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Character Power 2020-2021

Thank you for your interest in volunteering! The Character Power program supplements St. Anne's focus on academics, fine arts, and athletics by helping to develop moral character. It is part of the curriculum for grades 1-4 and relies on parents' commitment and presence in the classroom. In a typical year, there is one virtue covered each month of the school year, excluding September. The selected virtues are: Respect, Honesty, Justice, Loyalty, Love, Courage, Hope, and Service/Faith. Lessons are typically on the second Tuesday of each month, with two to three parent volunteers per session.

The Sign Up for Character Power is at the bottom of this page.

Changes for 2020-2021

The Character Power program has been modified due to the pandemic. Volunteers will participate remotely. The three lessons planned for the academic year are HOPE (November), LOVE (February) and COURAGE (April). It is possible there will be a fourth lesson in May. Volunteers may sign up for Hope now and, based on feedback from parents and teachers, we will be scheduling the other lessons early next year. Emails will be sent to parents when Love and Courage dates are available.

Each homeroom may schedule the Character Power lesson on a different day and time depending on what works best for that class. Please be sure to note the exact date and time for your homeroom when signing up.

Modified Character Power lesson format:

  • One (1) volunteer per homeroom for both cohorts (i.e. one volunteer for 1st grade Bertles); Volunteers will participate remotely via Zoom
  • Volunteers should expect lessons to be roughly 30 minutes (reading and a light discussion)
  • Volunteers are to provide supplies for the activity; Teachers will help facilitate the activity during a free time afterwards

After signing up, Erin Burr will send volunteers an email with more details about how to receive a copy of the book and connect with the homeroom. Erin is also available to troubleshoot technology issues ahead of the lesson.

Enjoy! Important considerations are to be prepared, inclusive, and respectful of all children and teachers. 

Thank you for contributing your skills and time! If you would like more information or assistance, please contact Erin Burr or Father Al.

Link to Lesson Plans

Link to Father Al's Letters


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