Saturday Evening Mass - October 17, 2020 - 5:00pm

Please review the available slots below and click on the button to reserve space for Mass. When "signing up" to attend this Mass, please make sure that the quantity of "seats" needed to accommodate all who will be coming WITH you to Mass. As as in the past, you are reserving SPACE at Mass, not a specific seat. Thank You!

Date: 10/17/2020 (Sat.)

Time: 5:00pm - 6:00pm EDT

Location: In the church

Created by:  Fr. Peter
PLEASE NOTE: The sign up period for this event has ended and the sign up creator has locked all sign up slots from being modified. Contact the creator for more details.

Available Seats

Space at Mass (125)

You are reserving SPACE at Mass, not a particular seat!

All slots filled
  Ann Marie Prasol (2)
  Margaret Dubuc
  John & Beth Carroll (2)
  Jim & Mary Paiva (2)
  Dale&Donna Paquette (2)
  Susan Miguel (4)
  Jesse Whiteside (3)
  Barbara Aguiar (2)
  Jane Thomas (2)
  Nancy Oliveira (3)
  Cyndy Chappell
  Leo Violette
  Barbara Chlaupek
Have to work on sunday which would be my regular attendance day.
  Harry Silvia (2)
  Cindy Morais (2)
  Frank Medeiros (2)
  Dee Alber
  Pat & Don Marcogliese (2)
  Carol Hamilton
  Richard Talipsky
  Pat Johnson
  Steve & Ellie Cote (2)
  Lorraine Vital (2)
  Al Raposa
  Ron & Mary Grant (2)
  Paul & Rita St. Laurent (2)
  Donald & Rosemary Burkhardt (2)
  Glenn Cardinal
  Renee Cozzens
  Bob & Mary Medeiros (2)
  Caroline Dooley
  Melissa Carty
  Michele Ake
  Frank & Paula Pendola (2)
  Susan Nevins
  Stephanie Baird
  Barbara Rafferty
  Donna Stoessel (5)
  Paula Dias (2)
  Paricia Mannion
  Mary Short
  Manuel Garcia
  Theresa Hadad
  Marianne Cotter
  Thomas Gorski
  Geraldine Manchester
  Robert Davis (2)
  Bill Araujo (2)
  Barbara McNeilly
  Miles Fisk (2)
  Anne and Denis Coffey (2)
  Tanya Gallant (2)
  Peter Comerford (3)
  Barry O'Neill (2)
  Larry & Barbara Rozul (2)
  Johnna Armijo (3)
  Duane Polselli
  Patton Jacqueline
  Catherine Fusco
  Pat & Bob Obara (2)
  Patricia Aubin
  John Suleski
  Margaret Prendergast (3)
Margaret, Lily and Rayleen
  Julia Morrissey (3)
  Dan & Celine Corrigan (2)
  Anne Mitchell
  Juli Chytka (6)
  Karolyn Bowley
(includes Cathleen, lectoring)
  Marlene Leatherbee
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