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Angel Tree 2020

Please review the available angels below and click on the sign up button next to the angel you want to sponsor, then click the submit and sign up button at the bottom of the page to sign out your angel. You will receive an email confirmation with your angel's wish list. 

Wrapped gifts can be dropped off at church on Sunday, Nov. 29 and Sunday, Dec. 6 between 8:30 am – 12:00 pm or by appointment. Contact the church office for appointment. Be sure to include your angel's ID number on all wrapped packages.

If you prefer to sponsor an angel and have the missions team do the shopping, go ahead and choose your angel and then let us know by Nov. 20 by mailing a check to the church made out to PUMC with Angel Tree and your angel’s number in the memo line.

Created by:   Cathy Wibbens
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229-A, Ariel, Female 25

Pants Sz 20, Shirt 1X, Jacket 1X, Socks 8, Padded Bra 38C, Knife set, forks, Cleaning supplies, toiletries, Roku Stick

Sherri Mangum
I want to deliver to this family

229-B, Amari, Male 3

4T-5T pants, 4T-5T shirts, 5T coat or jacket, 10C shoes and socks, lotion and bodywash, toy trucks or cars

Diane Stephans

260-A, Alberto, Male 39

Boots 10 1/2, Shirt Lg, Sweatshirt Lg, Pants 34/30, PJ's Lg, Socks 6-12, knife set, cologne

Shirley Baldwin

260-B, Maria, Female 38

Boots 5, Pants 9, PJ's Small, Shirt Med, Sweater Med, Socks 8-12, perfume, hair accessories, television, makeup

Shirley Baldwin

260-C, Alberto, Male 15

Running shoes 9 1/2, Pants 30/30, PJ's Med, Shirt Large, socks 6-12, Sweatshirt Lg, Soccer accessories, Playstation 4, or Xbox

Barbara Lowe

260-D, Jennifer, Female 12

Tennis shoes 4, shirt Small, Pants 12, socks 8-12, PJ's x-small, sweatshirt 12/14, perfume, jewelry, makeup, knitting kit

Barbara Lowe

260-E, Kayla, Female 8

Tennis shoes 2 1/2, shirt 14/16, Pants 14/16, Socks 8-12, PJ's 14/16, Sweatshirt 14/16, Boxers Lg, dolls, kitchen toys, perfume, makeup for kids

Susan Lynch

260-F, Jayden, Male 3

Tennis shoes 9, Shirt 5, Socks 6-8, Pants 5, PJ's 5, Sweater 5, Boxers 4, toy cars, dump truck, Lighting McQueen Accessories

Susan Lynch

261-A, Lillie, Female 50

Blue jean leggings 3X, black jean leggings 3X, 2 sweaters 3X, 2 Bras 44DD, T-fal pot and pan set, toaster, mini food chopper, food processor, Stand mixer, King size sheet set, pillows

Beth VonCannon
VonCannon family

262-A, Martha, Female 64

Sweatsuit XLarge, Socks 9-11, Night gown large, Towels, Wash cloths, Crock pot, Paper Products

Benny & Ann Morse

263-A, Valiyah, Female 23

Jeans 7 or 8, Shirt med, Shoe 8 1/2, Pots and pans, King Comforter, socks, Underwear 7 or 8, Gift card to Walmart or Kohl's, perfume, Couch (NEED); Lamps, nightlights, pillows, outside inside chairs

Dee Johnson
Journey Class

263-B, Malachi, Female 7

Shoes 13, Socks, Underwear, White T's, Dinosaur toys, Size 5 Clothing, Tabs

Dee Johnson
Journey Class

263-C, Keondre, Male 6

Shoes 12 or 12 1/2, Underwear, Size 5 clothing, socks, trucks

Dee Johnson
Journey Class

263-D, Sincere, Male 2

Shoes 7, Clothes 2T-3T, socks, music toys, Pull ups 2t-3t

Dee Johnson
Journey Class

263-E, Zarriyah, Female 7 months

Clothes 6-9 months, socks, bibs, baby music toys, teething toys, bottles, pacifiers, Gentle Baby formula, Crib Covers, PAC n Play covers

Dee Johnson
Journey Class

264-A, Tiffany, Female 31

Shirts XL, panties 8, Pants, XL, socks ladies large, Bra 38D, Jacket XL, shoes 11, towels, washcloths, pots and pans

Diane Sanford

264-B, Jeremiah, Male 9

Shirts 18 Husky, Pants 18 Husky, Shoes 8 1/2 men's, underwear men's size medium, socks men's large, jacket 18 Husky

Valerie Kessinger
I will send a check

264-C, MaKayla Female 6

Shirts 10-12, pants 10-12, shoes 4-4 1/2, panties 10-12, socks ladies small, Jacket 12, Bra 32

Bonnie Moore

265-A, Tracy, Female 36

Blue and Black ripped jeans 24, any color blouse or shirt 3XL, Pajama set 3XL, UNC Hoodie 3XL, King size comforter set blue or black, pots and pans, instant pot

Connie Bevins
Connie Bevins will happily send a check

265-B, Nakayia Female 15

Blue and black ripped jeans 8, Cami shirts small/med, Pajama Set med, Sport Bra 34C, Queen size comforter set purple or black, bluetooth speaker

Jamie Wesner
Girl Scout Troop 893 would like to adopt this lovely lady.

265-C, Arianah Female 11

Blue and black ripped jeans 8, Shirt Lrg, tennis shoe 7 1/2 or 8, sport bra 31D, drawing craft set, color pencils

Colleen Conroy

265-D, Arnold Male 10

Any color ripped jeans 36 or 37, t-shirt XL, tennis shoe 7 1/2, boy boxer briefs 3XL, Hover Board

Denise Adkins
I am assuming that I am suppose to buy all the items on his wish list. Please advise.

265-E, Treyvon Male 8

Any color ripped jeans 14/16, t-shirt Large, tennis shoe 5, boy boxer briefs Large 14/16, Hover Board

Bob Asdal
We will send a check. Thank you.

266-A, Tracy Female 48

slip resistant shoes 11, Robe 3X, black pants 22-24, panties 12, Red pot set, crock pot, Full size comforter set, iron, ironing board

Cathy Gerritsma

266-B, Deshon Male 18

socks 12, black pants 40/32, underwear Xlarge men's, Winter coat 2X men's, 2 sheet sets for twin beds and comforter sets for 2 twin beds, alarm clock radio, desk top lamp

Craig Wallace
will send check. thanks much.

266-C, Dasani Female 18

Robe 3X, bras 38/40, sleep wear 3X, winter coat 3X, sheet set for full bed, comforter set for full bed, pillows for bed, alarm clock radio

Teresa Wallace
Mailing check. Thank you.

267-A, Lakeya Female 37

shirt 3X, pants 18/20, shoes 8 1/2-9, King sheet set, queen sheet set, perfume, acrylic nail set, Air fryer, Shower Curtain, Spoons, forks, Keurig, Furniture as had to get rid of all furniture due to bedbug infestation in apartment complex.

have shopper

267-B, Tyajha Female 19

pants 16, shirt XLarge, shoes 7, bedside lamp (girlie), Big Hoop Earrings, mink lashes (28 mm and up), character socks

Susan Milligan

267-C Xzayvier Male 16

pants 16/18, shirt large, shoes 7 1/2, fish aquarium and accessories, LGBT flag for wall, "James Charles" anything, standing lamp for room

Dianne Schultz

267-D Zhariya Female 15

pants 5/7, Leggings small, Shirts small/med, Shoes women's 9, panties med spandex material, perfume, bath set, bangles, hoop earrings, acrylic nail kit, press on nails long, mink lashes (28 mm and up)

Shannon Stewart
The Stewart and Fruge’ family

267-E, KyAundrei Male 12

Pants 14/16, Shirt large, Shoes 5 1/2-6, Axe body spray, cheap tablet, RC remote control car, poster with "Jelly" famous gamer

Beth VonCannon
VonCannon family

267-F, Keyonnie Male 2

Pants 3T, Shirts 3T, Shoes 7C, Mickey Mouse anything, Leap Frog table, educational toys

Susan Lynch

268-A, Kim Female 50

Wash cloths, towels, laundry detergent, toaster, Sheets King size, Pot holders, Pots and Pans set, Plate Set, Silverware, Wine Glasses, Black Skechers 8 1/2, tires, bicycle helmet, tv

Susan and Andy Fox

268-B, Kobe Male 19

Queen sheets, socks, Men's brief underwear Medium, Head phones, Soap, Toothbrush, Toothpaste, Deodorant, Lotion, Light Bulbs

Susan and Andy Fox

272-A, Anthony Male 55

Pants 34/35, Shirts Large, Underwear 34, Socks Medium, T-shirts Large, Shoes 11, Pots and Pans, Bath Towels, Washcloths, Pot Holders, Dish Towels, Dish Rags, Sheet set King, Blanket King

Pam Martin

272-B, Jamie Female 37

Pants Medium 14, Socks, Shirt Large, Panties 9, Shoes 7 1/2-8, Bath Rugs, Trash bags, Dishes, Curtains, Shampoo, Conditioner, Soap, Lotion, TV

Pam Martin

272-C, Aubree Female 7

Shirt 7, Pants 7, Underwear 5/6, Shoes 12 kids, Socks, Squishy, LOL Doll, Bike with training wheels, Hair Bows, Barbie Clothes, Slime kit, Wubble Bubble, My Life Doll and clothes for it

Pam Martin

280-A, Josephine Female 65

Microwave, Bra 44D, Nightgown 2X, Skinny Jeans/Leggings 20W, Dress Shoes 10, House Shoes, Earrings, Pots and Pans set, Hand Soap, Comforter Full, Sheet set Full, Candles

nancy kendrick

280-B, Robert Male 68

Pants 32-34, Shirt Button up 17 1/2, Shoe 10 1/2 Wide, Socks, Pajamas, Hat, T-shirt XL, Sheet set King, Comforter King

Ross Truemper

280-C, Harmony Female 11

Night Clothes 14/16, Panties 16, Bedroom Shoes XLarge 7, Jeans 16 Plus, Boots 7, Jacket 18, Long Sleeve Shirt, Board Games, Slime, Cooking Kit, Kids Cook Book, Hair Bands, Lip Gloss, Fake Nails, Pocketbook, Babydoll Head with Hair

Carol Kruse

280-D, Aleigha Female 9

Panties 18, Night Clothes 18, Socks 4-10, Bedroom Shoes XL 7, Boots 7, Long Sleeve shirts, Jeans Jr. 18 Plus, Jacket 18, Card Games, Kid Cookbook, Slime, Lip Gloss, Fake Nails, Kid Makeup set, Baby Doll head with Hair, Backpack

Ann Doster

280-E, Tiarra Female 26

Long Sleeve Shirt Women's 1X, Leggings 2X, Thin Socks, Bedroom Shoes 10, Panties 3X, Pajamas 1X, Bra 44 DDD, Forks and Spoons, Food Storage Containers, Candles, Air Fresheners, Lotion

Penny/Emil Johnson

280-F, Halile Female 2

Winter Jacket 3T, Socks, Long Sleeve Shirts 3T, Boots 7, Undershirts 3T, Blanket, Jeans 3T, Night Clothes 3T, Pull Ups 3T-4T, Baby Doll, Stroller, Learning Games, Wipes, Dress Up, Ball

Penny/Emil Johnson

281-A, Benita Female 40

Shirts Large, Pants 7/9, Panties Medium, Bra 38C, Coat/Jacket Large, Bedroom Shoes, Towels, Bed in a Bag Comforter Set Queen, Pots and Pans

Sherri Mangum

281-B, Jahad Male 15

Shirts 14/16, Pants 14/16, Boxers Small, Socks 9/11, Coat/Jacket Medium, Bedroom Shoes, Basketball, Headset for PS4, Skateboard, 10 Speed Bike, Twin Comforter Set

Shannon Stewart
The Stewart and Fruge’ family

281-C, TajMalik Male 21

Shirt Large, Pants 30/33, Boxers Large, Socks 9/11, Coat/Jacket Large, Bedroom Shoes, Headset for PS4, Skateboard, 10 Speed Bike, Comforter Set King Size

have shopper

282-A, Sharika Female 31

Gain Laundry Detergent, Gain Fabric Softener, Clorox, Gain Dish Detergent, Dishwashing Sponges, Microwave, Pots and Pans set, Non Stick Cooking utensils, Candles

Pattie Taylor

282-B, Jymauri Male 14

Shirt 2XL, Pants 33/35, Boxers Men's XLarge, Toys

Terry and Carol Mcdaniel
I’m sending a check.

282-C, Jaiden Male 11

Pants Men's Large, Shirt Men's Medium, Boxers Men's Large, Toys

Susan Milligan

282-D, Janiyah Female 5

Pants 10, Shirts 10, Panties Girl's 14, toys

Lisa Bennett

283-A, Alex Male 24

Shirt Med, Pants 30/30, Shoes 8, Jacket Medium, Lego, Bike, TV tires, Soft bed sheets Queen, Bingo

Bonna Leonard

283-B, Yamelic Female 22

Shirt Medium, Pants 8, Shoes 7 1/2, Jacket Medium, Toaster, TV

Bonna Leonard

283-C,Emily Female 1

Shirt 18 months, Pants 18 months, Shoes 4, Jacket 24 months, Barbies, Barbie House, Barbie Supermarket

Susan Lynch

283-D, Brian Male 10

Shirt 12-14, Pants 12-14, Shoes 5, Jacket 12-14, Legos, TV

Chris Wright
Sending check

283-E, Kevin Male 15

Shirt Large, Pants 30/32, Shoes 9 1/2, Jacket Large, Legos, Ratchet set

Chris Wright
Sending check

283-F, Luis Male 21

Shirt XXLarge, Pants 36/30, Shoes 10, Jacket XXLarge,

Bonna Leonard

283-G, Graciela Female 41

Shirt XLarge, Pants 13, Shoes 8 1/2, Jacket XLarge, Bike, Plates, Pots and Pans

Colvin Family

283-H, Jose Male 45

Shirt XL, Pants 34/30, Shoes 9 1/2, Jacket XLarge, Microwave

Ann Hunt

284-A, Natashia Female 31

T Shirt Medium, Socks Size 5 in Shoe, Bra 36B, King Size Comforter, Washcloths and Towels

The Whitts

284-B, (No Name) Male 7

Shirt 7, Pants 7, Socks Shoe size 1C, Full Size Fortnite Comforter, Xbox games, Leggo, Learning Toys

Cathy Gerritsma

285-A, Elizabeth Female 34

Shirt S/Medium, Pants 5/6, Shoes 7, Pots and Pan Set, Music radio, Shower Curtain, Fan, 2 Curtains 36x64, Pillows, Bed Sheets Queen Size, Toaster, Perfume, Hygiene Products, Bike

have shopper

285-B, Magnus Male 31

Shirts XL/2XL, Pants 34/36, Shoes 12 1/2, House Coat, Towels, Socks, PJ's, Pillows, Anything pertaining to music, TV (has been donated), Jacket and sweaters XL/2XL, Joggers, Bike

Mission Team
Mission Team

285-C, Daniel Male 11

Shirt Medium 10/12, Pants Medium 10/12, Shoes Youth 5 1/2, Twin Size Bed, House Coat, pillow, Curtains, bed items, Fortnight toys, cars, leggo, Any Xbox items, PJ's, Hoover Board, Slime item, TV, Bike

Cathy Gerritsma

285-D, Alicia Female 10

Shirts Medium 10/12, Pants Medium 10/12 Twin Size Bed, Shoes Youth 5, House Coat, Pillow, Curtains, bed items, Slime Items, LOL Doll, PJ's, Jacket, Sweater, Creativity toy items, Hoover Board, Bike

Sherri Mangum

285-E, Chelsea Female 2

Clothes 3T-4T, shoes 10C, Toddler Bed, PJ's, Pillow, House Coat, Baby Alive, Blues Clue, Lil Kitchen set, socks, Musical toys, shoe rack, Pampers and wipes

Julia Simmons

308-A, Tenika Female 32

Shoe 8, Pants 13 Junior, Shirt 2X Junior, Jacket 1X Junior, Big Pot Set, Air Fryer

Thomas McDow

308-B, Faye Female 56

Shirts 3X, Pants 3X, Jacket 3X, Sheet Set Queen, Towels, Wash clothes, Slow Cooker

Thomas McDow

308-C, Lazaria Female 11

Jacket Large Junior, Shirts Med/Large Junior, Pants 7/9 Junior, Shoe 7 1/2 Woman's, Twin bed sheet set Purple

Thomas McDow

308-D, Javar Male 5

Pants 5 Boys, Shirt 5 Boys, Any toys with PJ Mask, Any toys with Paw Patrol

Michael Edwards
Michael Edwards

308-E, Jyrese Male 3

Jacket 3T, Pants and shirts 3T, Shoe 8C, Leap Frog, Anything Blaze Monster Machine, Twin Bed sheet set (PJ Mask)

Michael Edwards
Michael Edwards

309-A, Ivan Male 49

Work Shoes 8 1/2, Pants 34, Jacket Large, Tennis Shoes 8 1/2, TShirt Large, PJ's Large, Socks, Work Tools, Garden Trimmer

Beth Howard

309-B, Fernanda, Female 11

Pants Small, Leggings Small, Socks, Shirt Medium, Shorts Small, Tennis Shoes 4, Jacket Medium, PJ's Medium, Bed Sheet set Queen, Back Pack, LOL OMG Doll, Barbie, PS4 with controller, Barbie, IPad with apple pencil, Computer and computer case

Cathy Gerritsma

309-C, Ivana Female 7

Shoes 2, Shirt 12/14, Jacket 12/14, PJ's 12/14, Leggings 12/14, Sheet Set Full, Socks, LOL OMG Doll, Barbie, Backpack, Necklace, Bracelet, Hairbands

Julia Simmons

309-D, Lizeth Female 38

Leggings Large, Shirt, Large, Jacket Large, PJ's Large, Tennis Shoes 9, Bed Sheet Set Queen, Socks, Wallet, Pots and Pans, Baking Stuff for cakes

Beth Howard

310-A, Lillian Female 52

Sweat pants XLarge, White T-shirts 2X, Sweat Jacket 2x Black, White socks 9-12, Bra 34, Pots and Pans, Comforter King,

Kerry Alfrey

310-B, Laniah Female 5

Shirts 5/6, LOL Dollhouse and LOL dolls, Pants 5/6, Jacket/Coat 5/6 Pink, Socks, Boots 10 Little Girls,Panties 6, Pink Bike with Training Wheels

Kerry Alfrey

318-A, Bertie Female (no age stated)

Boots Black Brown 10, Jeans 12-14, Sweater Xlarge, Comforter Set Queen, Pot and Pans

Jan Truemper

318-B, Philip Male 15

Shoes 9 1/2 Black or Grey, Coat Large Men's, Pants 31/32, Shirt Medium Men's. Keyboard to play, Tablet

Tom and Mary Lou Bernett
We will send the money, but we will buy the keyboard and bring it to the church.

324-A, Rodney Male 53

Bedding King , Towels, Wash Cloths, Pots and Pans, Curtains 36x68, socks, Boxers XLarge, t-shirts XLarge, Long Sleeve Shirt XLarge, Pajamas XLarge

Greg & Linda Linville

324-B, Sarah Female 13

Pants Size 16, Bra 36A, Twin Bedding, Pajamas, Underwear and socks (no sizes so maybe a gift card)

Valerie Kessinger
I will send check

324-C, Cheyenne Female 9

LOL Dolls, Twin Bedding, Pants 12, Socks, Training Bra

Carol Kruse

325-A NTaya Female 24

Scrubs for school and work large, Cleaning or household supplies

Cathy Wibbens
& Vera Stafford

325-B, Harmony Female 3

Clothing 4T, panties 5/6, socks, toys

Lisa Bennett

326-A, Jenitta Female 35

Queen comforter and sheet set - red or black or black and white, Zebra print home decor, Red mum flowers, Bluetooth speaker, Bathroom set - black and white or zebra print, TV, tablet, stereo, soundbar

Anonymous Gift Giver
Will send check

326-B, Derek Male 32

Carolina panthers/Golden State warriors Jersey XLarge, Jacket/coat blazer Xlarge, Timberland boots black or brown 13, PS4 controllers and accessories, Gilden white Tshirt XLarge, Boxers XLarge, Pants 38, Shirts XLarge, Gift Card,

Anonymous Gift Giver
Will send Check

326-C, Jha'Nhariah Female 18

Burgundy car accessories, Iphone accessories and charger, gift cards, Pants XLarge, Shirts XLarge, Jacket and coat XLarge, Flat iron, Wand curlers

Anonymous Gift Giver
Will send check

326-D, Jenitta Male 13

TV, PS5 and PS5 accessories, Basketball, Sneakers 11 - Jordan's, Nikes or Timberland, Iphone accessories, IPod, Basketball goal, Jacket or coat Large men's, Pants 32, Shirt Large

Anonymous Gift Giver
Will send check

327-A, Stephanie Female 32

Pants 18, Shirts XL, Shoes 9, Cooking appliances, mop/bucket, broom/dustpan, New bed Queen, Sheet/comforter set Queen

Anonymous Gift Giver
Will send check

327-B, Emma 13

Pants 8 juniors, Shirt Large junior, Shoes 5, Roblox toys, straight talk phone card, iphone, laptop, bike

Anonymous Gift Giver
Will send check

327-C, Laci Female 8

Pants 8 girls, Shirts 7/8, Shoes 12 kids, Roblox toys, Legos, LOL surprise toys, bike

Cathy Gerritsma

327-D Bradlee Male 9 weeks

Clothes 6 months, Baby Sit Me Up, Baby Bouncer, Anything that makes noise

Carol Kruse

328-A, Mendy Female 36

Laundry Basket, Bath Towels, Cleaning Supplies, Throw Blankets

Allyson Hodges

328-B, Matthew Male 15

Hoodie XLarge Youth, Underwear XLarge Youth, ITunes Gift Card, Xbox gift card

Mary Neil Thompson

328-C Michael Male 15

Hoodie Large Youth, Underwear Large Youth, ITunes gift card, Xbox gift card, Computer monitor, Small Computer desk

Steve Wilkins
Meg & Steve Wilkins will send check

328-D, Mason Male 13

Hoodie Large Youth, Underwear Large Youth, Bike, Small computer desk, Computer Chair, ITunes Gift Card, Xbox Gift Card

Steve Wilkins
Meg & Steve Wilkins will send check

328-E, Madelyn Female 11

Clothes Size 14 or Youth Large, Nail Polish, Bike, Roblox Gift Card

Bridget Johnson
Troop 1868 is excited to help!

329-A, Teyanna Female 35

T-Shirts XLarge, Leggings Large, Shoes 9, Pots and Pans, Bath and Body works things, perfume, Alexa for TV

Jeanette Schoonover

329-B, Haylee Female 17

Shirts Small, Pants 0, Shoe 9, Blanket, Bath and Body Works Lotion

Katie Tomlin

329-C, Ashona Female 15

Shirts Medium, Pants 4, Any kind of drawing things, Blanket, Bath Booms and Body Lotion

Katie Tomlin

329-D, James Male 8

Shoes 4, Size 8-10 in clothes, Loves baseball and basketball, blanket, Small TV for his room

Julia Simmons

330-A, Sada Female (No age given)

Shirts XLarge, Pants XLarge or 16, Shoes 8, Socks 8/9, Panties 10/11, Comforter Set Queen Red or Black, Pots and pans, Dish set, Pillows, TV

Ann Hunt

330-B, Jada Female 10

Shirts 11/12, Pants 11/12, Shoes 4, Socks 5/6, Panties 11/12, Tablet, earrings, bracelets, Hatchable, Sleeping Bag

Laurel Bishop

330-C, Taliyah Female 7

Shirts 8/9, Pants 8/9, Shoes 3 1/2, Socks 7/8, Panties 8/9, Finger-lings, Barbies, Tablet, Sleeping Bag

Cathy Gerritsma

330-D, Zaytoren Male 6

Shirts 7/8, Pants 6/7, Shoes 14, Socks 6/7, BD"s 6/7, Tablet, Spiderman toys, Remote Car, Cars, Sleeping Bag

Julie & Bryan Wriston

330-E, Leiana Female 4

Shirts 4/5, Pants 4/5, Shoes 8, Sock 5/6, Panties 4/5, Tablet, Mickey Mouse Telephone, Kitchen set, Play Food, Sleeping Bag

Meryl Davidson
Meryl and Ron Davidson

331-A, Sharon Female 51

Bra 38DDD, Jeans 12, Shirt XLarge, Pots and Pans, Cast Iron Skillet, Comforter and Sheets Queen, Christmas Tree (White Snow), Desk

have shopper

331-B, Nikya Female 12

Shirt Medium, Pants 3, Hoodies Medium, Shoes 8, Teen Make-up, Educational stuff for 6th grade

Laurel Bishop

331-C, Nicholas Male 8

Sweat Shirt 7, Tees 7/8, Pants 7, Socks, Shoes 1, Trucks, Toy Guns, Lego

Allyson Hodges

331-D, MaLonna Female 5

Pants 6, Shirt 6, Shoes 12, Coat 6, Dolls, Educational toys for 1st Grade

Angie Scherer

331-E, Spencer Male 31

T-Shirt XLarge, Boxers 38/40, Hoodies XLarge, Sweats Large, Washcloths, Towels, Sheet and Comforter Queen

Faye Baxley

331-F, Ruther, Female 89

House Dress, House Slippers, Comforter and Sheets (Tan) Queen, Adult Underpants Large, Towels

Kathy Ragsdale

332-A, Ashley Female 31

Juniors 7, Medium Shirts, Towels, Washcloths, Sheet and Comforter set Queen, Candles, Crock Pot, Pots and Pans, Forks and Spoons, Cups and Plates

Lesa & Eric Measells

332-B, Shia Female 11

Junior Size 11/12, Shirts Large, Socks, Underwear, Comforter and Sheet set Twin, Barbie Dolls, Slime, Light Up Stuff

Cathy Gerritsma

332-C, Saryah Female 3

Pants 4T-5T, Shirts 4T-5T, Shoes 9/10, Socks, Underwear, Paw Patrol, Sheets Twin, Barbie Dolls, LOL Dolls

Lara Jewell

333-A, Brianna Female 20

Shirt Large, Jeans Adult 16, Underwear Large, Socks Large, Light Jacket Adult Large, Shoes 10, Boots 10, King Bed Set, Pots and Pans, Bath and Body Works, Jewelry, Makeup, Curtains, Tote Bag

Nykki Wendelin

333-B, Nevaeh Female 2

Shirt 4T-5T, Jeans 4T-5T, Underwear 2T, Socks 3T, Light Jacket 4T-5T, Shoes 8 1/2-9C in toddlers, Ball, Dolls, Playhouse, Learning Games, Stuffed Animals, Baby Play Phone

Rebecca Razzano

333-C, Noel Male 9

Shirt Large Kids, Jeans 15-16 Juniors, Underwear 1X in kids, Socks Large, Light Jacket Large, Shoes 9 1/2, Fortnight Games, Football, Basketball, Cars, Earbuds, Scooter, Skateboard

Rebecca Razzano

333-D, Tatiana Female 14

Shirt Medium junior, Jeans 14 in Women's, Underwear Large, Socks Large, Light Jacket Large in women's, Shoes 10 in women's, Beats ear Phones, Queen Bed set

Matina Dwyer

333-E, Barbara Female 38

Shirt XLarge, Jeans 16-18, Underwear XLarge, Socks Large, Light Jacket XLarge, Dress Shoes 9 1/2, TV

have shopper

334-A, Cheryl Female 50

2X or 3X Nightgown, Sweat pants XLarge, Socks 9, Vacuum Cleaner, Curtains 36x64"

have shopper

334-B, Amari Male 9

Clothes large or Huskie boy 32, Shoes with wheels 6 Boys, Nitendo Switch (really wants), Bike

Peggy Raney
Will shop

334-C, Amahi Male 5

4T-5T Pants, Small/Med Shirts, Toy cars, Scooter, Bike

Peggy Raney
Will shop

335-A, Latoya Female 42

Pajamas 3X, Underwear 10, Dishes, Comforter set King,

Laura Ferguson

335-B, Jamez Male 21

Pajamas Medium, Comforter Set Queen, Underwear Medium

Bob Brown

336-A, Mary Female 80

Pant Suit 16, Sweat Suit 16, Sweater Large, Pants 16, Pots and Pans, Glasses, Bedspread Queen, Boots 9 1/2

Velda Mustard

337-A, Martina Female 63

Diabetic Socks 11, Bedroom slippers 11, Sweater 4X, Winter hat scarf and gloves, Dove Body Wash, Silverware, Convention Oven, Towels, Washcloths

Marilyn Oravetz

337-B, Elijah Male 22

T-Shirts XLarge, Boxers XLarge, Socks 11/12, Pajamas XLarge, Comforter Queen, Axe Body Wash and Deodorant, Towels, Washcloths, Cups

Greg & Linda Linville

339-A, Stephanie Female 30

Cleaning Supplies, Laundry Supplies, Shirt XLarge, Shoes 10, Stretchy Pants XLarge, Comforter and Sheets Queen, Cleaning Supplies

Sherry & Tony Price

339-B, Josiah Male 13

Pokemon, Fortnite Games, PS4 Games, Pants 34, Shirts 20, Tennis shoes 8, Headphones

Nykki Wendelin

339-C, Sarenity Female 12

Make-up, Artificial Nails, Jewelry, Tennis shoes 8, Shirt 18/20, Stretchy Pants, Headphones

Laurel Bishop

339-D, Dah'Kaiden Male 8

Yard Games, PS4 Games, Fortnite, Shirts 8, Pants 8, Tennis shoes 3 1/2, Headphones

Elissa Grimm

339-E, La'Tari Male 7

Fortnite, PS4 Games, Pants 7/8, Shirt 7/8, Tennis shoes 1, Tablet, Headphones

David & Carolyn Beam

340-A, Jeanette Female 38

Pots and Pans, Pants 5, Shirts Medium, Jacket Medium, Flat Screen TV

Ann Cantwell

340-B, Jeffrey Male 11

Pants 10/12, Shirts 10/12, PS4 Games, Shoes 6, Boxer Briefs Large, Socks

Ann Cantwell

340-C, Jahyda Female 14

Pants 9, Shirts Medium, Socks, Underwear Medium, Jacket Medium, Hair Gel (Echo Gel) Dove Body Wash, Dove Deodorant

Carolyn Nicholson

341-A, Philecia Female 31

Comforter and Sheet set Queen, Dishes, Towels, Pants 12 Long, X Box

Greg Thompson

341-B, Ky'Nema, Female 7

Minnie Mouse Bike, Shirt Medium, Pants 7, Shoes 1 1/2, Socks, Minnie Mouse Toys, Minnie Mouse Comforter and sheet set for Full bed

Carolyn Nicholson
Carolyn Nicholson

341-C, Indianna Female 9

Frozen Bike, Shirt Medium, Pants 7 Shoes 2, Frozen Bed set and sheets for full bed and bunk beds, Frozen 2 Toys

Rebecca Razzano

341-D, Jah'Zara Female 10

Shirt Medium, Pants 7 Tall, Unicorn bed set and sheets for Queen Bed, Bike Shoes 2, LOL Toys

Ann Cameron

343-A, Hope Female 56

Shirt XXLarge, Pants Stretchy 16, Shoes 6, Socks, Underwear Large, Bra 40D, Slippers 6/7, Bath towels Caribbean Colors, Sheets Queen, Silverware, Anything Pioneer Woman

have shopper

343-B, Crystal Female 28

Shirt Large, Pants 8/10, Socks Adult, Shoes 8 1/2, Underwear 7, Bra 38C, Coat Large, Queen Sheets, Tea Kettle, Comforter King, Throw Pillows, Pots and Pans

Mike and Biki Hopper

343-C, Joel Male 35

Shirt XXLarge, Pants 36/34, Socks Adult, Shoes 12, Boxers Large, Sleeveless Undershirts XXL, Coat XXL, T-Shirts XXL, Drill Tools, hammer, slippers 12, Bathrobe XXL, Bed Pillow

have shopper

343-D, Madison Female 7 1/2

Shirts 7/8-10/12, Pants 7/8, Shoes 2, Socks kids, Underwear 7/8, Coat 10/12, Slippers. LOL Toys, Polly Pocket Twin Sheets, Barbie and clothes for Barbie, Barbie Dreamhouse, Unicorns, horse stuff, JoJo Sewa Stuff, Vampirinia

Tucky Hobbs

343-E, Mason Male 4

Shirts 5T, Pants 4T, Socks kids, Shoes 10 kids, Underwear 4T, Coat 5T, Slippers 10 kids, Tonka Trucks, Jon Deere Toys, Minecraft Toys, Twin Sheets, Remote Control toys, Boy Action Figures

Tucky Hobbs

344-A, Donna Female 60

Long Sleeve Tops Large, Winter PJ's Large, Microwavable Dinnerware, Break Pads for 2006 Ford Escape, Glassware

Barry and Sheila Oakes

344-B, Adison Female 14

Long Sleeve Topes XLarge, Elastic waist pants 16 or XLarge, Winter PJ's 14/Large, Sensory items for Autism, DVD Player

Barry and Sheila Oakes

344-C, Ethan Male 12

Sweat Pants 14/16, Tennis Shoes 8-81/2, Pullover Hoodie 14/16, Electric Scooter, Youth Baseball Glove, Fishing Equipment

Barry and Sheila Oakes

345-A, Charles Male 82

Pajama Bottoms 1XLarge desperately needs, Cologne, Shampoo and conditioner, Slippers with no backs as feet are swollen, Grill for indoor grilling

Kathy Ragsdale

345-B, Betsy Female 79

Nightgown Small, Perfume, Black Hair Dye, Any kind of crafts that are easy to do due to having dementia

I'm in Pennsylvania. I will mail a check.

345-C, Linda Female 58

Pajamas 1XLarge, Long Sleeve Sweater 1XLarge, Candles, Any kind of arts and crafts, like paper collage making

Marlene Martin

347-A, Christy Female 44

Underwear 12, Jogging Pants 3X, Shirt 24/26 or 3X-4X, Socks, Pots and Pans, Queen Comforter Set, Baking Dishes

Katie Sparrow

347-B, Sarion Male 13

Boxers 42-44, Pants 42/44, Shirts 3X, T-Shirts 3X, Socks 10, Remote control car or truck, Educational games, Queen Sheets, Pillows

Katie Sparrow

348-A, Rigoberto 34

Pants 32/30, Shirt Medium, Hoodie Medium, Tennis Shoe 8, Tools, Headphones, TV

Sheila & Ernie Dumlao

348-B, Mayra Female 29

Skinny Jeans 0, Jacket Small, Tennis Shoes 8, King Bedding, Casseroles, Music Speakers

Sheila & Ernie Dumlao

348-C, Rigo male 11

Sweater Large, Skinny Jeans 12, Tennis Shoes 5, Shirt Large, Ball Cap, Headphonest

Mark Emmer

348-D, Ramiro Male 9

Sweater Medium, Shirt Medium, Skinny Jeans 10, Tennis Shoes 4, Headphones, Ball Cap

Lori Lampl

348-E, Oliver Male 2

Skinny Jeans 4, Shirt 4, Sweater 5, Tennis Shoes 8-9, Carseat, Tablet, Ball Cap, Balls

Helen Moeser
& Carol

353-A, Reyra Female 38

Dress 10, Boots 8, Jacket Large, Queen Comforter, Pots and Pans, Blender

Pam Martin (Good News SS Class)

353-B, Yuliana Female 11

Jeans 12, Blouse 12, Boots 5, Underwear 14, Socks, Sweater 12/14, LOL OMG Doll, Barbie, Mini Backpack Unicorn

Pam Martin (Good News SS Class)

353-C, Sarahi Female 8

Dres 10/12, Tennis shoes 4, Underwear 12, Sweater 10/12, LOL OMG Doll, Mini BackPack Mermaid, Barbie

Pam Martin (Good News SS Class)

353-D, Carlos Male 6

Jeans 7, Shirt 7, Shoes 2, Underwear, Socks, Jacket 7, Logos, Cars

Pam Martin (Good News SS Class)

353-E, Andrea Female 4

Dress 5, Shoes 10, Jacket 5, Underwear 6, Socks LOL Doll, Boxy Girl, Mini Backpack

Pam Martin (Good News SS Class)

353-F, Abraham Male 2

Jeans 3, Shirt 3, Tennis Shoes 7 Jacket 3, Cars, Music toys, Blanket

Pam Martin (Good News SS Class)
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