Calvary Baptist Church

Easter Pancake Breakfast

Following the Sunrise Service, plan to enjoy a pancake breakfast fellowship. The food will be provided, but please reply to let us know you will attend so that we can prepare plenty.

Also, there are several opportunities for you to help host the fellowship. If you are able and available, please sign up to help prep prior to the breakfast, to serve during the fellowship, and/or to help clean up following the fellowship.

Date: 04/21/2019 (Sun.)

Time: 8:15am - 8:50am EDT

Location: Calvary Gym

Created by:   Kimberly Barker
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Available Slot

Food preppers prior to the breakfast (7)

Arrive at 7 am to prepare & set out food, drinks, etc.

6 of 7 slots filled
Wanda Bowman
Bronwyn Mattos
Betty Burge
Liz Boehm
Karen Smith
Kathy Dietrich

Servers during the fellowship (16)

Assist with serving food, drinks, etc. Please check-in for instructions when you arrive; then, come to your "post" a few minutes before sunrise service dismisses.

14 of 16 slots filled
Jeanette Cummings
Debbie Kirkland
Sandy McAllister
Liz Boehm
Karen Smith
Daad Hourani
Linda Edwards
David Hearn (2)
Dick & Cheryl Reid (2)
Serve or wherever needed
Hannah Bowers
Betsy Holloway
Caryl Boggs

Clean-up kitchen helpers following the fellowship (6)

Assist by clearing tables, putting away food, drink, dishes, etc., dishwashing, & cleaning kitchen.

All slots filled
Liz Boehm
Karen Smith
Jennifer Fuller
Linda Edwards
Kathy Dietrich
Ruth Stephens
My grandson, Elijah Stephens Will help clean up AFTER breakfast.

Clean-up gym helpers following the fellowship (6)

Assist by putting away tables & chairs, collecting trash, sweeping & mopping gym floor, etc.

All slots filled
Wayne Ingram (2)
Dustin Ledford (2)
Michael Amos (2)
My four children will help as well

Attending Breakfast Fellowship

395 slots filled - more available
Brenda Ingram
Charlotte Abbott (2)
Jessica Cary (5)
Lisa Burden (4)
Jimmie Wilson (3)
Dustin Ledford (6)
Vivian Haney (7)
Dianne Alpaugh Alpaugh
Rebekah Yarber (3)
Jennifer Sanders (4)
Wanda Bowman (2)
Kathy Blount
Audrey Horn (2)
Hannah Jensen (4)
Rebecca Sowers (2)
Lauren Baker (2)
Sarah Lippincott (5)
Debbi Grunden
Danyelle Skalma
Joan Rushing (2)
Carissa Wells (2)
Sandy McAllister (2)
Douglas Jensen (2)
Veronica Wilson
Hannah Bowers (2)
Cristina Cancel
Jonathon Link (5)
Tammy Deas (3)
Stacy Lagger (4)
Robert Anderson (3)
Betty Burge
Josh Sutphin (2)
Caroline Bush (2)
Ric & Jan Samuels (2)
Sara Kazian (5)
Bob Miller
Sorry we will not be able to come
Elaine Smith (2)
April Menking (7)
Daryl Tuccillo (2)
Liz Boehm
Allison Griffin (5)
Ron / Debbie Hoffman (2)
Ann-Marie Yonai (5)
Karen Smith
Vicki Autry
Albert Kelley
Debbie Kirkland
Kathy Blount (2)
Bringng friend
Linda Pennington (2)
Daad Hourani (2)
Heather Almaroad (5)
Stan Schultz (4)
Nicky Robinson (7)
Keri Knisley (2)
Nancy Bachoir (4)
Jonathan George
Julia Maier (2)
Albin Bertics
Helen Mohon
Stephanie Porter (5)
Tessa Barron (2)
Sheila Rice (2)
Yvonne Jackson (5)
Clark Brazier (4)
Denise werdebaugh (3)
Kendal Amos (3)
Jenn Frederick (2)
Terence and Betsy Wallace (2)
Emily Jones (3)
Stephen Barba (2)
Cheryll Valentine (7)
Patsy Howze (3)
Ann Carruthers (3)
Carol Slack (2)
Linda Smith (3)
Steve And Linda McCullar (2)
Deena Knight (2)
Karen Jefferson (2)
Anne Schabert
Beth Ring (5)
Jennifer Fuller (4)
Kevin And Melanie Baughman (3)
Linda Edwards
Corwyn only
Tarissa Jensen (4)
Pamela Hooks (3)
Gabrielle Brayton (4)
Becky Teruel (2)
Brandon Autry (4)
Kaylee McMindes
Justin Rademacher (3)
Have a baby so technically 2
Michael Amos (6)
James Reeder (2)
Micah Greene
Erica Villaverde (4)
Cheryl Bagwell (5)
Ruth Stephens (2)
Jason Boehm (4)
Katie Brayton (4)
Kevin McMindes (8)
Erica Olsen
Katlyn Rademacher (2)
Jessica Hawley
Audrey Horn (2)
Rebecca Church
Brian Buda (7)
My 2 parents will be visiting as well.
Sarah Barker
Mike & Diane Peoples (3)
Marcy Holliday (4)
Saundra Feusse (2)
Terrianne Hawks (2)
Kathy Dietrich
Richard Perry (2)
Linwood Croxton (2)
Lin and Carol
Teresa Wesley (7)
Joanna Brennan (2)
Andrew Miller (2)
+ Jennie
Jennifer Everett (8)
Ruth Smoke (3)
Martine Mumford (2)
Kathy Blount (3)
Adam Chamberlin (2)
Alison Koper (4)
Jennifer Miller (6)
Cookie Altizer
Betsy Holloway
Dennis Marzka (4)
Larry Hall (2)
Guy Altizer
Olivia Vosburgh (2)
Jessica Collins (8)
Dee Ann Harney (3)
Kathy Blount (4)
Kimberly Barker (5)
Curt WAITE (2)
Jonathan Link (3)
Jake Jones (2)
Mark Hancock (2)

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