Serve the City
Serve The City


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If you would like to attend Serve the City just come to the campus at 8:30 am this Saturday and we will find a spot for you.

Date: 09/19/2020 (Sat.)

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Location Time (CDT) Available Slot
PROJECT 1: ATRIUM PROJECTS  8:30am - 12:00pm  

Teacher Snack Bags (10)

(Great for kids) We will be assembling snack bags for teachers to encourage them during this challenging season.

All slots filled
Anthony Douthit (3)
Stephen McCord
Briella Lincoln & Kessley
Yolanda Steffens (2)
Yolanda and Ewan
Angela Seedorf (4)
Justin, Jaxen, Kaden, Nixen

Help in Baby Store (12)

We will help young moms shop for baby clothes and supplies in the Next Steps Center's Baby Shop. (Ages 18+)

11 of 12 slots filled
Bond Andrews
Candace Escobar (2)
Ella Escobar, Annalise Escobar
Gaby Reyes (2)
Deborah Hernandez
Becky Murray
Kim Linebarger (3)
Ally Joven
Alexis Anderson

Teacher Gift (20)

We know the next few months are going to be challenging and we want to continue to bless the teachers that we have relationship with in our school districts. We will be assembling gifts to encourage them over the next few months.

All slots filled
Ashley Hoffman
Jessica Barron (2)
Tyler & Jess
Connor Ganong (2)
Ganong family
Cheryl Terry (2)
and Jim Terry
Kathy Lamont (3)
Mark, Ashlyn
Judy Greilich
Lisa Chrimes
Patrice Holt (2)
Patrice and Xenja
Will be joined by Cathy Beck
Angela Sparling (2)
Tracy Simmons (2)

School Encouraging Posters (20)

(Great for kids) We will be making posters to give to schools to put in their hallways to provide encouragement and hope to their students.

18 of 20 slots filled
Toni Thomas (5)
Cody, Toni, Jack, Rhys and Peyton
Sarah Tate
Mollie Torres (4)
Mollie, Damian + Damian Mom and Sister
Hayley Wyles (2)
Landrey Wyles
Jake Blount (2)
Jake and Kelsi Blount
Tracy Simmons (3)
Jacob Long
PROJECT 2: OUTDOOR PROJECTS  8:30am - 12:00pm  

Prayer Walk Team (20)

(Great for families) We will have a "Scavenger Hunt" prayer walk on Old Town Lewisville. Our goal is to have fun while we pray over our city.

17 of 20 slots filled
Todd Baden (5)
Todd, Hillary, Audie, Abner and Adele
Katie Patzig
Plus my 3 year old
Amy Ferrara (2)
Plus 2 kids 4 & 1
Vi Nguyen (3)
Genny Wyles (2)
Trey Wyles
Shaunna Buck (4)
Chad, Shaunna, Jaden, Jillian

Helping Neighbor in Need (10)

We will be cleaning up the yard and doing some landscaping for a single mom in the community.

All slots filled
Heather Evangelista
Melinda Warford (2)
Jack and Melinda
Tom Shapley
Dan Heim
Stephen Brown
Lisa Stout (2)
Daniel & Lisa
Paul Greilich (2)
Paul and Eric

Lake Park Makeover (40)

(Age 14+) We will be painting a fence and cleaning up the park.

25 of 40 slots filled
Lisa Stoffregen
Shelby Lobaugh
Tanner Cobb
Alena Reindl (2)
My son Richard will help
Preston Harris
Jehu Hernandez
Jeff Woods
Ainsley Woods
Addison Spano
Sarah Jane Wright (5)
bringing our 3 boys (9, 6, 5)
Amanda Haddad (3)
Chris Burchett
Keith Turner
Pedro J. Pizarro (2)
Andrew Turner
Cameron Behzadpour
Mitch Budlong

Salvation Army Prayer Garden (10)

We will be planting items in the new Salvation Army Prayer Garden in Old Town Lewisville to make it beautiful.

5 of 10 slots filled
Tom Dollahite
Kim McAfee
Mary Jo Johnson
Irina Eberle
Hank Cates
PROJECT 3: DOOR DELIVERIES  8:30am - 12:00pm  

Deliver Shoes to Kids (10)

(Ages 18+) Drivers needed to deliver new athletic shoes from the VCC shoe drive to the homes of identified kids in need.

9 of 10 slots filled
Cindy Beasley
John Shannon
Tim Meeks
We will be doing this as a family of 5 in a single vehicle
Diane Zuercher
Brent will join me on this
Kendall Bagley
Kathy and Kendall Bagley-1 vehicle
Josh Shapley
Josh Shapley and Taylor Sherman
John Kopy
Carla Ohara
Larry and I will do this together.
Connie Milacek
One vehicle with family.

Deliver Furniture (10)

(Age 16+) We will be delivering furniture to families moving from shelters to permanent housing. Let's help them not just have a house but a home.

All slots filled
Brayden Haddad
Eric Hinton
Armand Steffens
Angela Seedorf
Laken Seedorf
Austin Nall
Caleb Tate
Joel Ague
Cesar Barrientos
Jordan McHenry
I can provide my car if needed!
Nicole Burns
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