Myers Memorial UMC

Angel Tree 2021

Our Angel Tree is both virtual and in person this year!   Angels are available on this sign up and different angels and Silver Bells are available in the Narthex of the Sanctuary.

To claim your angel, please sign up and leave us your contact information.   Shop for the items listed and return to the church by December 12.    Please drop off during church office hours, when you come for worship or for a Bible Study or activity.  If you need help coordinating your drop off, please contact Tresca McSwain.

The items on the lists are suggestions.  Do not feel like you have to have everything on the list.   The Salvation Army would like for each child to have an outfit for school, a pair of shoes and something fun.

Do not wrap the gifts, but put them together in a bag and label with the name of the angel and the code.   For example-  Alexander GAS01A

If you would like to adopt multiple angels from the same family, you can do that by looking at the code.    The families are designated by the number, so look for children with the same numbers in the code.   

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to Tresca at 704-477-7447 or [email protected]   THANK YOU!!

Created by:   Tresca McSwain
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Available Slot

2 year old Boy- Charles 123A

Clothes (Coat-T4, Pants-T3, Shirts-T4 Shoes-Toddler 8), Cars, Cocomelon, Mickey, Favorite: Disney Cars


6 year old Girl- GAS123C-Isabella

Clothes (Coat-child 7, Pants- child 6/7, Shirts- child 7, Dress-child 7, Shoes- child/girl 13 or 1) Mermaid and Twozie Toys


8 year old Girl-GAS124A-Ashanti

Clothes (coat- girls 7/8, pants- girls 7/8, shirts-girls 7/8, dress- girls7/8, shoes-child size 1) age appropriate toys, cooking kitchen set


10 year old Boy-GAS126A-Richard

Clothes (child boy) Toys, Fortnite


8 year old Boy-GAS126B-Elijah

Clothes (child boy), Toys, Roblox or Fortnite


3 year old Girl-GAS127B

Clothes (size Coat, Pants, Dress, Shirts -5T or Small, Shoes-10) Barbie Doll House, Doc McStuffins, Books


8 year old Girl-GAS243B- Briana

Clothes (coat - 18 youth, socks, pants- 10/12, tshirts-10/12, dress 10/12, shoes 3.5 youth) White board/Chalk board

Debbie Brown

5 year old Girl-GAS244A- Kaydance

Clothes (pants, shirts, dress, coat -size 7/8, shoe size 1) anything barbie or baby, anything girlie

Susan Carnes

4 year old Boy-GAS129D-Jax

Clothes( underwear 4t/5t, pants elastic waist pants 4t/5t, shirts 4t/5t, shoes 9-10 toddler boy) lego, superhero toy


14month old girl -GAS130A- Zoie

Clothes(pants, shirts, dress-12-18 months, shoes 3c-4c) toddler toys


12 year old boy-GAS129B-Seth

Clothes (underwear 14-16, socks 7-8, shoes 7-8, pants elastic waist 14-18 youth, coat large/xl, shirt large/xl) ironman lego set, toys


12 year old - GAS129A

Clothes (Underwear 14-16, socks 7-8, Shoes 7-8 youth, pants 14-16 elastic waist, shirts large/xl, coat large/xl) starwars, minecraft toy


5 year old Boy-GAS128A- Princezton

Clothes (pants 5T, shirts 6/7, coat 6, shoes 12C, socks, boxers) education toys


13 month old Boy-GAS131B-Javarius

Clothes (2T/3T pants, shirts, coats, Shoes 6C, ) diapers, toys, high chair, playpen


9 year old Boy-GAS133A- Jatavious

Clothes (uniform, coat, pants, shirts size 8, Shoe 3.5) nintendo switch, bike, games


8 year old Girl- GAS 133B- Janiya

Clothes( Uniform, pants, shirts, dress size 6/7 small, Shoes 13) phone, lol dolls, bike, kids nails


7 year old Girl- GAS196A- Amariah

Clothes(dresses, shirts, pants, coat size 12/14 adult large, Shoes size 5) American girl doll


11 year old Boy-GAS195A-Khai

Clothes(pants, shirts size xl, shoes 7.5, coat size large) giant teddy bear, new stadium beyblade, beyblades


7 year old Boy-GAS197B-Amir

Clothes(pants size 10/12 , shirts, coat size small, shoes size 2) 100 number blocks, legos



Clothes(pants, shirts size Medium 7/8, Shoes 1 youth) Toys


10 year old Boy-GAS199B-Romie

Clothes(pants, shirts, coat size Large 14-16 Youth, shoes size 8) new home and basket ball, playstation 5, fortnite


8 year old-GAS199C-Amiya

Clothes(pants, shirts, coat size Medium 8/10, Shoes size 3) new home, child bible, tablet, tiktok music


21 month old Girl-GAS199E-Zinobia

Clothes(pants, shirts, coat size small, shoes size 9C) new home, toddler bed, tablet, trolls



Clothes(Pants, Shirts, coat size medium adult 6/7, shoes size 7) shoes, jacket pans backpack, laptop, babydoll wache


3 year old Girl-GAS200C- Allisson

Clothes(pants, shirts coat size 8 kids, shoes size 11 kids) jacket, baby doll, kitchen toys, bike, clothes


11 year old Female-GAS201A-Anaylei

Clothes(pants, shirts, coat size 12, shoes size 5) clothes, perfume, bike


4 year old Boy- GAS201C- Daniel

Clothes( pants, shirts, coat size 4/5, shoes size 9) clothes, scooter, bike


10 year old Male-GAS202A

Clothes( pants, shirts, coat size large, shoes size 3) clothes and shoes, board games, kid tablet


12 year old Male-GAS 203A-Chemeng

Clothes ( pants, shirts, coat size xl 16/18, shoes size 5 youth) socks, light sweater, fidget toys, bike, pokemon, naruto, demon slayer


10 year old Girl-GAS203B-Pachee

Clothes(pants, shirts, coat size large-xl girls 12/14 girls, shoes 2-3 girls) socks, lunch box, fidget toys, bike, art/squishy toys , crafts


5 year old Girl-GAS213B-Malaysia

Clothes(pants size 7, shirts, coat size medium, shoe size 12C) clothes, tablet



Clothes (pants, shirts, coat size 12M, shoes 4C) clothes, walker,


6 year old Boy-GAS214A-Zaylee

Clothes(pants, shirts, coat size 8, shoes size 2) clothes, shoes, jacket, babies, lol dolls, games, horses


6 year old Boy-GAS219C- Ryan

Clothes(pants, shirts, coat size 7 or medium, shoes size 1) underwear, socks, dinosaurs, cats


11 year old Girl-GAS220A-Hannah

Clothes(pants, shirts, coat size medium, shoes size 8) shoes, pants shirts, iphone


2 year old - GAS219D

Clothes (pants,shirts,coat size 3T/4T, shoes size 8 toddler) underwear, socks, barbies, learning toys


8 year old Girl-GAS221A- Hadlea

Clothes(pants, shirts, size 7/8, coat size 8, shoes size 2Y) shoes, socks, fidget toys, lol dolls, pop its


10 year old Boy-GAS221C-Colton

Clothes(pants, shirts, coat size 12, shoes size 4Y, underwear mens small) playstation cards, horror stuff


3 year old Boy- GAS221D-Makana

Clothes(Pants, shirts, coat size 3T/4T, Shoes size 8C) socks, loves hoodies, pj mask toys, spiderman, loves to paint, loves monster trucks



Clothes (pants, shirts size 10/12, coat 18 youth, shoes 4 youth) coat, socks, white board/chalk board

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