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Pantano Christian Church

Donations - Angel Tree/Senior Santa

Greetings Pantano Families,


Angel Tree is a national organization that provides Christmas presents to children with an incarcerated parent. Angel Tree partners with churches to provide presents to the children that live near their church. However, there are children that live in rural areas that don't have a church nearby. Each year, these children do not get to participate in Angel Tree.

Pantano has chosen to partner with Angel Tree this year to reach the children in rural areas of Arizona. Do to the logistics of trying to get gifts to the children, Angel Tree requests only gift cards be purchased. You can participate in Angel Tree and Serve Our City this year by purchasing a gift card for a child. We are requesting Wal-Mart gift cards because no matter how rural you are, there is always a Wal-Mart nearby!

This Christmas, Pantano Christian Church and Love Thy Neighbor Ministries will be partnering with Home Instead Senior Care in their "Be A Santa To A Senior" program. This wonderful program encourages and provides the opportunity for the community to purchase Christmas gifts for needy nursing home and assisted living residents. This is a worthwhile program that often provides some of the basic necessities of living to the senior.

If you sign up to purchase a gift card or Senior Santa gift, you can make the purchase early and bring it to Pantano or Revolution on November 3rd or 10th. Or, you can purchase the card/gift on Serve Our City day, November 17th, and then drop it off at the East Pantano campus between 9:30AM and 11:30AM. Gifts do not need to be wrapped but we do need each gift marked with the Senior Santa ##.

Thank you for being a part of Serve Our City and blessing the Angel Tree children and Seniors!

Lisa Flowers, Campus Events Coordinator

Date: 11/02/2019 (Sat.)

Time: 9:30am - 11:30am EST

Created by:   Lisa Flowers
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Available Slot

Angel Tree Wal-Mart $25 gift card (150)

143 of 150 slots filled
Jill Dalrymple (2)
Michelle Gastrock
Penny Lyman Lyman
Linda Perryman (2)
John Howard (2)
Sara Bentley
Joy Schmidt
Dolan Yeager
Cindy Greer
Helen Brannam (2)
Helen Brannam
Anna Shaffer (2)
Peggy Tate
Cara Hasbrouck
Rick Cupples
Angela Randall
Frances Freidinger
Danielle Thomas
Susan Yaple
Cristela Cardenas
Patty Frates
Paula Nuckolls
Alondra Roahler
Tim Nichols
Melody Andrews
Carla Nichols
Janice Mason
Alexa Bathe
Sarah Wood
Kristin Repavich
Mike Rapavich
Julia Schnittker
Demencio & Brook Solorzano
Solorzano Family
Dozier Family
Daniel Dickson (4)
Leedale Family (4)
Veprek Family (4)
Hubert & Suzanne Epperson (2)
Erik Myers
Joel Sereno
Clare McGuire
Kay Bowers
Shirley Fregoso
Joni Lee
Lynn Campbell
Paula Flores
Deanna Northingten
Doug Bauman
Dheryl Gecery
Dana Chancellor
Lynette Clewley (3)
Donna Eli
Nicole Scumaci (2)
jullian Brounce
Dennis & Liz Barcena (2)
Tom & Heather Haberman
Don & Sara Bann
Kadynce Drummond
Debi Hall
Sara Templeton
evelyn Decker
Jill Davis
Jane Zwicker (2)
Janina Sauls
Helen & John Bish (4)
Shauntel Pinnick
Tammy McClellan
Jenni Morden
Lauren Zajac (2)
Laurie Mohr
Miranda Cottrill (2)
jeanette Thompson
Becky Feather
Barbara Connolly
Oscar Thompson
Regina Thompson
Denise Fabian
Lysa Davis
Ryan Schmidt
tanisha Thompson
Diana Porter
Debbie Richards
Donna Myers
Stephanie Genteman
Angela Krumholz (2)
Debora Williams
Cozy Blow
kate Boriack
Gabe Esparza (2)
vicki Roebuck (2)
Esther Mills (2)
Julie Davis
Kimberly Long
Lexi Ramirez
Susie Duarte (2)
2 cards
Bonnie McLean
Cathy Montemayor
Irma Pesqueira (2)
Tamara Fultz
Elizabeth Linaman
Kaitlin Farmer
Eric Oden (2)
Linda Lentini (2)
Ann Verhulst Verhulst
Braden McGrew
Buddy Horton
From the Galmarini Horton family
Deb Acker

Senior Santa ##1

Henry S. - Med cowboy hat with wires so he can bend it or beef jerky and Kit Kats.

Amber Elmer

Senior Santa ##2

Kathreen - water bottle (no spill) or clock (likes pink)

Amanda Nye

Senior Santa ##3

Leora G - Picture frames

Bernadette Ripoll

Senior Santa ##4

Leigh Ann B - Tennis shoes size 7.5 or Med shirts/sweat pants (favorite color is green)

Nancy Emory

Senior Santa ##5

Chris F - Atlanta Falcons hat, white tshirts 2XL, sour patch kids candy

Cindy Greer

Senior Santa ##6

Joy J - Fluffy blue quilt, Snickers candy

Nicole Link

Senior Santa ##7

Valerie R - Coloring books and pencils, peppermint candies

Nicole Link

Senior Santa ##8

Ethan K - XL Robe (blue/black), socks size 9

Nicole Link

Senior Santa ##9

Vicki B - DVD's of Moulin Rouge and Mamma Mia 2 or musical tshirts size large

Jennifer Thompson
Jennifer Thompson

Senior Santa ##10

Janis G - Shirts 3XL

Anna Shaffer

Senior Santa ##11

Aida G - Crutches with cushions

Yvette Vizuet

Senior Santa ##12

Melissa S - Queen size comforter (dark purple/butterflies) and Hershey's chocolate with almonds

Jill Davis

Senior Santa ##13

John W - Sweatpants size small

Nancy Emory

Senior Santa ##14

Ashley R - Twin sheet set (blue), shower curtain

Jessica Foster

Senior Santa ##15

Tom T - XL Boxers (36-38), tube socks (size 12), Dove dark chocolates

Caitlin Velasco

Senior Santa ##16

Alejandra G - Toaster or Bath N Body Works gift set

Jennifer Thompson
Jennifer Thompson

Senior Santa ##17

Cecy R - Tennis shoes size 9

Andy Hunt

Senior Santa ##18A

Celida M - Scented candles or toaster

Bernadette Ripoll

Senior Santa ##18B

Donno O - Non stick frying pan with lid or small dinnerware set

Camille Bauman

Senior Santa ##19

Dora T - Scented candles or UofA sweater size Large

Jennifer Thompson
Jennifer Thompson

Senior Santa ##20

Elo S - Drinking glass set or kitchen bowls with lids

Helen Brannam

Senior Santa ##21

Ernestina P - Sweater size large or nice shirt size large (female)

Carrie Clark

Senior Santa ##22

Esperanza A - Tennis shoes size 7.5 or ladies watch

Tom & Heather Haberman

Senior Santa ##23

Leonardo C - Cap with strap

Colby Parks

Senior Santa ##24

Romy V - Pajamas or nightgown size large

Jessica Fister

Senior Santa ##25

Rosa C - Kitchen utensils set or blender

Rhonda Porro

Senior Santa ##26

Stella R - Dress size 16 or 18 or blouse size 16

Clare McGuire

Senior Santa ##27

Carol L - Full size hunter green cotton blanket

June DiPilato

Senior Santa ##28

Maria E - 4 or 6 quart pressure cooker or large button down sweater

Julia & Riff Schnittker

Senior Santa ##29

Lynn T - CD player with radio or solid blue XL sweater

Nancy DeYoung

Senior Santa ##30

Mary T - A pair of "My Pillows" or a pair of Arizona style Birkenstocks size 7 wide

Cherie Gudanowski

Senior Santa ##31

Judy N - Large print Bible with tabs and inserts or fitted queen size mattress pad

Tara Drummond

Senior Santa ##32

Marina K - small counter top microwave or small toaster oven

Daniel Templeton

Senior Santa ##33

Sheri E - Books "Welcome to the Universe" by Neil DeGrasse Tyson or "Brief Answers to the Big Questions" by Stephen Hawkings

Nicole Scumaci

Senior Santa ##34

Fira G - Juicer (any brand) or dark chocolate and medium gloves

Stephanie Gentemen

Senior Santa ##35

Cynthia Z - Canvas bag for front of a walker with a seat (4 wheel walker)

Veprek Family

Senior Santa ##36

Mildred D - 4 cup auto drip coffee maker or set of white towels and washcloths

Joy Schmidt

Senior Santa ##37

Hoda N - Thermos for hot liquids

Rhonda Porro

Senior Santa ##38

Marilyn H - Perfume or any kind of stud earrings

Kay Bowers

Senior Santa ##39

Maggie S - Twin size flannel sheet set and color for a hospital bed

Roger Laskowski

Senior Santa ##40

Jamshid G - Tea cup or any color baseball hat (male)

Sylvia Castanon

Senior Santa ##41

Mahnesae H - Teapot with loose leaf green tea or any color tshirt small (female)

Sylvia Castanon

Senior Santa ##42

Elia M - Large sweatpants red or green or large blue or brown jacket (female)

Lisa Flowers

Senior Santa ##43

Tayba S - Clothes iron or 2 pillows with bright color cases

Nicole Scumaci

Senior Santa ##44

Tsilya L - Any kind of candy

Cara Hale

Senior Santa ##45

Valerie G - Light blue full size sheet set or non stick frying pan

Dee Cardinale

Senior Santa ##46

Greg N - Large blue sweatpants or large polo shirt or socks size 12

Chuey Geary

Senior Santa ##47

Judeth H - Mens UofA shirt 3XL

Nicole Scumaci

Senior Santa ##48

Sherrell M - Snacks, any size body spray, lotion, dress 4XL

Carrie Clark

Senior Santa ##49

Richard F - NFL Steelers things (shirt size XL)

Carlo DiPilato Jr.

Senior Santa ##50

Sketch pad and pencils

Deanna Northington

Senior Santa ##51

Ismael A - Flannel pajama pants 2XL, tshirts 2XL

Anna Shaffer

Senior Santa ##52

Yvonne F - Cardigan sweater, no buttons, light blue XL

Dona Myers

Senior Santa ##53

Erin A - New England Patriots clothing size Large

Yvette Vizuet

Senior Santa ##54

Glenda M - Soft blanket pink or purple or stuffed animals

Bernadette Ripoll

Senior Santa ##55

Carol L - Slippers, blue, size 8

Dana Chancellor

Senior Santa ##56

Polly C - Art kit/painting kit or nail polish pink or purple

Lisa Flowers

Senior Santa ##57

Carolyn H - Night gown XL, purple/pink or tshirts XL

Cheryl Eamick

Senior Santa ##58

George K - Socks (black, above ankle) size 11 or Old Spice after shave

Bernadette Ripoll

Senior Santa ##59

Eloise N - Scarfs or bracelets (likes red)

Maria Persons

Senior Santa ##60

Gwen - Sweatsuit size small, red or coloring books with pens

Shirley Fregoso

Senior Santa ##61

Helen - Sweater, medium, pink/baby blue or markers/crayons

June DiPilato

Senior Santa ##62

Emma S - Necklace with a cross

Dana Chancellor

Senior Santa ##63

Angela V - Black flat shoes size 7.5

Lisa Flowers

Senior Santa ##64

Denise T - Fuzzy soft thick blanket

Cara Hale

Senior Santa ##65

Leandra C - Roku stick

Diane & David Bland

Senior Santa ##66

Dolores C - No skid socks and cat stuffed animal

Natalie Ventura

Senior Santa ##67

Maria O - Spanish Bible large print or book of prayers in Spanish large print

genie aquino

Senior Santa ##68

Richard H - Box of chocolates

Bernadette Ripoll

Senior Santa ##69

Genevieve Y - Warm sweater size large and can of mixed nuts

Cheryl Eamick

Senior Santa ##70

Jumbo puzzle for the hard to see

Andy Hunt

Senior Santa ##71

James M - Sausage, cheese and crackers set

Amanda Nye

Senior Santa ##72

Katherine J - Elastic waist shorts XL, ladies tshirts short sleeve XL

Julia & Riff Schnittker

Senior Santa ##73

Kathleen E - Blouse 2XL

Taylor Templeton

Senior Santa ##74

Sima P - Ladies shampoo set

Natalie Ventura

Senior Santa ##75

Esther B - Bedroom slippers, size 9, blue or brown

Kay Bowers

Senior Santa ##76

Glenna R - Walmart womens underwear "Assurance" size S/M (disposable briefs)

Bernadette Ripoll

Senior Santa ##77

Sandra N - XL 3/4 sleeve pale pink top (dressy) or XL short sleeve black top (dressy) or XL black or beige light weight jacket

Jane Zwicker

Senior Santa ##78

Shirley M - Broom and dust pan

Andy Hunt

Senior Santa ##79

Jan F - Papermate flair felt tip pens, pads of post it notes

Nicole Scumaci

Senior Santa ##80

Priscilla M - Any lotion, Bath and Body spray-pear

Ray Beaulieu

Senior Santa ##81

Nenah M - Black coffee maker

Natalie Ventura

Senior Santa ##82

Shirley S - Pajamas Large, any color except black

Cara Hale

Senior Santa ##83

Donna B - Night gown 3XL

Paula Flores

Senior Santa ##84

Bett A - Assorted See's chocolates

Paula Flores

Senior Santa ##85

Nancy N - Full size blanket color rosewood

Mark & Deb Hall

Senior Santa ##86

Julius M - Joahan Strauss & Andre Rieu CD's

Ray Beaulieu

Senior Santa ##87

Francene B - Tan slippers size 10

Cherie Gudanowski

Senior Santa ##88

Agnes S - Doorbell

Henry Dietz

Senior Santa ##89

Esther M - Pajamas, satin type fabric, long sleeve button up, red size 12

Mariana Layman

Senior Santa ##90

Milton H - Large green jacket or Large socks, Large underwear, Large tsirts (blue, green,black)

James Meyer

Senior Santa ##91

Fred W - 2XL tshirts, socks, Med boxers (likes green)

Ray Beaulieu

Senior Santa ##92

Billy R - XLarge slippers, XL boxers, chocolate without nuts

Sophia Persons

Senior Santa ##93

Michelle M - Backpack (pink/purple), small shirts

Lisa Flowers

Senior Santa ##94

Richard D - Twin sheet set

Judy Whetherhult

Senior Santa ##95

Darleen B - Twin sheet set (likes purple) or electric blender

Judy Whetherhult

Senior Santa ##96

Michael K - Twin sheet set, case of Dr. Pepper

Janina Sauls

Senior Santa ##97

Peggy G - Med dresses, sunglasses (favorite color blue)

Catherine Swart

Senior Santa ##98

Helen S - Slip on black shoes size 10, Reese's peanut butter cups

Evelyn Decker
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