Adults and Mature Teens

Fr. Joe Presents: Polish Christmas Customs

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Date: 11/23/2019 (Sat.)

Time: 9:00am - 10:30am EST

Location: Community Room in Church Basement

Created by:   Alicia Henrikson
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YES (24) -  

Anna Lee (2 adults)

Lisa Polakowski (2 adults)

Tom Mooney (2 adults)

Joann Telzrow (1 adult)

Hillary Horen (1 adult)

Cathy Kroll (1 adult)

Maureen Dowd (1 adult)

Karen Lenardic (3 adults)

Karen Fink (1 adult)

Elaine Estadt (1 adult)

Ronald Gliebe (2 adults)

Donna Mangano (2 adults)

Kathy Dowd (1 adult)

Rosemary Varga (1 adult)

andrea cowie (1 adult)

John Hribar (1 adult)

Susan & Emily Pestello (2 adults)

Gail Plocica Kirsch (1 adult)

Erica Kosinski (2 adults)

Doug Ochocki (2 adults)

Lindsey Ford (1 adult)

Patricia Jacobson (3 adults)

Mary Beth Pollock (4 adults)

Susan Wilder (2 adults)