Earth Stewardship

Reforest Monterey

Join us for a morning of learning about and planting trees in Monterey's urban forest--on Saturday, November 16.

Arrive at 8:45 am at First Presbyterian Church, 501 El Dorado St., Monterey

9:00 am--Talk by Matthew Sleeth, author of Reforesting Faith

9:30 am--Monterey Interim Forester helps us understand our forest

10:00 am--Carpool to planting site (a greenbelt, details to come)

10:15 - 12 noon--Plant trees!

12 noon: Blessing of the trees and picnic--We'll provide a simple sack lunch.

We'll send details of the planting site, things to wear and bring, etc., a week out from the event. We'll need to carpool from the church to the planting site.

In the comment box under your name, please note if you are willing to drive and how many people (beside yourself) you can carry in your vehicle.

Please also note if you prefer cheese, hummus, or turkey in your sandwich. Thanks!

Date: 11/16/2019 (Sat.)

Time: 8:45am - 1:00pm PST

Location: First Presbyterian Church of Monterey

Created by:   Ellen Tucker, FPC Monterey

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Turkey please
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Stacey Touhy (2 adults, 1 child)

Linda Thompson (2 adults)

Autumn Bonnema (3 adults)

Kelsey Utter (1 adult, 1 child)
Just for planting part- baby will nap near lunch!

Ron Allen (1 adult)

Judy Allen (1 adult)

Katie Day (1 adult)
I can't carpool - sorry

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