Pantano Christian Church

Pantano East Campus Opportunities

Thank you for considering joining us for this amazing day of serving our city!  We have worked hard to include various organizations and projects to appeal to your unique giftedness!  You will note that the tabs at the top of this page give you a way to narrow down your choice of project.

Unless otherwise noted, projects will start on campus at Pantano at 9:30AM and will plan to conclude at 11:30AM.  Each team will serve under a "Team Lead" and you will receive more detailed written instructions 1-2 weeks prior to 11/17. 

We encourage you to invite a friend or another family to join you during this Season of Giving!

Please note that Children's Programming is available on Campus (BY RESERVATION ONLY) from 9:00AM-12:00PM for children birth through 4 years old.  Children 5 and older should plan to join their families for appropriate projects as noted in descriptions.  Please RSVP your children HERE:

Date: 11/17/2019 (Sun.)

Time: 9:30am - 11:30am MST

Location: Pantano East Campus

Created by:   Lisa Flowers
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Available Slot

Rescued Not Arrested (100)

KidZone Rooms 9-10 -There are thousands of inmates who have been abandoned by friends and family who could use an encouraging note (from an adult) or picture (from a child) this Christmas - join us in being a light to those incarcerated.

56 of 100 slots filled
Kathryn Martin
Laynie Drenske
There will be 3 of us-2 adults one kid
Lindsey Parsons (3)
1 adult, 2 kids (15,11)
Alyssa Gomez
Melissa Weatherwax
5 (One adult) 4 teens
Adrian Novak (2)
Natalie Ventura (2)
It will be me and my son
April Chappell (4)
ernest fox (2)
Diana West (2)
2, possibly 3 of us
Carla Transue (2)
with daughter Sophia
Christina Valdez (2)
Nikki Albrecht
Melina Harwell (3)
2 adults, 1 child
Pam Mosier (3)
Amanda Britton (4)
2 kids, 2 adults
Eva Almonte
Cheryl Bauer (4)
Cheryl Bauer (4)
Megan Cunha
lesley Abel-akey
Lila Sorensen (2)
Adrianna Parga will be coming with me
George Moore
Cynthia Bruce
Shannon Lucas (2)
Myself and my daughter will be there
Sheila Templeton
This is my first time participating.
Rafael De La Cuesta
Gerardo Guzman (2)
My son and I will be there
Laura Reynolds

Serving in Children's Ministry (Taking care of children birth through 4 year olds) (10)

Please plan to arrive by 8:45AM and plan to stay until 12:00PM. Children's Ministry Staff will be on-site to assist you.

7 of 10 slots filled
Virginia Moody
Kate Goss
Sarah Staggers (2)
My son Michael and I will be there.
Ladelle Peabody
Janet Denny (2)

Los Artes - This organization provides assistance to at risk teens working towards their GED. (20)

We will be filling stockings with hygiene items and candy, sorting donated baby clothing, and writing encouraging cards to the students.

All slots filled
Susie Duarte (6)
Roy G. Ruelas
Blanca Roberts (3)
I adult, 2 kids (9 & 11)
Regina Thompson
Virginia Pastorini (5)
Sarah McKeown (3)
Myself and my two kids will be there.
Maria Haley

Love Thy Neighbor (Decorating Holiday gift bags & filling them for seniors - then delivering them to assigned local facilities) (100)

Cafe (Coop Court) - You are welcome to bring additional small personal hygiene items or goodies to add to the bags.

All slots filled
Aaron Stelly (4)
Larry & Sandy Vaught (2)
Shirley Requard (3)
Donna Wilhelm (5)
Marji Morris (4)
Jeanette Jordan (4)
Trics Harris (2)
Sarah Wood (5)
2 adults & 3 kids
Mike Ring (2)
Paula Oswalt (3)
2 kids, 1 adult
Holly DeLalla (4)
Kathe Wann (10)
we will do this as an extended family!
Janice Mason (3)
Karen Tuthill
Kimara Dewberry (20)
Life group(Couples United in Christ)
Francisco Agosto (4)
2 adults and 2 teenagers
Amy Woerner
Shauna Minor (2)
Shauna & Annaliese
Brittany Montoya
Shelley Ambule Ambule
Daniel Short
Linda Short
Kathleen Christiansen
Cristabel Cordova
Victoria Galaviz
Bernadette Ripoll (3)
Paige Christian
Kenneth Tomerlin (3)
Kenny and Brianna Simpson (5)
2 adults, 3 kids
Maria Gordon (2)
Acelia Calleros

Blanket Tying for Gospel Rescue Mission (30)

Meeting in Student Center - We will be cutting and tying a total of 80 blankets for the men and women at the Gospel Rescue Mission's Center for Opportunity.

All slots filled
Mo Ryan (5)
Norma Baxter (2)
Julie Kehring (4)
Richard Withrow (2)
My wife Christine and I will both help.
Jan Rosado (4)
Theresa Dulgov
Lizanne Kim
Janet London
Ginny London
Susan Wortman
Renee Williams (4)
Eggers-Williams Family
Paul De Young (2)
Paul and Nancy
Mike and Debbie Reich (2)

Erik Hite Foundation (15)

We will be decorating canvas bags and filling them with goodies to bless the ladies that work at the Foundation's childcare center. These ladies take care first responders' and military children. Feel free to bring items for the bags. 14 and older please

All slots filled
Liz Marko (2)
and Susan Marko
Bobbie Reynolds (2)
Katie Wright (4)
Wright family- 4
Kim Barber (2)
Micaela Barber
Michelle Morton (2)
Ryan Schmidt
Leslie Whitaker-Cole (2)

Ben's Bells (30)

Each person will paint kindness coins for Ben's Bells. We are asking a $3 donation to help cover the supplies for this project.

All slots filled
Lisa Golembiewski (4)
Jeffrey Strebing (2)
Karen Bowling (4)
Diana Williams (2)
Diana Williams
Stephanie Lopez (4)
Catherine Swart (8)
Way Keepers Life Group
John & Dee Cardinale (2)
Emily Gall
Marissa Johnson
Leanna Kruszewski (2)
+ 2 children (13 and 10)

Collecting and moving donations that are dropped off for Angel Tree, Senior Santa and December Nights. (8)

This will include sorting, moving, lifting and climbing stairs.

All slots filled
Babetta Woods (2)
Charlie Edwards
Kaitlin Farmer
Jen Dehon
Rachel Kish
Me + Husband
Evriel Almonte
Stephen Sweetnich

Greeters (6)

Be a greeter at one of our gates and direct people to their project locations, pick up tshirts or provide information.

All slots filled
Kathryn Martin
Guest Services
David Martin
Renee Williams
Williams Family
Jeff Robbins
cindy hinske
Robert Hinske

Angel Tree (10)

We will be addressing and stuffing envelopes and gift cards to be mailed to Angel Tree children in remote locations.

9 of 10 slots filled
Stephanie Coffman
Patrick and Christine O'Hara (2)
Jerry Wortman
Mike & Cherie Sipes (3)
Elaine Jacobs
Lisa Lindsay
Sylvia Suzzette
Marylou Chacon
1-adult and 1 child(11 years old)
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