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Easter Pew Reservations

Sherrill Easter Pew Reservations

The image shows the pews at Ss. Peter & Paul Church that are possibly available to reserve for this year's Easter Mass. The pews that are highlighted in gray are NOT available to reserve. You can view, download, or print a larger image of the pew seating at https://tinyurl.com/sherrillpews3.

To reserve a pew, click the "Sign up" box next to the pew you are requesting be reserved by you then go to the bottom of the page and click "Submit and Signup". On the page that opens, enter your name and, if possible, your email address. You do not need to enter any comments on the page. If you reserve a pew that still has more available space (not to exceed the seating limit of the pew) you can invite other members to sit in your pew. HOWEVER... all those sitting in your pew need to arrive at the same time.

If you need to CANCEL your pew reservation, please notify Jim Roberts at 563-870-4428 or send an email to [email protected] and let Jim know that you are needing to cancel your reserved pew. He will need to know your name, the church you signed-up at, and the pew you reserved. Jim will not reserve pews for you- this will be handled by volunteers at the church you are wanting to sign up at.

Date: 04/04/2021 (Sun.)

Created by:   Jim Roberts
Already signed up? You can change your sign up.

Location Time (CST) Pew Reservation
a. Sherrill MR 1  10:00am  

MR 1 (6 people - No kneeler)

b. Sherrill L2  10:00am  

L 2 (3 people)

c. Sherrill ML 2  10:00am  

ML 2 (6 people)

Already filled
d. Sherrill R 2  10:00am  

R 2 (3 people)

e. Sherrill MR 3  10:00am  

MR 3 (6 people)

f. Sherrill L 4  10:00am  

L 4 (3 people)

g. Sherrill ML 4  10:00am  

ML 4 (6 people)

h. Sherrill R 4  10:00am  

R 4 (3 people)

i. Sherrill MR 5  10:00am  

MR 5 (6 people)

j. Sherrill L6  10:00am  

L 6 (3 people)

k. Sherrill ML 6  10:00am  

ML 6 (4 people)

l. Sherrill R 6  10:00am  

R 6 (3 people)

m. Sherrill MR 7  10:00am  

MR 7 (6 people)

n. Sherrill L 8  10:00am  

L 8 (3 people)

Already filled
o. Sherrill ML 8  10:00am  

ML 8 (6 people)

p. Sherrill R 8  10:00am  

R 8 (3 people)

q. Sherrill MR 9  10:00am  

MR 9 (6 people)

Already filled
r. Sherrill L10  10:00am  

L 10 (3 people)

Already filled
s. Sherrill ML10  10:00am  

ML 10 (6 people)

t. Sherrill R10  10:00am  

R 10 (3 people)

u. Sherrill MR 11  10:00am  

MR 11 (6 people)

v. Sherrill L 12  10:00am  

L 12 (3 people)

w. Sherrill ML 12  10:00am  

ML 12 (4 people)

x. Sherrill MR 13  10:00am  

MR 13 (6 people)

y. Sherrill R 12  10:00am  

R 12 (3 people)

z. Sherrill L 14  10:00am  

L 14 (3 people)

z1. Sherrill ML 14  10:00am  

ML 14 (6 people)

z2. Sherrill R 14  10:00am  

R 14 (3 people)

z3. Sherrill MR 15  10:00am  

MR 15 (6 people)

z4. Sherrill L 16  10:00am  

L 16 (3 people)

z5. Sherrill ML 16  10:00am  

ML 16 (4 people)

z6. Sherrill MR 17  10:00am  

MR 17 (3 people)

z7. Sherrill L18  10:00am  

L 18 (3 people)

Already filled
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