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Welcoming Shabbat Havurah Style! Community Potluck

Join us as we  "Welcome Shabbat Havurah Style!" -  we'll have a  great potluck, and then mix and mingle with an intergenerational activity after dinner as we reconnect for our first Shabbat dinner of the new year. For those who would like to stay to linger over dessert, we'll share some learning and discussion about our High Holiday theme of Hineini! Using "Hineini in Our Lives: Learning How to Respond to Others Through Biblical Texts and Stories", we will continue to explore what it means to be present to ourSelves, the Sacred, and the relationships we treasure. 

For all of our Community Shabbat potlucks, we gather as one big Havurah family to light Shabbat candles, bless the challah and wine, sing shabbat songs, and enjoy a wonderful pot luck meal together. Each of these gatherings also has an after dinner, intergenerational activity and an opportunity for adults to stay longer for some learning about the weekly Torah portion, an upcoming holiday, or some other topic of choice. 

Please bring plates and cups for each member of your family, if possible, to help us reduce our waste. We will have paper products for those who need them.

Please bring serving utensils for your dish, which should serve 10-12 people. When you arrive, we'll ask you to label your dish and list ingredients so that those who have food sensitivities, keep kosher, or are vegetarian will know what is in them. Thank you!

Date: 10/19/2018 (Fri.)

Time: 6:00pm - 8:30pm EDT

Location: Narberth Borough Hall, 100 Conway Ave, 19072

Created by:   Jennifer Ekert

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Liz Brendze
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Green Family
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Ali Freed
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Jennifer Ekert
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Lisa Feldman (2)
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Jennifer Ekert
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Susan Flaschen
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