Prep
Heather Elwood (2)
Glendale Prep
Heidi Sanborn (3)
Glendale Prep
Klara Grabowski
Peyton Jones (2)
Veritas Prep
Adam Johnson (2)
Veritas Prep
Yourkoski Family
Cicero Prep
Michelle Fowler
Cicero Prep
Nathalie Bulos (2)
Chandler Prep Academy
Sebastian Riano (2)
Veritas Preparatory
Erika Ghassemi
Veritas Preparatory Academy
Abby Stanek (2)
Scottsdale Prep
Brent Weiss
Luke Morgan
Scottsdale Prep
Betty Yeung (3)
Chandler Preparatory Academy
Daniel Youssef (2)
Kennedy Ritzman (2)
Glendale Prep
Kathy Quan (2)
Chandler Preparatory Academy
Alessandro Marcolini
Glendale Prep
Arcelia Gameros
Glendale Preparatory
Katie Del Duca
North Phoenix Prep
Aidan Robinson (2)
Veritas Prep
Ryan Quirk
Anthem Prep
huw owen-reece (2)
Ethan Mathew
Veritas Preparatory Academy
Daisy Erwin
Chandler preparatory academy
Zoe Ulrich
Aubrey Klain (2)
Veritas Prep
Nico Espinosa (2)
Veritas Prep
Rochelle Doetsch
North Phoenix Preparatory
ricardo torres (3)
Michael Arroyo (3)
Trivium Prep
Jasmine Turnquist (2)
Trivium Prep
Eric Colberg
Trivium Prepatory Acafemy
Jaydn Christison
Trivium Prep
Jex Herrmann (3)
Gannon McMillan
Trivium Prep
Adrian Robinson (2)
Chandler Prep
Oliver Coulter (3)
Parker Stoft
Chandler Prep
Nicholas Saunders (2)
Chandler Prep
Tina Song (3)
Scottsdale Prep
Aashish Sreejith
Chandler Prep
Jack Yoshii (2)
Arete Prep
Adeeb Nassereddine
Lincoln Prep
Olivia Buske
Chandler Prep
Michelle Rogers
Scottsdale Prep
Jessica Adamo
David Adamo
Jessica Adamo
Joey Adamo
Shahneela Hanif-Ahmed
Arete Prep Academy
Brooke Bice
Veritas Prep
Jacob Som
Glendale Prep
Kristy Hahn- McDonald (2)
Chandler Preparatory
Kishan Bhatnagar
Veritas Preparatory Academy
Mark Johnson (2)
Isabel Wallace (2)
Veritas Prep
Erika Nelson (2)
Chandler Prep
Marjorie Veitkus (3)
tori prosen (2)
North Phoenix Prep
Responses:     Yes: 88     No: 1     Maybe: 0    

Guest Count:    Confirmed: 214     Maybe: 0

YES (88) -  

Joelle Yamada (3 guests)
Jake, Quinn Yamada plus parent

Marjorie Veitkus (3 guests)

Erika Nelson (2 guests)
Emma Nelson

Connor Siemiawski (1 guest)
Connor Siemiawski

Isabel Wallace (2 guests)

Nathan Shoppach (2 guests)

Victoria Romero (2 guests)
Caydence Romero

Mark Johnson (4 guests)

Kishan Bhatnagar (2 guests)

Bea Alexis Vergara (1 guest)

Kristy Hahn- McDonald (2 guests)

Jacob Som (3 guests)

Brooke Bice (2 guests)

Shahneela Hanif-Ahmed (3 guests)

enise yoo-liu (3 guests)
Harrison Liu, Alex Do

Sumedh Seetharam (2 guests)

Gabriella Shinault (3 guests)

Jessica Adamo (4 guests)

Michelle Rogers (3 guests)

Olivia Buske (3 guests)

Adeeb Nassereddine (2 guests)

Jack Yoshii (2 guests)

Aashish Sreejith (3 guests)

Tina Song (3 guests)

Kat Evans (3 guests)
Matthew Evans

Eric Hull (2 guests)

Sandy Martinez (2 guests)

Nicholas Saunders (2 guests)

Parker Stoft (2 guests)

Oliver Coulter (3 guests)

Adrian Robinson (3 guests)

Gannon McMillan (3 guests)

Kiran Mishra (2 guests)
Rajan Guthrie

Jex Herrmann (3 guests)

Katherine De Vera (4 guests)

Jaydn Christison (2 guests)

Eric Colberg (3 guests)

Jasmine Turnquist (2 guests)

Michael Arroyo (3 guests)

Caroline Moore (2 guests)

Abigail Rodriguez (3 guests)

ricardo torres (1 guest)

Jodi Tinker (3 guests)

Rochelle Doetsch (4 guests)

Nico Espinosa (2 guests)

Aubrey Klain (2 guests)

Zoe Ulrich (3 guests)

Narendra Parvathareddy (4 guests)

Daisy Erwin (2 guests)

Ethan Mathew (2 guests)

huw owen-reece (2 guests)

Ryan Quirk (3 guests)

Aidan Robinson (2 guests)

Katie Del Duca (2 guests)

Arcelia Gameros (3 guests)

Alessandro Marcolini (2 guests)

Kathy Quan (2 guests)

Kennedy Ritzman (2 guests)

Gwen Kainass (2 guests)

Daniel Youssef (2 guests)

Betty Yeung (3 guests)

Gio Guido (3 guests)

Luke Morgan (3 guests)

Emily Wolf (3 guests)

Megan Cuccia (2 guests)

Brent Weiss (3 guests)

Rudri Patel (3 guests)

Edie Wessel (2 guests)

Abby Stanek (2 guests)

Regan Brotherton (2 guests)

Georgia Holmes (2 guests)

Erika Ghassemi (2 guests)

Gavin Johnson (3 guests)

Sebastian Riano (1 guest)

Nathalie Bulos (2 guests)

Michelle Fowler (3 guests)

Yourkoski Family (1 guest)
Cicero Prep

Adam Johnson (2 guests)
Adam Johnson

Peyton Jones (1 guest)

Klara Grabowski (1 guest)

Heidi Sanborn (3 guests)

Ava Christiana (3 guests)

Heather Elwood (2 guests)
Madelyn Elwood and parent

Bolaji Adelayo (3 guests)

Sarah Collins (3 guests)

Daisy So (3 guests)

Jonah Pearson (3 guests)

tori prosen (1 guest)

NO (1) +  

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