Serve the City
Serve The City


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If you would like to attend Serve the City just come to the campus at 8:30 am this Saturday and we will find a spot for you.

Date: 09/19/2020 (Sat.)

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Location Time (CDT) Available Slot
PROJECT 1: ATRIUM PROJECTS  8:30am - 12:00pm  

Denton State School Snack Bags (19)

(Great for kids) We will be assembling snack bags for the staff to encourage them during this challenging season.

All slots filled
Braiden Long (2)
Justin Knox (5)
Knox Family
Jessica Lynch (3)
Lynch Family (2kids)
Melissa Horne (3)
Melissa Horne and 2 kids
Kleo Moyo (2)
Tabitha Sidandi will be coming with me to volunteer :)
Tabitha Sidandi
Lara Harris (3)
Bringing: Kate Harris(12) & Kirsten Harris(17)

Kid Activity Packs (10)

(Great for kids) We will be assembling fun activity packs for children living in transitional housing.

All slots filled
Cindy Cross (2)
Husband Tim Cross joining in!
Casey Smith (4)
Doug McClure (4)

Healthcare Worker Snack Bags (11)

(Great for kids) We will be assembling snack bags to give to local healthcare workers.

All slots filled
Ashley Acker (3)
Avery and Milo too
Leanne Harris
rhonda fortune (2)
and on child
Samantha Bradley (3)
Cherie & Weston Hoover (2)
only 1 spot left but Weston and I would love to serve together!

Face Mask Sewing (5)

(Must be able to sew) We will be making face masks for two local orphanages. We will provide all of the materials, but please bring a sewing machine.

All slots filled
Harmony Bays
I will bring fabric if you still need some
Jane Flowers
I will bring my iron for pressing the masks
Janet Davis
Patrice Bird

School Encouraging Posters (10)

(Great for kids) We will be making posters to give to schools to put in their hallways to provide encouragement and hope to their students.

All slots filled
Hollye Verret
MacKaylie Rodriguez
MacKendra Rodriguez
Gigi Oyervides
Connor Bays
Logan Bays
Aidan Delgado
Samantha Delgado
Ryver Jenkins
Kimber Surratt
Surratt family will be there
PROJECT 2: OUTDOOR PROJECTS  8:30am - 12:00pm  

Prayer Walk Team (20)

(Great for families) We will have a "Scavenger Hunt" prayer walk on the Denton Square. Our goal is to have fun while we pray over our city.

All slots filled
Megan Foster
Kimberly McDaniels
Janette Wright
G. Angel Blanco
Abby Milliet
Kyle Patterson
Dylan McDuffie
Virginia Simmons
Larry Simmons
Kimberly Volner (4)
Me, Tony, Connor and William!!
Carla Meade (5)
Me, Nolan, Tiffany, Carson, and Journey
Lola Esposito (2)

Wiggly Field Park Cleanup (10)

We will be working with the Denton City Parks and Rec Team to beautify a local park.

All slots filled
Zach Long (2)
Fred Mitchell
Audrey Mitchell
Ian Campbell (2)
Jeremy Snead
Gabby Jerke
Casey Williams (2)
Bringing our 4 kids

Cross Timbers Park Cleanup (10)

We will be working with the Denton City Parks and Rec Team to beautify a local park.

All slots filled
Zach Welch
Ericka Myers
Coleton Harris
Dru Ochenski
Katie Zembrod
Corey Trice
Rick Clark
Jeff Horne
Ted Kirby
Abigail Walker
PROJECT 3: DOOR DELIVERIES  8:30am - 12:00am  

Family Blessings Door Deliveries (10)

(Ages 16+) We will be delivering baskets filled with household items and groceries to families in need.

All slots filled
Jeff Sackett
Matthew Kunkle
My boys Zach (17) and Jake (15) will join me if that’s OK
Kimberley Ellis
Hubby and I will be together
Jeff Rogers
Stephanie Rogers
Kaylin Perkins
Glenn Harris
Jon Henninger (3)
Joseph & Jack Henninger
Chris Kozen
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