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Thank you for considering joining us for this amazing day of serving our city!  We have worked hard to include various organizations and projects to appeal to your unique giftedness!  You will note that the tabs at the top of this page give you a way to narrow down your choice of project.

Unless otherwise noted, projects will start at the location listed at 9:30AM and will plan to conclude at 11:30AM.  Each team will serve under a "Team Lead" and you will receive more detailed written instructions 1-2 weeks prior to 11/17. 

We encourage you to invite a friend or another family to join you during this Season of Giving!

Please note that Children's Programming is available on Campus (BY RESERVATION ONLY) from 9:00AM-12:00PM for children birth through 4 years old.  Children 5 and older should plan to join their families for appropriate projects as noted in descriptions.  Please RSVP your children HERE:

Date: 11/17/2019 (Sun.)

Time: 9:30am - 11:30am MST

Location: Varies

Created by:   Lisa Flowers
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Available Slot

Tucson Clean and Beautiful, Trees for Tucson (60)

Planting trees in the Pueblo Gardens Neighborhood. 2210 E. 33rd Street Area

All slots filled
Barb Walker (4)
Kristi Peterson
Allison Arguello (5)
3 adults 2 kids (8&9)
Dominique Hermosillo (4)
Lisa Jo Kastigar (4)
Ciarra Blow (2)
2 Adults
1 adult 7 children 4 10+
Jessica Blow (4)
2 adults & 2 children
Kimberly Sierra-Cajas
Elaine Vicente (4)
Jessica Zimmerman (4)
Aron Wilson (6)
2 adults, 5 kids
Tami Grau (4)
2 adults and 2 children (10 & 7)
Kyirsten Amerine (5)
2 adults 3children (4,6,13)
J.Michael Davis (2)
My wife Jill will join us
Amy McDonald
Jamie Everson
(With Ken, Emma & Klara)

Airport Wash Clean Up (Liberty Ave to 12th Ave) (40)

Cleaning up brush and trash from the wash. Note: you will need to be able to climb down into the wash and back out. 10 and older please.

All slots filled
BethAnn Neynaber Neynaber
Peggy Tate
Tina Buchanan (3)
John Williams (2)
My wife and I
Lori Greenwell
Darius Sloan
Joe Wilkinson
Michelle McCrocklin (4)
one 12 and one 14
Susan Pickering (8)
Tara Rayan (2)
Jennifer Young
Stephen Frates (8)
1 children age 2 & 3
Jason Pfau (3)
robin petelo
Taylor Schwarz
Caitlyn Thomason (2)

Elvira Wash Cleanup (Northeast corner Elvira and 12th ave) (5)

Cleaning up brush and trash from the wash. Note: you will need to be able to climb down into the wash and back out. 10 and older please.

All slots filled
Dayo Agbaje
Scott Radtke (3)
Peggy Liska

Hands of Hope Pregnancy Center - Painting two rooms (14)

Please bring extra paint supplies (pans, brushes, tarps) and a ladder if you have them. Adults only please

All slots filled
Lourdes O'Heir (5)
We have painting supplies, if you need us to take anything.
Iris Olson (8)
Iris, Brad, Abby, Brent, Kaeli, Branden, Chelsea, itza,
Sarah Taylor

Clean up South Side of Los Reales Road between 6th and 12th Avenue (9)

Cleaning up brush and trash from the roadside. 10 and older please

All slots filled
Chuck Lewis (3)
2 adults, 1 thirteen year old.
Esther Mills (2)
Heather Fiello (4)
My son is 8, but he will do a great job. Physically, I am unable to do work in the washes, and those are the only two other jobs with availability.

Fellowship Square - Gift Delivery and Visiting (40)

Each person (or family) will deliver a gift to 3-4 residents within the facility. Gifts have already been purchased and wrapped, you will simply visit the residents and spread good cheer. Children of all ages welcome.

All slots filled
Mandy Lucas (4)
Megan Heyne (2)
Also will be bringing my one year old.
Katy Kennedy (2)
Amberlyn Barras (2)
Laura Farr (4)
2 adults, 2 kids
Susie Farr (2)
Monique Shimata (4)
2 kids, 2 adults
Jill Dalrymple (10)
Our small group. 10 adults and 9 children.
Chris Valenzuela (2)
Our 5 year old and almost one month old will be joining us as well
Sara Brown (3)
We are a senior couple ministering to seniors
James Avis
Evelyn Clark
Carrie Clark
2 kids joining
Lorine Egans
Sandra Russell

Delivering blankets and supplies to the homeless (25)

This group will meet at the baseball field area of Santa Rita Park to deliver items to the homeless. If you have blankets, hats, socks to share, please drop them off at the East Campus Student Union by Nov 10. Children welcome.

All slots filled
Stephanie McKinney (14)
8 adults and 6 kids
Janet Castillo (3)
Wesley Hill (4)
8 and 2 year old kids with 2 adults
Vianca Molina (4)

Gospel Rescue Mission Women's Recovery Center - 707 W Miracle Mile (10)

Deep clean kitchen and dining area. 16 and up please.

All slots filled
Sara Esparza (5)
3 adults, 2 children (11 & 16 yrs old)
Loretta M Turner
Maypple Balagtas
Monica Hayes (2)
Tim Nichols

Deliver Thanksgiving meal to families in need (40)

Each of these 40 spots represent a pre-assigned family that you will deliver to. You will pick up a turkey at Walmart and then add "ready to prepare" Thanksgiving meal fixings before delivering on 11/17. Deliver as a family/group.

All slots filled
Melissa Thach (2)
Larissa Leach
Rita Foos
Joanna Pallanes (4)
Jonathan, Joanna, Eva (2) Eve (2)
Karen Kennedy
bob larkin
Victoria Tellsworth
Richard Schnittker (2)
Marc Miller
Jenni Morden (2)
Diliana Hernanadez
Jennifer Thompson (3)
We would br happy to break up into groups of two to deliver to more families. 4 people total in our group
Gerardo Guzman (2)
Wendy Norris
Husband, Ken, will deliver too
Myles Standish (2)
My wife and I will deliver to two homes.
Joy Schmidt
Lakes, Loaves, and Leaves 1 group
Jacque Celaya
The Celaya Family: Jacque, Ulysses, Brian, Bella and Alyssa
Bobbi Still
Still | McMahan | Whaley family
Nicole Brooks
Sue, Pat & Donna
Erin Beam
Doug/Shelley Johnson and Erin Beam with Andrew and Chase
Shahed Shidoosh
The Posey Clan - Joe, Shahed, Sofia & Liam
Ruth Asher
family of 4
Brianna Hazelman (2)
Christan Beier
Kelley Hazelman
Kelley & Dave
Caroline Greene
Connie West (2)
Dickens Family of 5
Shana Pence

Beads of Courage (10)

Volunteering at the Beads of Courage facility bagging beads. 10 years and older.

All slots filled
Heather Haberman (7)
Haberman and McWilliams Families
lynette clewley (2)
Kathleen McMurray

Naylor Roberts School - 1701 S. Columbus (40)

General grounds clean up, landscaping and light painting. Children welcome.

All slots filled
Cara Hasbrouck (13)
Hasbroucks, Burcals, Nelsons, Lees
Rochelle Cadabuna (5)
Kids 4 y/o and 7 y/o
dennis barcena (4)
2 adults 2 kids
Melissa Anglin (3)
Andy Scarrow
Lisa Hoffman (2)
Kassie Howell (3)
2 adults and a 7yr old
John HowRd
Daniel Simmermon (4)
6 year old and 14 year old
John Lampe (2)
Karley Hayes (2)

Boys Girls Club - 1935 S Columbus (20)

General grounds clean up, landscaping and street clean up. Children welcome.

All slots filled
Jayme Serino (4)
Paul Boriack (3)
Jaymi Dodemont (3)
Kendra Swatzell (2)
Kendra and Isiah
Keilah Ivey (6)
There will be two adults and 4 children from age 9-16
Jessica Gonzalez (2)

Udall Park: 7200 E Tanque Verde Rd (40)

Tree Trimming and cleaning up around park

All slots filled
Carrie Clark
2 kids joining
Victoria Tellsworth (4)
Jennifer Sepulveda (5)
Carlos, Jen, and Felicity; Dale and Nita
Amber Elmer (4)
2 adults, 3 kids
Kimberly Long (3)
Leanne Ragel (8)
Mike & Paula Nelson (2)
Shawn & Andrea Duerkop (4)
Regina Pelto (2)
Sandy Skaja (2)
Casey Muse
Bobbye Muse
Melissa Chicas
1 adult and 2 kids (7 y/o)
Irene Maxam (2)
Sofia Maxam

Todd Harris (Golf Links) Park: 2400 S. Craycroft rd (40)

Tree trimming and cleaning up around park, elimination of "volunteer" (wild, non-planted) trees.

All slots filled
Karen & Kurt Bahti (2)
Karen & Kurt
Marvin Hall (3)
Aaron Goerlich (2)
Myself Aaron Goerlich and my father Randy
Erica Davis (4)
Michael Campbell
William Carlson (2)
Roger and Cindy Storey (5)
Roger, Cindy, Kelly, Dani, Evelyn
Rick and Jody Werth (2)
Stephani Schlak (15)
David and Regan Andrews small group
Kevin Wood (4)

Empire High School - 10701 E Mary Ann Cleveland Way (6)

We will be changing out all of the lights in the cafetorium. Adults only please.

All slots filled
Philip Cain
Grady Barber
Jerry Tipton
Greg Barber
Rick Witt
Margie Witt

Gift Horse Equine Connection - 3220 N. Craycroft (100)

Set up fencing and barn items, paint interior of home for equine therapy. 10 and older please.

All slots filled
Pam Scanlon (5)
Nancy Hicks (4)
4 (2 adults, 17yo and 14yo)
Tina Camp (2)
Myself and Ashley Brock will attend
Gregory Bennett (3)
Team 4
Bev Howe
Team 4
Craig Cannizzaro (4)
Team 4
Lindsey Rhoden (3)
Kim Mehlhorn
Team 4
Michelle Gastrock (4)
Michelle, Jason, Olivia (13), Miles (11)
Cheryl Kriegel (5)
4 Adults, 1 child (age 11)
Diana Medley
Belen Molina (2)
Helen Bruwer (4)
Rodney Saulters (5)
Truthseekers: Rodney, Dave, Michelle, Beth Anne, Beth L
Travis Davis (2)
11 yr old daughter and myself
Amanda Grijalva (2)
10 yr daughter
Julie B
Diane Bland
I’m bringing 2Adults and 1x10yr. Old
Cliff Zagala
Bob Publicover (2)
Danielle DeLong
Sean Keane
Stephen Chavez
Nicole Tilley
Olga Sanden (4)
Daniel DeLong (2)
Jen Kraus (4)
Nina Beller
Daughter will be with me
Steve Beller
Tammy Barlette (2)
Connie Liska
Jim Liska
Amy Fellows (3)
2 adults 1 11 year old
Paul Jennas (2)
Cindy Richards (3)
Tony Grimes (2)
Mark Mickelson (2)
plus 17 yr old daughter Kelen
Kristin Kearbey
Anita Redford
Tanner Helfer (2)
William Krieg
Lisa Brouse (5)
Karen Wright
Shauntel Pinnick (3)

GAP Warehouse - 2861 N Flowing Wells Rd #161 (25)

14 years and older are encouraged to put on their work clothes, closed-toed shoes and gloves and come help do some projects of sorting and moving in the warehouse near Miracle Mile and I-10.

All slots filled
Lisa Lebsock
Kelly Siepker (7)
Bible Path Seekers- Kelly Siepker, Susan Siepker,Lourdes Rozean, Connor LaPlante,Faith Siepker, Mike Siepker, Danny Siepker
John Kehring (2)
Vince Martinez
Vince will be with John Kehring
Nicole Scumaci (9)
Fred & Kathy Briscoe
Kathy Briscoe
Kristie Voveris (2)
Emilie (age 14)
Misty Jessie

AZ Baptist Children's Services - 1779 N. Alvernon (34)

ABCS just purchased a home right behind their office. They will need landscape clean up. Ages 8 and older please.

All slots filled
Sarah Markowski (5)
Sarah & 4 teen kids
Chris Hamilin (15)
Small Group
Christine Lee
Glen Elliott (9)
Elliott life group
Desi Goodwin (4)

GAP Ministries - Treasures and More Thrift Store - 5527 E Pima St (20)

You will be helping to organize, clean and stock their thrift store used to help children in Foster Care. 10 and older please.

All slots filled
Becky Trussell (3)
Dan & Dave
Mayra Vera (2)
Elvira Samaniego
Katheryn Fredman (2)
Donna cosentino
Koren Razo (6)
My husband and I and our adult extended family
Jennifer Whitlock (2)
Me and my daughter she is 12
Nancy Klug
Murphy London (2)
Aged Father and Son
Randy Klug

GAP Splash House #14 - 1680 W. Sunkist Rd (10)

Help Bless this new Group Foster Home with yard work, house cleaning and other deep cleaning - bring some tools and cleaning supplies please.

All slots filled
Edward Dennis (7)
Seven Pillars of Freedom
Julie Krenzke (2)
Myself and my son
Vicki Roebuck

Gospel Rescue Mission Center of Opporunity - 4550 S. Palo Verde (14)

Deep clean kitchen and dining room. 10 and up please.

All slots filled
Aric Meares (3)
Nancy Meister (2)
Jessica Hickey (2)
Ruth Lopez
Jan Booth
Andrew Booth
Jeff Decker (2)

Gospel Rescue Mission Center of Opporunity - 4550 S. Palo Verde (12)

Moving Items/Cleanup in the Tower. Both lifting furniture and climbing stairs will be required. 14 and up please.

All slots filled
mary carlson (2)
Robin Harris (2)
Angel Rivers
Dee Kaumeyer
John Waldburger (2)
Roger Rozean
Tracie Wall

Elvira Elementary School - 205 W. Elvira Road (30)

We will be painting an outside wall mural. 14 and up please.

All slots filled
David Khan Mung (2)
Dianna Clark (10)
Londa Hopkins
Ciara Hull (15)
Beth Pena
L David Martin
Have a paint tray, roller handle and new roller, and a 2" & 1" brushes, I will bring brushes if it is water cleanup...

Erik Hite Foundation #1 - Blessing a police officer - 902 w. Samalayuca Dr (10)

Amy is a Sgt with the Oro Valley PD. She is married and has 3 kids. Her husband recently had quadruple bypass surgery and a valve replacement and is currently in the hospital. She needs help with some things like landscaping and painting a ceiling.

All slots filled
Elizabeth Altomare (2)
Kelly Hubbard (2)
We would love to help with landscaping needs. Unfortunately, we cannot paint overhead surfaces.
Daniele Loomis (2)
Rick Anderson (2)
Alyssa Gallion
Michelle Arriaga

AZ Department of Child Safety - 3000 E Valencia Road, Suite 100 (6)

We need to clean, disinfect and organize the rooms, furniture, toys, etc. We also need to make sure table games have all the needed pieces to play the game, books do not have missing or torn pages, etc. 10 and older please.

All slots filled
Stacey Baca (2)
Amy Meyer (3)
Christa Yazzie

AZ Department of Child Safety - 3550 N Oracle Road (6)

We need to clean, disinfect and organize the rooms, furniture, toys, etc. We also need to make sure table games have all the needed pieces to play the game, books do not have missing or torn pages, etc. 10 and older please.

All slots filled
Amy Fregonese (6)

Old Vail Middle School - 13299 E Colossal Cave Rd (30)

We will be painting around the campus (outside) handrails, metal doors, curb. Children 5 and older welcome as "helpers" but they won't be able to paint.

All slots filled
Mark Tate (2)
Tonya Darnell (4)
Alexa Sestiaga (6)
Grijalva, Sestiaga, Valdez
Jillian Brounce (3)
3 adults and 2 children
Johnnie Hamilton (3)
Rodnet ,Jonah & Joyce will be available to assist with painting.
Susan Mortenson Tonge
Janean Janosko
Chelsea Howard
Diane Maxam (2)
2 adults
Stephen Stollings
Kiffany Stollings
Kristin Thomas (4)
Hillary Grigel
We will actually come as a family so my husband will be there and our 3 kids too.
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