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First Responders

Hello All,

Thank you for signing up to bless a Fire, Police or Sheriff Station!  Since each station has 3 shifts (and all are different sized stations and staffs), we have given 30 as an estimated number of people you should plan to deliver for.  You will provide what you are delivering.  It can be as simple as hot cocoa supplies, chips and salsa, a popcorn/movie/candy night basket, cookies and treats or a higher cost basket with starbucks gift cards, pizza gift cards, game basket (with cards and games), etc.  Be creative!  Be sure to write a note or card of appreciation.  You might offer to pray for the fire fighters if they are there when you arrive.

MOST STATIONS - unless you know someone personally at that station - will politely thank you for any home baked items, but WILL TOSS THEM WHEN YOU LEAVE due to the "unknown factor".  PLEASE USE STOREBOUGHT ITEMS.  Consider inviting neighbors or co-workers or other family members to add to your basket if you want to share the cost!

While the idea is that you will take your "gift" on 11/17 from 9:30-11:30, due to the nature of job, the station might be out on a "call" and you might find no one there.  In that case, it is up to you if you want to hang in the area and try in an hour, come back on a different day or time (or go before 11/17 even), or leave the basket on the doorstep of the station (most would be safe - but prayers when you leave would be great!)

As the signup fills, if you find that the availale stations are too far from your home (maybe try delivering after work if that is closer), please let me know and we can take you off this list and perhaps find another area of service for 11/17.  While we would love to bless every station, some of the farthest ones may not be possible.

If you don't have a tshirt from last year, stop by the courtyard table at church on Sunday, 11/10 to pick up your free T-shirt - and wear it for your delivery!   

After you register for your station, in the comments section if you could put the number of people helping with your delivery, that would be great!  Questions - contact Lisa Flowers at [email protected]  HAVE FUN!!

We would love for you post pictures of your basket and/or delivery on social media - just add 

#serveourcity to your post!   

Date: 11/17/2019 (Sun.)

Time: 9:30am - 11:30am MST

Location: Fire/Police/Sheriff Station Locations

Created by:   Lisa Flowers
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Available Slot

Corona de Tucson #182 17411 S Rustling Leaf Trail

Cross Steets - Sahurarita/Harrison Rd 19.4 miles from Pantano

Leah Stokes
5 of my family will help

Drexel Heights #401 5030 S Camino Verde

Cross Steets - Ajo Hwy/Camino Verde 21.6 miles from Pantano

Heather Wallace

Drexel Heights #402 6340 S Mark Rd

Cross Steets - W Valencia/Marks Rd 22.2 miles from Pantano


Drexel Heights #403 5960 S Cardinal Ave

Cross Steets - W Valencia/Cardinal Ave 20.3 miles from Pantano


Drexel Heights #404 3255 S Kinney Rd

Cross Steets - W Ajo Rd/Kinney Rd 22.1 miles from Pantano

Danielle Shamburg
12 Elk Riders Group

Golder Ranch #116 700 E Palisades Rd

Cross Steets - N Oracle/1st Ave 26.1 miles from Pantano


Golder Ranch #373 12125 N Woodburne Ave

Cross Steets - Tangerine/1st Ave 27.2 miles from Pantano

Teresa Jameson

Golder Ranch #380 1175 W Magee Rd

Cross Steets - La Canada/Magee 21.9 miles from Pantano


Mountain Vista #620 9310 N Shannon Rd

Cross Steets - Shannon/Overton 25.5 miles from Pantano

Angelica Whitby
The Whitby group will be covering this. There are 9 people in this group.

Northwest #31 4701 N La Cholla Blvd.

Cross Steets - I 10/Ruthrauff Rd 20.6 miles from Pantano


Northwest #32 4151 W El Camino del Cerro

Cross Steets - I 10/Ruthrauff Rd 21.1 miles from Pantano


Northwest #35 3220 N Camino de Oeste

Cross Steets - Ironwood/Camino de Oeste 21.4 miles from Pantano


Northwest #35 8165 N Wade

Cross Steets - Silverbell/Cortaro Farms Rd 26.7 miles from Pantano

Heidi Wagner
8 People will be delivering.

Pima County Sheriff's Dept 1300 W. Silverlake

Cross Streets - Mission Rd/Silverlake Rd. 19.3 miles from Pantano


Pima County Sheriff's Dept 1750 E. Benson Hwy

Cross Streets - Benson Hwy/Ajo Way 12.8 miles from Pantano


Pima County Sheriff's Dept 2545 E. Ajo Way

Cross Streets - Ajo Way/Forgeus Ave 11.1 miles from Pantano

Sara Templeton
2 adults, 2 kids

Pima County Sheriff's Dept 7300 N. Shannon Rd

Cross Streets - Ina Rd/Shannon Rd 23.3 miles from Pantano


Pima County Sheriff's Dept 8999 E. Tanque Verde Rd

Cross Streets - Tanqe Verde/Catalina Hwy 7. miles from Pantano

Bruce LeGendre
Pat LeGender, Ralph Monge, Sue Monge, Brad Casselman, Clare Casselman, and Bobbie Reynolds, Hope Galmarin, Kim Brounce

Rincon Valley #1 8850 S Camino Loma Alta

Cross Steets - Old Spanish Trail/Camino Loma Alta 10.7 miles from Pantano

Mike Repavich

Rincon Valley Fire 14550 E Sands Ranch Rd

Cross Steets - I 10/ S Sanoita Hwy 16.8 miles from Pantano

Sarah Staggers
4 People

Rural Metro Pima #71 4445 E Benson Hwy

Cross Steets - I 10/Belvedere 12.1 miles from Pantano

Timothy Wintenburg

Rural Metro Pima #72 2741 N Houghton Rd

Cross Steets - Houghton/Glenn St 4.1 miles from Pantano

Paul and Marilyn Crocker

Rural Metro Pima #73 4300 N Kolb Rd

Cross Steets - N Kolb/N Sabino Canyon Rd 9.5 miles from Pantano

Kelly Bauer
3 in my family

Rural Metro Pima #74 4820 E Sunrise Dr

Cross Steets - N Swan/Sunrise Dr 14.3 miles from Pantano

Danielle Shamburg
12 Elks Riders Group

Rural Metro Pima #81 966 E. Hughes Access Road

Cross Steets - by the airport 20 miles from Pantano

Tara Drummond

Rural Metro Pima #79 765 W Sahuarita Rd

Cross Steets - I 19/Sahurita Blvd 29 miles from Pantano

Laura Geoffroy
Corona de Tucson Bible Study Group 10

Rural Metro Pima #80 1833 E Skyline Rd

Cross Steets - Benson Hwy/Belvedere 18 miles from Pantano


Rural Metro Pima #82 677 S Rancho Sahuarita Blvd

Cross Steets - I 19/Sahurita Blvd 26.2 miles from Pantano

Scott Slife
our family of 3

South Tucson 1601 S 6th St

Cross Steets - 6th Ave/27th St 19.5 miles from Pantano

Alina Gray

Station #1 300 S Fire Central Place

Cross streets - Granada/Cushing - 13.1 miles from Pantano

Kirk Walker
Wendy & I, & some friends will do this.

Station #10 801 E Ajo Way

Cross Steets - Ajo/S Park 13.4 miles from Pantano

Erica Smith
I know this station. We will have 8 people serving

Station #11 4075 E Timrod St

Cross Steets - Broadway/Alvernon 8.8 miles from Pantano

Jean DuBois
4 total

Station #12 250 S Harrison Rd

Cross Steets - Broadway/Harrison - 2.5 miles from Pantano

Lorissa Diaz

Station #13 7975 E Stella Rd

Cross Steets - Golf Links/Pantano 5.0 miles from Pantano

Vance Goodman
Vance and Erin Goodman and 3 children

Station #14 5757 S Liberty Ave

Cross Steets - I 19/Valencia 16.4 miles from Pantano

Barbara Taylor
Barb, Mike, Kyle and Lyla

Station #15 2002 S Mission Rd

Cross Steets - I 19/29th 14.2 miles from Pantano

Alina Gray

Station #16 7575 E Speedway Blvd

Cross Steets - Pantano/Speedway 6.3 miles from Pantano

Patrick and Christine O'Hara

Station #17 5270 S Houghton Rd

Cross Steets - Houghton/Irvington 5.1 miles from Pantano

Jackie Gordon
Brian Gary, Jackie Gordon

Station #18 1855 W Drexel Rd

Cross Steets - I 19/Valencia 18.6 miles from Pantano


Station #19 9700 E Esmond Loop

Cross Steets - Houghton/Rita 9.6 miles from Pantano

Melissa Thach

Station #20 4798 N 1st Ave

Cross Steets - 1st/River 16.2 miles from Pantano

shirley fregoso

Station #21 8620 E Tanque Verde Rd

Cross Steets - Tanque Verde/Catalina Hwy 5.7 miles from Pantano

Helena Bish
4 people

Station #22 6810 E Alvernon Way

Cross Steets - I 10/Valencia 13.7 miles from Pantano

Mary Wach
Mary W (2 people)

Station #3 23 N Norris Ave

Cross Streets - Broadway/Campbell - 11.1 miles from Pantano

Irving Green

Station #4 2102 N Dragoon Ave

Cross Streets - I 10/Grant Rd - 15.8 miles from Pantano

Beth Marascalco

Station #5 2835 E Grant Rd

Cross Streets - Grant/Country Club 12.3 miles from Pantano

Nicole Link
Stephanie Genteman and family also

Station #6 10251 S Wilmot Rd

Cross Steets - I 10/Wilmot 16.2 miles from Pantano


Station #7 4902 E Pima St

Cross Steets - Pima/Swan 9.7 miles from Pantano

Danielle Shamburg
12 Elk Riders Group

Station #8 250 W King Rd

Cross Steets - Prince/Oracle 16.5 miles from Pantano

Patricia Hicks

Station #9 6275 E Eastland St

Cross Steets - Broadway/Wilmot 5.7 miles from Pantano

Jean DuBois

Tucson Midtown Police Dept 1100 S. Alvernon Way

Cross Streets - 22nd St/Alvernon Way 8.7 miles from Pantano. 791-4253

Jean DuBois
4 people

Tucson Police Dept 270 S. Stone Ave

Cross Streets - Broadway Blvd/Stone Ave 13.4 miles from Pantano

Lora Gruner
3 people

Tucson Police Dept 9670 E. Golf Links Rd

Cross Streets - Golf Links Rd/Bonanza Ave 1.7 miles from Pantano. 791-5700.

Joy Schmidt
There will be between 8-12 people serving. Eastside Married Couples life group

Tucson Rillito Police Dept 1310 W. Miracle Mile

Cross Streets - I-10/Miracle Mile 17.2 miles from Pantano


Tucson Santa Cruz Police Dept 4410 S. Park Ave

Cross Streets - Park Ave/Ajo Way 12.9 miles from Pantano

Monica Bird

South Tucson Police Dept 1601 S. 6th Ave

Cross Streets - 6th Ave/27th St 13.6 miles from Pantano

Scott Radtke
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